The biggest agenda threat to America? AGENDA 21

I have always known that Agenda 21 was bad but i thought it was as bad as all other bad things we are fighting daily but for some reason never thought it was as worthy as priority one like others have that study the issue- Now i know why!

I therefore believe today in two major priorities:

1. GET THE US OUT OF THE UN on a national level

2. Abolish every instance of anything even remotely related to AGENDA 21 and “sustainable developement” at a local and state level.

In an effort to gain more info quickly, i have searched and found many places like The John Birch Society and Tom DeWeeses’ American policy.

After watching videos and reading other material i bought, receieved and read Agenda 21-the wrenching transformation if america purchased from i strongly urge you to purchase this book. I have compiled all of the  links to crucial documents from this book for your use in any way you feel necessary. If you are like i am, you will get in board fighting this issue with others that love this country!

I sincerely hope this post helps somone.

AGENDA 21-UN DOCS in Docs 1-5 in chronological order:
Doc 1: addresses global warming, Precurser to kyoto 1997
Doc 2: biodiversity treaty declares 50% of all lands off limits:
Doc 3: rio declaration calls for eradication of all poverty through redistribution:
Doc 4: “convention on forest principles” calling for international management of worlds forests:
Doc 5: “Agenda 21” pdf contains full agenda on implementation:
National implementation of Agenda 21:
1996 istambul turkey “habitat II conference: details the remapping of society, downsizing cities, and creating urban clusters blending nature, workplace and housing in small communities:
Millenium assembly 2000-established a global UN TAX-
Developement agenda
2005 world environment day:

To implement A21 at a local level bypassing fed and state governments going to mayors of cities.think globally-act locally: (two docs followed- GCD and UEA) below
Green Cities Declaration- agenda for mayors:
Urban Environmental Accords- specific actions for mayors:
UN’s Charter for global democracy: must read! 12principles:
Charter of the United Nations:
UN DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Article 29.3: “these rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”
Regional Governance Districts:to assist the state in globalization: difference between government and governance:
Memorandum of Agreement- Regional council of government grant requests for implementation
10 reasons to avoid regional plans and councils (use Agenda 21 manual page 41 for specifics cited in CRSP

Cleaner greener NY or Capitol Region Sustainability Plan (CRSP)
Benefit Corporation legislation concept created by the Rockefeller Foundation. Gives class status and protection, uses profits to implement Agenda 21.(see agenda 21 manual pg 43) see specifically CSR, “single bottom line” and “triple bottom line”. Uses three elements(3E’s) Economy, (social)Equality and Environment

Heres Idaho’s bill:
B-lab website: makes it clear sustainability requirements are a priority
B-lab state lobbyists for passing Benefit Corporation legislation: (see page 44 in Agenda 21 manual)
Legislative map and list of states that have passed or introduced benefit corporation legislation:

Biodiversity and Wildlands project- control and prohibition of land use
Review of Wildlands project(opposition)
Wildlands project (support)
Biodiversity treaty

Man and the biosphere program (MAB)
Convention on Biological Diversity (details on MAB)
Map from Wildlands project showing confines of human habitation (A21man. pg.50)

America 2050 agenda 21 completed (A21 man. Pg.50)

World conservation monitoring- Database to help meet treaty obligations



SMART GROWTH-controlled communities


American planning Association (APA)-

National climate change and wildlife conservation center (NGO)

Landscape conservation cooperatives(NGO)


National fish wildlife and plants climate adaptation strategy(NGO)


North American Intergovernmental committee on cooperation for wilderness and protected area conservation(NAWPA)(NGO)

Rural lands council

National Heritage areas legislation HR 4099- states

Entity is directed to “restore, preserve, and manage anything and everything that is naturally, culturally, historically, and recreationally significant to the heritage area.” Subject to scrutiny of the Park Service.(A21 man. Pg 53) H.R.4099:
Columbia gorge Management plan- regulates every detail if private property including what color to paint your house and trees to plant in yard:

Chemicals used in fracking, go to:
Fracking misleading films:


Promised Land:
Truth about fracking:

Phelim mcaleer and Ann McElhinneys documentary


Representative Waxman and Markeys 648 page discussion on climate bill describes regulations so complex, it would make the Soviet Union look like a free country(A21 pg 74)
Precautionary principle- often claimed as the reason to curtail CO2 emissions:
Education for sustainable developement
Higher education

Decade of education in sustainable development:
Our common future- reveals radical transformation of society: what is sustainable development?

Progressive transformation of economy and society(pg43)

International dependence(p47)

Sustainable population(pg55)

Merging environment and economics in decision making(62)

New relationship between man and nature above all(pg71)
Clintons “Goals 2000”

To implement global standards as national standards with federal funding of course
Summary of Goals 2000
Summary of Goals 2000
Millenium goals
National education standards report
UN education in sustainable developement:
“We the People” CCE (NGO) funded by no child left behind:
“Teaching democracy globally, internationally, and comparatively: The 21st century mission of schools.”
Education for sustainable tyranny
What democracy means to 9th graders: governments responsibility to do everything for them.
Earth Charter and Global impact-GRI REPORT
“The Ark of Hope” Earth centered religion carried to schools. Four sides of the Ark depicts four pagan spirits: earth, wind, fire and water:
Ark of Hope
“Dear Children of the Earth” written to Mother Earth
“Earth Charter”- education standards captured:
Earth charter summary:
Earth charter handbook:
Earth charter in education
Earth charter youth toolkit:
Whats in common core
Un plan for our children
UN Decade of education in sustainable developement
Sustainable attitude for sustainable development
Faith based education on sustainable development
Reorienting teacher education for sustainable development
Pedagogical principles for teacher education of sustainable development
Integrating education for sustainable development in social studies in SE Asia:
Policy coherence for sustainability: module 2: food security:
Moving beyond disciplinary debate on EE and ESD
Summary of reengineering education:
Investigation into awareness education:,%20thesis,%208.07.pdf
Common core is the education curriculum for agenda 21, rotten to the core:


Webinar #9 — Rotten to the Core: Common Core is the Education Curriculum for Agenda 21

(Pg83)Rotten to the core text: