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Letter to history teacher

21 April 2017

Letter to Middleton History teacher regarding globalism.
Dear History teacher,

Thank you for your reply. With all due respect, how am I supposed to know whether he has been “slammed” in your class or not? Hell, I don’t even get to know what you are teaching in there unless I invade my sons privacy and ask, which slams me! As a parent, and you know how busy that is, I have needed to not only ask him every night what the hell he is learning there but to see him become reluctant in telling me because he knows what he is learning is complete BS and knows Im going to challenge it. The school either does it on purpose or doesn’t realize this but it places emnity between the parent and child and I find this unforgiveable.

You can believe the sky is purple if you want to but please try to keep your relative views out of this. You can think that you don’t teach incorrect principles but you really don’t know for sure because you are perpetuating what you have learned. I have had to unlearn the BS I learned in school and reprogram everything I know. You can tell me you don’t believe you are teaching globalism but you don’t really know for sure which is why you had to state that you didn’t think you did, rather than you know you aren’t, which I do appreciate. I would probably guess you probably don’t know much about the United Nations or its Agenda 21 or the origins of Common Core either, or perhaps the details of the formation of world government either, which is okay if no one told you about them but now that I have told you, you are now, held to a higher standard. Common Core, for example is not a state creation, nor is it a federal creation, it is a UN or GLOBAL creation to implement and educate to accept globalization as it hopes to abolish local and state and federal borders to be reconfigured through using Wildlands corridors. UNESCO, the education arm of the UN is establising the global education standard that is not up to negotiation at any other level and due to funds, and strings attached, will tie us down. Agenda 21 affects every part of human life across the globe- Education, global distribution of wealth, global redistribution of demographic, environmental conformity, structured living and travelling, water usage, land access, sustainable medicine which creates death panels, education and to re engineer not onlywhere we live but how we live as everything will be measured and monitored. I have a bulletted outline with links that I would gladly share if yiou are interested. So, you see, everything the school teaches is globalism and because of what it lacks to teach about Natonalism, it makes up for in global citizenship implementing the UN agenda.

Think about it, remember when creationism was taught in school and religion and prayer were allowed?At that time there was no talk or evolution to be taught because it was known as heresy. After decades, we caved and in the name of tolerance, stated that we would agree that both would be taught because neither were seen factual and people could decide for themselves. What happened? Through incrementalism, creationism slowly was shoved to the side and now creationism is not taught at all, while, ironically, evolution is not only taught as a fact, the usurpation through agenda and ignorance allowed the courts to make law prohibiting and bastardizing the proper context of the First Amendment!

Hoe does this relate to Globalism? Its identical in that we grew up saying the pledge every morning, no one was immune from standing and no one wanted to. It was a sense of American pride. Over years, the pledge wasn’t taught, and eventually wasn’t recited and now rarely, if ever is. These are incremental erosions of Nationalism and Liberty. We used to have Civics class that weren’t considered politics, it was considered principles in good govenrment- they taught we were a constitutional republic, not what many beoieve we are today as a democracy, which is heresy and social justice rules the day rather than the proper understanding of equal justice under the law. Today we no longer have American pride we have the oppression against the white race with WHITE PRIVILEGE. Do you think these are all benign elements of society? These are agenda driven narratives to incrementally undermine this country in favor of global control.

Today, we don’t have CIVICS, we have government, where we don’t talk about the proper role of governemnt, we talk about an out of control government as normal and how to operate in it, where the kids arent even taught who they are in the process nor do are they taught the power they possess and how the system or the lack of its knowledge will affect their future and those future generations. There are all of the other incrementalizations and separations that no longer connect the teachers and children with parents and the rise of the arrogance in teachers incrementally cutting us out of the picture and they deviously ask for the passge of bonds to continue fund a collapsing system that is unsustaunable and setting children up for failure. What did George Washington say about why school was necessary? To teach the principles and science of good government. What happens when the children are not taught the principles in good govenement? They become slaves while the govenement becomes the master where the govenrment makes demands and they feel threatened to conform and you wonder why the suicide rate is so high? Democracy teaches that the majority rules, oppressing the minority calling our founders racists but had they realized our constituional republic was created not only to LIMIT GOVERNMENT, it was also to protect the minority from the majority, how could our kids possibley them believe our founders were racist?

In my teaching the local detention centers, for example, kids have told me that if they knew such principles, they may not have been where they are today. Kids are told to comply with the law, the government rules or else but what if they were taught God’s two greatest commandments, loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself? What if they were taught the principles of self govenrment and personal responsibility or the fact that each child was not a random act of consummation but written in Gods book of life before their parents even knew they existed? What would happen if they knew each one of them were fearfully and wonderfully made, on this earth for a reason, to fulfill a specific purpose rather than the suicidal understanding that schools and society teaches today: “you are a random product of pond scum, lifes a bitch, life is unfair, do what you are told, when you die, you die and you need to conform to societal norms?” The kids like my class, I was invited to be an instuctor in a place where crimes have been committed but where Bibles are allowed, ironically, I am not allowed or will not even remotely be considered to enter a public school, where Im am more than qulified to be, where Bibles arent allowed to keep them out of the detention system. Now you tell me who and what the problem is, I already know!

I wouldn’t expect you to understand and I also wouldn’t expect you to agree with me either but I will tell you, I do what I do because I study to show myself appreoved, I do not do what I do for the money or for retirement. I do what I do to restore liberty by helping people to understand more than just current events because these events by themselves teaches nothing because there is no standard on which to measure. You say Zach’s class is on Foreign policy, why is it important if they don’t even have an understanding of who they are as young adults, they have either no view or a warped view of how our govenrment works or how it was designed to work or the conspiracy behind why all these things are happening and somehow I am seen as unable to teach because I don’t have a degree like that degree makes the man passionate, fit and educated to teach because they went to a conformist school that teaches what they want kids to learn not how to learn and think?

I tell my kids to say two things and this is how I teach. I tell them to tell others, respectfully or to themselves, “SO WHAT?” and “HOW DOES THIS AFFECT ME?” To me, this was life changing and the kids got it after that! I realized that in all the years I went to school, the reason why I hated it was because I was reading about things that happened to other people without knowing why I should care and why they are important to me. HAD I KNOWN THAT WHAT HAPPENS AFFECTS ME AND HOW, I WOULD HAVE SEEN THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY not in doom and gloom like kids see it today but that I am a vital part of life, special and have a place. I am not just some communal slave that is told what to do.

So, why aren’t passionate educated parents like me allowed in public school but allowed in jail? Control of the narrative, I suspect? Why arent we allowed in the classroom, same reason? Why not be willing to have kids see alternate perspectives, much like they did on Career day, that they also did away with by the way and you are not seeing a pattern yet?

So, Ill ask you… “SO WHAT?” and “WHY IS FOREIGN POLICY IMPORTANT THAT I SHOULD KNOW IT AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT ME?” What was foreign policy and principles in the founding era and how and why are they different today? My next question is, if it has changed but the constitution hasn’t, how can such changes be made without the only way to change them in the consitution which is using Article 5?

Face it, the kids, with 6 weeks left of school are incapable of understanding the proper role of govemement, they are incapable of spotting the abuses of governemnt so they are illequipped to defend themselves from its abuses. If the elders in a generation do not instill principles of virtue, morality, self government, personal responsibility and what Rights are and how they are protected, nothing else they learn will matter and where they live and what country and form of government they live under wont matter making America just like any other country, we arent and never have been. I don’t blame you as a teacher, however, there isnt a part of me that believes you would intentionally mislead a child or harm them in any way, it is the flaws in a system that has ben hijacked from its intended purpose. Where the blame becomes your own, however, is once you have been informed of the dangers of what you are, in many cases forced to teach without understanding the conspiracy to rob our children’s future.

Why is Govenrment being taught again?

Tom Munds