Who Am I?


“Who are you?”

This is a question I get asked almost everywhere I go and the answer is quite simple, I am passionate about what I do and what I believe. I live it, I breathe it, I sleep it and dream it!

What is “it?”

“It” is what I have learned about the “original meaning” our country, our heritage, our form of government, our laws and what has happened to them while most people are working diligently just to keep a job and food on the table.

I am a God Given, Constitutionally protected Rights advocate and I am proud to say so. I am a passionate, self educated free inhabitant of the state of Idaho that would love nothing better than to take the knowledge I have possessed and to use it to fight for the Rights of the people when it seems there is no one left that will.

I am as involved as I can possibly be, as a family man with the world’s greatest wife and world’s four greatest kids, in the affairs of city councils, school, fire and other taxing districts as well as at the statehouse, running for political offices and attending townhall meetings asking the tough questions that people either are to afraid to ask or don’t know what to ask because I care and because I understand enough about what is happening to our country at most levels, whether it be city council, law enforcement, fire, property tax, urban renewal or the state legislature to offer alternatives to turn from our current path of destruction in an effort to restore the principles of freedom and liberty to the people, many that don’t even know they have lost.

My advocacy does not mean that I am a paid lobbyist looking to fulfill political driven agendas that benefit the corporation I work for nor does it mean that I am an expert. It also does not mean I feel I know it all but what it does mean is that I know enough to challenge our government entities because I understand that the power in this country was inherent in the people, not the government, that governments were instituted among men to PROTECT rights, NOT TO RESTRICT them or to determine what they are! Im my view agenda driven organizations were known as dangerous factions when they could sway the protections of the people away and protect entities that subvert those freedoms.

“We the people” have been lulled to sleep. We have been made to believe that government is out for our best interest and that if we just take care of our families and be ” good producers” everything will be just fine, well YOU”VE BEEN LIED TO!! Everything is not alright! Whether you have been working hard and not had the opportunity to stay up to date or you have ignored your duty to remain vigilent, you and your children’s freedom is at stake and you are in danger of losing everything if you do not become active or at least stand behind someone that is! If you are afraid, follow someone that is willing to lead the charge, if you don’t you are guilty of selling yourself, your children and neighbors into serfdom!

I do not possess fancy degrees, I am not eloquent and do not have any personal agenda and many have even stated my grammer is less than desireable. While I may not have the grammarical expertise, what I do possess is a basic understanding of constitutional law, the principles of freedom and the understanding that history repeats itself because we forget over time, we become apathetic and even lose sight and and redirect our focus in our quest on fianancial prosperity.

If you are more concerned about the way I say something than what I say and you are more worried about my passion than the incremental loss of your rights, I am not interested in your comments but if you are interested in what I am saying or interested in the perservation of freedom and liberty and know something is wrong and want to do something about it, I am interested in speaking with you, to learn about concerns you have and any solutions you feel you have but can’t seem to find anyone to listen. I am here to make a difference in our city, our county and our state for ourselves and our posterity. I hope I have challenged you to get involved in some way, any way before its too late if it isn’t already!

If you are here because you somehow heard me on the 580 KIDOam.com radio with Kevin Miller in the morning ( Weekdays 5-9am and Saturdays 5-8am) or we  met somewhere, please contact me if you would like to share your issues. I would be honored to have you follow me on twitter @mundstom, read my “posts” on my website, follow me on Facebook or follow me on “my blog”

In all that is found on this website, you will find are my individual private opinions made public. I do not speak on behalf or in support of one organization in particular, nor am I paid to publish those that may be considered agenda items. If I post here, I do it because I believe it, in my heart and want nothing more than not to have people agree with me after reading but to challenge the status quo, the media and what people are telling you. Knowledge is a lifelong quest and at times as that knowledge increases some of my views may change, I may even over time become more refined and less abrasive on the topics that I find confrontational and then again, maybe not.

Due to the tremendous amount of spam received by my desire to recieve comments, I have turned off the ability to comment  and am asking that you email me instead at : tom@tommunds.com. In an effort to remain fully transparent, if you would like your comment included in your response to a particular post, Please state in the subject line that you would like it posted. Thank you!

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My we restore freedom and liberty together!

Thank you


Tom Munds



I was born and raised in Hawaii and moved to Idaho 25 years ago. I have lived in Canyon County with my wife, Tracie, for 18 years, raising our four children in the Middleton area. We are also  proud and excited to be grandparents of both a grandson and grand daughter!

I have become very concerned over many issues like the increase in the size and direction of government, its out of control spending and fear for the legacy that will be left for our future generations to name a few.

There has never been a better time for all of us to become engaged to make things right, where sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option and that is why I  decide to run for a variety of government offices until elected.

Our responsibility begins as individuals, in our homes, towns, states and as a nation where we can be the example to others.

I would like the opportunity to make a difference and would appreciate your vote whenever you see my name! Stay tuned for my next campaign!