What makes me different- 2010 Representative comparison

2010  election years District 11, House Seat B  Comparison

Carlos Bilbao

Thomas Munds

Biographical Information

Endorsement Interview: Carlos Bilbao

Web Site: Bilbao4Idaho.com

Age: 73 Family: Married 54 years,wife Nancy, Two children, four grandchildren City/Town: Emmett, Idaho Birthplace: Emmett, Idaho Education/Degrees: 16 years, Quality Control Mangement Experience: 35 Years, The Boeing Company, 20 years party member, 6 years Legislator Community Involvement: Elks,Kiwanis,Lions,Board member Walter Knox Hospital, 4H advisor, Idaho Sportsman Caucus, Legislative Business Caucus, American Legion Last book you read: Faith and Politics, Senator John Danforth,

Endorsement Interview: Thomas Munds

Web Site: www.tommunds.com

 Age: 47 Family: Tracie Munds-wife Four sons- Tom 23, Bobby Skinner 17, Jacob Skinner 14 and Zach 11 City/Town: Caldwell Birthplace: Napa Education/Degrees: High school graduate,Associates degree in Electronics Experience: Worked in various trades and professions both as an employee and small business owner. Community Involvement: CERT- Community emergency response team, Church ministry, Idaho coordinator of citizens in charge. Last book you read: The battle for truth by David Noebel

Why are you running?

Carlos Bilbao: Effect change within the legislative process. I have and will continue to serve the citizens of Idaho in a responsible manner without personal gain.

Thomas Munds: I am in fear for the direction of our country. I am concerned about government increase, ownership, regulation, force, wasteful spending, and lack of national security,manipulation,deceit and arrogance of our elected officials,to name a few. I fear the legacy that will be left for future generations.


What makes you a better choice for voters than your opponent(s)?

Carlos Bilbao: Life experences and a solid history of working in the political process from precinct to legislator.

Thomas Munds: I am a conservative, not to a degree but absolute.I have a firm reliance on the same Providence and original intent that our founders believed blessed this nation.I love my state and love my country. I have fire and passion and feel I stand on solid principles.I have been told that in politics that less information is better and that being a moderate wins elections,I question how well that has been working thus far securing good leadership.



What should voters know about you as a person?

Carlos Bilbao: Devoted Family man, I believe that a stable family is the backbone of a strong society.I am committed to preserving family values and guarding against legislation that will disrupt the family network. Served my country for 18 years in the military.

Thomas Munds: I am a Pro-life Christian conservative. My belief is not what I would attempt to force on others but is what holds me accountable, to a higher standard; I believe in our Founders constitutional principles. I would think that people would appreciate that kind of accountability and legitimacy in the leadership of our God given,government protected constitutionally guaranteed REPUBLIC.



What living Idaho politician do you most respect, and why?

Carlos Bilbao: Senator Mike Crapo. He is a leader with Ethics and Morals. He can be trusted to do the right thing for the citizens of Idaho.

Thomas Munds: I support different politicians for different reasons. If I had to choose, it would have to be Walt Minnick. As I am a conservative candidate, he and I do not agree on many issues but I have been impressed by some of the decisions he has made. He has really shown his conservative side standing by his principles and not being swayed by the heavy opposition including the constituents in his own party. The most significant is the unwavering opposition to the healthcare bill.



What decision during your adult life do you most regret, and how has it changed you?

Carlos Bilbao: NONE, I have been blessed with my family, friends, and had a wonderful position with the Boeing Company.Today I enjoy working for the citizens of Idaho.

Thomas Munds: I regret my ignorance in educating myself on important issues like American history, the constitution, government, philosophy and worldviews when I was younger. This acknowledgement has been responsible for my relentless pursuit to make up for lost time.



What are the three things you hope to accomplish first?

Carlos Bilbao: 1) Promote policies that will expand business development and jobs.

2) Keep all taxes low and keep state government accountable and keep spending in check.

3) Protect citizens constitutional rights for a fair and just government.


Thomas Munds: Listen to the concerns of my constituents,care about those concerns and find ways to address those concerns while maintaining honesty,integrity, morality and constitutionality.



What law enacted in the past three to five years do you most disagree with, and why? What law enacted in that period do you most strongly support, and why?

Carlos Bilbao: 1) We passed a partial personal tax. Failure to enact a complete elimination of the personal property tax that business wanted.

                                  2) HCR 64 10th amendment

Thomas Munds: I oppose laws that allow government to impose forced regulation and taxes on the citizens that restrict their freedoms that neither protects nor secures our rights, like the healthcare bill. I support laws that limit government that best protects and secures the freedoms of our citizens like freedom from the healthcare bill.



Five years from now, how should Idaho differ from today? What should your role be in achieving that change?

Carlos Bilbao: Positive changes in Business and increased employment. Educational opportunties expanded. I want to one of the Leaders promoting change.

Thomas Munds: We should return to constitutional principles, limited government, have a balanced budget with a government that is willingly held accountable, live within our means and understand the dangers of debt. We should desire to be the shining example to other states on how successful we can be under those principles. My role is to represent the people using those standards.



If the state’s budget continues to outpace revenues, would you look to raise taxes, cut more deeply or both? Why?

Carlos Bilbao: I don’t want to increase taxes, but will keep a open mind to find a long term solution to the revenue problems.

Thomas Munds: I would not look to raise taxes. In times of economic shortfalls creative ways are needed to trim, reallocate and prioritize our spending.Taxation has been made way too convenient as a means to make up for fiscal irresponsibility.If people are an extension of government and we have to live within a budget why on earth would we expect less from the government?



If you favor revenue, which sources should be tapped, and why? If instead you prefer to cut spending further, which programs or agencies would you cut or eliminate, and why?

Carlos Bilbao: If you increase private business which increases revenue, you won’t have to make more cuts.

Thomas Munds: I prefer to cut spending rather spend to no end. Increasing revenues does nothing to hold government accountable and responsible. Without control of government spending it makes it impossible to create and maintain a balanced budget as outlined in our constitution. Immigration programs need to be cut first, social programs that take money from those who work and give it to those who do not and are able to should be next.



Should the state remove some sales tax exemptions? Which ones?

Carlos Bilbao: YES, I think we could eliminate about 30 to 40 percent. No room to define.

Thomas Munds: I believe in limited taxation, believe that sales tax should be replaced with a fair tax, one that everyone pays the same regardless of income.



Some GOP leaders want to cut individual and corporate income taxes over 10 years. Would you support such a plan?

Carlos Bilbao: YES, I have bought in to this plan. Brings business to Idaho and the citizens get a tax break for a change.

Thomas Munds: I support limited taxes, balanced budget, and allowing the taxpayers to enjoy the fruits of their labor. As I understand it, Corporations don’t pay taxes, they are transferred to the customers.



Gov. Butch Otter tried, largely unsuccessfully, for two years to secure more money for state highways. Do you support spending more on for roads?

Carlos Bilbao: Lets finish what jobs we have with the money we have, before look for more money.

Thomas Munds: I support a balanced budget, as outlined in our constitution; I support a fair tax that includes provisions for infrastructure. I do not support stimulus funds from the federal government as we should be fiscally responsible without federal intervention.


How would you raise the money?

Carlos Bilbao: Let see what the Gov. transportation committee solutions are.

Thomas Munds: Create thriving economic conditions through tax incentives for businesses, increasing the number of tax payers. Another way to create money is to cut wasteful spending. The increase in the size of government and its spending should be closely scrutinized, to trim fat, reallocate and prioritize necessary programs. The last way to raise money is to raise taxes.



State sovereignty was a big issue during the 2010 session. What role should the state play in redefining federalism?

Carlos Bilbao: We made a good start in 2010 and should continue protecting ourselves.

Thomas Munds: Every state has the right to their sovereignty. In cases of regulation and force, outside the limitations of government, it is the duty of the states or the people to exercise our rights especially if it regulates outside of its authority.



The Legislature this year did not pass a ban on texting while driving. Should it? What should the penalty be?

Carlos Bilbao: YES, The bill should have passed in its orginal form with the penalties intact.

Thomas Munds: This is one more example where we expect the government to take responsibility for something we should be doing ourselves. Should they ban changing radio stations,smoking,putting on make up or checking on our children in the back seat while driving? There are laws for inattentive driving,enforce existing laws and not spend tax dollars creating redundant ones. Those that break laws should be penalized not those who haven’t committed crimes. It is out of the scope of limited government.

Read more: http://www.thevoterguide.org/v/statesman10/candidate-detail.do?id=193150884#ixzzolyQxSJNm