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Letter to friend in government… 

18 January 2017

Letter to friend in government:
Do you have people that feed you info from alternative media? 
If you don’t, perhaps some of us could help share a list with you or you could help us understand how you are taught what is real from what is not. It would certainly help us! 
I suppose you may be apprehensive in clicking some of these links so i thought you should watch one where they apparently have plans recorded to hear it from those making plans to see if alternative media is fake or if its CNN?
Protestors are not constitutionalists, constitutionalists are trying to keep this country together from plummeting into chaos by Stalin’s “useful idiots” so much so, they call capitalists Fascists not knowing Stalin was a Fascist!  
If George Soros is funding an overthrow of our republic and people like Comey and Lynch are silent, what should that tell us? Soros is funding anarchy to the tune of 50/hr or 2500/week in 20 states across the country to overthrow our government. Please tell me you have intel that explains this? Just curious.
Anyway, listen to what they plan to do at this event and tell me whats is fake about this: https://youtu.be/MHZSfhd1X_8
Also maybe you can ponder or answer one question that has burned in my soul for years…
If there are people that have taken the time to become educated on law, our constitution, and the principles of self government and personal responsibility and understand what the plans are of collapsing this country and we all inherently know and believe the crap is going to hit the fan, and we know what can be done about it to save and protect it, when would law enforcement not see our actions as criminal in allowing us to make things right or at least expose whats wrong and when would we finally be viewed as credible and not “conspiracy theorists” or a threat to the law enforcement community? 
How is it responsible for the people based on protecting our homes and communities knowing our principles when people are seen as criminals by a government that either knows less than we do or knowingly prevents them from protecting their homes and communites?
It would be interesting to know what FBI AGENTS think, since the FBI HQ almost imploded as agents almost defected from Comey’s refusal to go after obvious criminality of the Clinton’s. 
And the citizens are just supposed to sit there and take abuse after abuse and do nothing because if we do, OUR actions are criminal?
If this is so, if the government had legitimate authority in the first place, the government has absolutely no authority to define mental illness and insurrection or espionage when they themselves are guilty as we get speeding tickets for going 5 miles over a state speed limit? Lunacy, complete lunacy!
In short, If we are in a boat going downstream toward a waterfall to certain death, shall we just hide under a blanket or do what we could  to save ourselves?
This country is the boat and we are both in it, the question is, what are we going to do about it?
Just a few thoughts…
Tom Munds