Why do you fly your flag?

Why do you fly your flag?
Do you believe that the perpetuity of freedom is dependent on good people doing nothing?
As i travel the state i see more flags now than ever but it may not mean what you think it means, as a matter of fact, i have learned that it doesnt mean what i thought it meant, it seems to mean quite the opposite.
You see, i was under the ignorant understanding people flew them because they love their freedom and, at the very least an outward sign that they cared enough to fly it because they understood the issues we face today. If you thought like i did, im afraid to say you are wrong.
Thinking as i did, i felt they were safe places to stop and meet like minded people that were active, educated and concerned, you know, like us in making an active difference. 
I have learned a valuable lesson in my travels and that is more times than not, i am better traveling by for the people that i thought were patriots are anything but, as most ive spoken to are ignorant of current events, ignorant of the conspiracy, ignorant of our founders constitution and either apathetic or fearful for reasons they dont even understand. Never mind how contrary fear is to the price and duty in the perpetuity of liberty.
So, do you fly your flag? Do you know why or do you not care and think freedom will maintain itself on auto pilot because apparently this mindset is the prevailing thought as despotism has all but knocked on your door.
Patriots, and those that think they are but cant explain why, Do things on purpose, know why you do them and do them with conviction because everyday you wait is another nail in the coffin of freedom for your kids and every inaction you take will have a consequence that will fall upon them.
 Do you love your kids enough to act or are all your actions in your words that show just the opposite of what you tell them?
Please do not fall into the socialist belief that you can enjoy your freedom at someones expense without paying it forward… It’s un-American!