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Response to Gem state voter guide

29 March 2010


1. I support strengthening marriage by reforming the unilateral nature of “no fault” divorce. I would also support changing the term “No fault” to “Both fault”. Marriage is a biblical institution. It is a vow to each other before God, not to be taken lightly and relies heavily on  integrity and personal responsibility of both parties.

2. I support strengthening the Idaho law that prohibits coerced abortions, Ultimately, I support enforcing the existing law not having to create redundant legislation. No one should ever be forced to terminate life under any circumstances. It is a violation of  life as well as our personal liberty protected by our constitution.

3. I would sacrifice my political career to abolish abortion.

4. I support a ban on embryonic stem cell and cloning research.

5. I oppose adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to discrimination law. I oppose it because it is outside the proper role of government to create laws for special minorities, giving “special rights” without creating laws for all citizens. Constitutionally,all laws should apply to all people. It violates freedom of speech, elevates one group over another and imposes government force on the majority that may still believe that such behaviors are immoral.

6. I support a ban on all taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood of Idaho. Our constitution states that our government was created to protect life, not regulate it or destroy it. It forces the majority, against their will, to pay for and promote irresponsibility on behalf of the minority that still may believe it is immoral. It is a violation of life and our individual liberty protected by the constitution.

7. I oppose merit pay for public school teachers based on student achievement because it comes from the form of tax increases to the taxpayer. Teachers could be rewarded by “good will” offerings from the parents but not forced by the government. Should all employees of every business be rewarded at the taxpayer expense? Why would we legislate incentives for one minority group of individuals without offering incentives for all employees?

8. I support ending “tenure” for public school teachers. Tenure promotes apathy, irresponsibility, elevates their authority and increases the difficulty of parents to hold teachers accountable for what they teach. It allows the teachers not to have to be held accountable for what they teach or how they teach it because they know their job is guaranteed. Should all employees have their jobs guaranteed especially without any accountability?

9. I support removing the cap which limits new charter schools to six a year. I believe that parents deserve options and choices. By removing the cap it will encourage competition and accountability and force the regular public schools to be held accountable for what they teach. It is my belief, Charter schools were created due to the dissatisfaction the the public school system. I do not support removing the cap if it means that the expense falls solely on the tax payers especially without accountability.

10. I support education tax credits and deductions to make education more affordable. Ideally, I support one fair tax for all individuals to pay for infrastructure as outlined in the constitution.

11. I support the permission of scientific challenges to the theory of evolution in public schools. Ideally, I believe that schools do not need permission to discuss  these challenges at all. True education of “critical thinking” comes from the learning of multiple perspectives and theories. Accepting or pushing one theory as a fact without the facts is merely “indoctrination.”

12. I support teaching the Bible’s impact on history, literature and art in public schools. Ideally, I support the Christian Bible being taught in schools without restriction, as our founders did. The idea that our founders opposed the Bible in school is HIGHLY innacurate and can be proven otherwise through source documentation.

13. I oppose state funding for pre-k education because it removes the child from the home, makes the state responsible for them at an earlier age and does nothing to strengthen the family. Pre-k should be offered as a choice to the parent but not an expense that should be forced upon the taxpayer for those who disagree with the program.

14. I oppose the registration and/or state testing of home schooled students because it elevates the authority of the state over that of the parents. A child’s education should be the choice of the parent or between parent and child, free from regulation from the state.

15. I support the right of legislative chaplains to pray according to their convictions, including “In Jesus name.” as our founding fathers did.We are guaranteed the freedom of religion in the constitution as well as the freedom of speech. It is not the authority of the government to tell us how to worship and is a violation of our GOD GIVEN constitutional rights.

16. I support “Car carry” legislation to allow law abiding citizens to put their loaded firearms out of sight in their vehicle without being required to obtain a concealed weapon license. Ideally, I support personal integrity, responsibility and common sense. I believe that personal protection is a God given right and that government has no authority in the regulation or control of firearms as outlined in our constitution. A government that has the authority to give rights has the authority to take them away.

17. I support the concealed weapon permit holders (age 21-over) right to carry concealed weapon on Idaho’s college campus’. Ideally, see number 16.

18. I support the elimination of all personal property tax on businesses. Ideally, I support the elimination of all personal property tax because it infringes on the constitutionally protected right to own property. The government does not have the authority to take property except by eminent domain not for failure to pay taxes.

19. I oppose the increase of revenue for transportation by raising taxes, fees and rates. I support a fair tax for infrastructure but before an increase in that tax is issued, a full accountability of government spending and budget shortfalls need to be scrutinized, reallocated and prioritized.

20. I oppose the grant of local option authority to raise taxes for mass transit systems. Although I support the local option over the federal option,Increase in government and out of control spending indicates the irresponsibility of government to stay within a budget. Raising taxes has been made way too easy for the government as a means to make up for mismanaged funds.

21. I support state expenditures to be posted online to promote accountability.

22. I support to train state law enforcement agencies to assist federal officials in enforcing immigration laws. Ideally, constitutionally, I believe it is the duty of the federal government to secure our borders rather than the state law agencies. The failure of the federal government’s protection gives us no choice to spend the funds protecting our state at the expense of the local tax payers allowing the federal government to continue to mismanage the funds appropriated for the border enforcement.

23. I oppose government –mandated caps on greenhouse gas emissions to reduce threat of global warming. The government has no authority on what we eat or what kind of light bulbs to buy, especially when man made evidence  of gloal warming is unsubstantiated. .

24. I support that Idaho should facilitate the building of nuclear and/or coal fired energy plants. Alternative energy sources are necessary, while I have reservations about the disposal of nuclear waste; I do support the building of coal fired energy plants.

25. I support political parties to close primaries to all but publicly registered members of the party. It is important for the integrity of the party not to have the disruption, chaos or infiltration of those who wish to detract the intent of the party.

26. I support Idaho’s lawsuit against the federal government as a result of the Idaho health freedom act. It is my belief that the healthcare bill and the law suit are both unconstitutional. Although I do not support tax payer dollars funding a lawsuit, I vehemently oppose the federal governments force of legalized plunder upon the states.