My Platform

1.         HONOR GOD- As the ultimate source and creator of all things.


God’s word, the Bible, is the ultimate “how to” book for life.

God’s word is absolute truth (Yes, truth is absolute.)

Gods law is the origin of all Law.


 2.         HONOR FAMILY- Gods most precious gift.


Marriage ONLY between one man and one woman.

Parents have authority over their children not the state.

Abortion is not a choice, it’s a life.

Education is the choice and responsibility of the parent .

Most social problems stem from broken families.


 3.         HONOR  THE CONSTITUTION- Honor the Founders “original meaning”, God given, constitutionally guaranteed life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (property).


Not a “living, breathing” document to be changed for light and transient causes.

Together with the Declaration of Independence, It outlines platform of Limited government with few and specific “enumerated powers”.

It Stresses personal responsibility  through the scriptures.

All laws outlined were to be for all people, not subject to only a few elevating one class over another.


 4.         HONOR OUR HERITAGE- Embrace and honor our history, our sacrifices.


Teach our future generations the accurate truth about our history.

Teach our children the value of fighting for freedom and Liberty.

Honor our military and fallen soldiers.




Personal responsibility- to hold office in “good behavior”



Love God, family, neighbors and our planet ( not to be confused with global warming!)

Learn lessons from history and teach responsibility to our children


 6.         LIMIT GOVERNMENT-To hold government accountable.


Promote “American exceptionalism” by denying global government and other dangers like foreign trade zones (China)

Government instituted by “We the People” , the inherent power, to secure our God given unalienable rights not to regulate them

Government must be challenged immediately and altered for acts against the people (especially now!)

Hold judges accountable- no more judicial tyranny!

Legislative arrogance  in public office should have serious  consequences.

Abolish and prevent violations of “separations of power.”


7.         INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS-  “We the people” are guaranteed  our ” Unalienable” God given Rights and government cannot take them away because they were never given that authority!


Individuals have the freedom to make their own choices and to suffer consequences.

Free from oppressive government regulation ( within the scope of the natural law, biblical and constitutional law with respect to morality.)


 8.         STATES RIGHTS- The people and the state of Idaho have a right to their  sovereignty.


The states must exercise their rights to prevent encroachment of the federal government whenever and as often as needed without fear of reprisal.

This means healthcare, environmental regulations, taxation, IRS, ACLU, Unions, the FED, NATO, IMF, DHS etc.

Nullification is a viable option when the federal governemnt oversteps their limitations, spending tax dollars suing is not!




Government has no right to wealth distribution!

Promotes a healthy economy by creating jobs through reduction in taxation and government regulations

Maximizes individual responsibility and productivity

Increases morale and self preservation as individuals and as a nation.

Fiscal responsibility

Become more energy independent without Federal government mandates!

Bring jobs home through eliminating burdens of taxation and regulation.



10.       IMMIGRATION REFORM AND NATIONAL SECURITY- United States and the individual states are sovereign.


Close and secure our borders- This is the federal government’s responsibility to protect our nation. A country is , in fact, determined by it’s borders!

Create Benefit termination timeline for illegals to give fair warning.

Deny benefits to illegals

No Anchor babies! Babies born here to illegals are not citizens- The 14th amendment was used to offer citizenship to slaves not Muslims, Mexicans or others especially those who intent on doing harm to our nation violently or economically!

Deny free healthcare and government assistance

Create and uphold stiff punishments for repeat offenders


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