Should freedom in a free county depend on where you live?

Are you more or less likely to have a run in with your government in the city or in the county? In Boise city rather than Boise county? Rexburg or Fremont county? Caldwell or Cassia county?
Are people more entitled to freedom depending on where they live? 
If the laws are the same, shall he laws not apply equally? If freedom is consistent across the state and it should be, should we be more in fear of losing our liberties in the city? 
Shall our freedoms be diminished because the the area that we live if it is more populated? If so, where is this expressly written in the law?
Why do i feel more free the farther i get away from the city and could the reason behind the growing agitation and disdain for law enforcement, in the city, for example be because we cant get away from the feeling of being scrutinized for every move we make?
Why are law enforcement more kind, forgiving and approachable the father one gets away fom the city? I thought they don’t have the ability to use their own judgement in enforce in the law as commonly stated? 
Maybe its because they worked the city and realize exactly what I’m saying, which is precisely why those in the county dislike the city so much the disdain for those from the city exists in fear of becoming like them.
If this is a free state and a free country or one of oppressive tyranny either due to the strict adherence to the constitution or the despotic hole through the adherence to totalitarian edicts, one can only wonder why the inconsistency and what that inconsistency says about the government we now serve that was originally created to serve us.
One could say the reason is because there are more officers in the city, that there is a higher chance of being scrutinized but i would beg to offer an alternative… 
If government was to protect and preserve or freedom, according that logic, and they were acting lawfully consistent with their creation and purpose, we should be freer in the city than elsewhere.
Once again, we aren’t a free country at all. As a matter of fact we are so upside down, in every facet of our society, a third grader can see we are more consistent with being inconsistent and ironic than anything related to a free, lawful and consistent society.