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Tom on “Patriotism”

21 October 2016

“Patriotism” is not the hatred of government, it is the ability to remain vigilant and constantly educated, while attempting to educate and encourage others to do the same with the goal of holding the government accountable to its authorized few and defined powers. 
It is however, not the governments fault when they expand their power and authority gradually as the people remain ignorant, apathetic and do nothing to prevent it. More succinctly, I believe Franklin said it best, “a republic ma’am, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT! 
To keep something is to take ownership, to be jealous guardian and keep constant eye with fear of loss. If we play a game of football and you have the ball, part of your job is to KEEP THE BALL until you decide to part with it, guarding that ball with all you have so that it is not taken from you. Should you possess the ball and not concern yourself with keeping it or are unaware of the opponent trying to take it, you will lose it, in this way, I view “patriotism” like football. 

So, all of you that spend more time watching football, than preventing your country from going to hell, it’s time to view and guard that freedom like it was your pigskin.