A Christmas message: 

Dear corrupted federal and state government agencies and all those communist globalist bankers, NGO’s, corporatist anti- American God haters and “useful idiots,”, 
Attempting to kill free speech on social media is laughable and anyone that believes your BS has no concept of history or current events in what you are up to! We know you are liars, deceivers and destroyers of faith and family, we know you are Satanists hell bent on destroying God and those that trust and believe.
What you have failed to realize is that in all your efforts to kill God, it has to drive you crazy that you cant seem to do it! Lol!
You can crush nations with your money you can corrupt the young and you can even eat your own but you cant seem to kill God.
That must be why such hatred you possess will never rest.
As a tribute to your eternal restless ruthless demonic spirit, i will spend all my days laughing at you because you hate being mocked and that brings me extreme joy, like little Obama in the sandbox that cant play well with others. 
Give it all you got, because we already know who gets the last laugh and in all your efforts you’ll never change that!
May our children and their parents awaken to your lies sending you all back to hell where you came from!
God,truth and the American spirit are alive and well. Any attempt to step it up will be matched, no matter what your opposition. 
Remember, if you patiently give evil enough rope, it will expose and hang itself and that also has to piss you off! 😉
Merry Christmas Losers!