Constitution Classes Available

I have recently began teaching Constitution classes. If you are interested in having classes in your home, in small groups at a particular location, I would love the opportunity to meet that need.

As I gear up to attempt to go into local law enforcement to try to reach out to teach constitution classes, In order to deliver the proper message and have it received the way I hope to, I am teaching constitution classes. As many of my friends know a great deal more than I do, I am asking for critique on the delivery and what can be done better. In the event, you feel you do not know as much as you would like to, these classes are for you too! As of this time, we have a location and a time secured. If you can’t make it, please consider having classes in your home or location of your choice as we could all use this time to educate our friends and neighbors! Please attend:

Brown Mackie College 9050 W. overland rm 223 in Boise on  Wednesdays at 1pm or help me by arranging classes at a location of your choice. 208-861-6405 or email: The classroom is locate on the second floor in the front building, up the stairs and to the left.

Classes are free, donations for paper material are graciously accepted. Please share this post and help me help others in the restoration of liberty through education!

The class consists of six one hour lessons, ideally one lesson per week for six weeks unless you prefer to do more. Each participant will get a pocket constitution, a booklet with talking points, questions and a follow along guide.

Specifically, the classes are as follows:

1. Dangers of Democracy

2. Enumerated  vs. boundless Powers

3. Constitutional money

4. Constitutional Powers and the enemy within

5. Exposing the enemy

6. Restoring the constitution

If you prefer other options, or would like to a class on a specific topic, or a customized curriculum, please contact me and we can discuss available options.

As the cost of materials and fuel to travel are my expense and there is no charge for the class, donations are welcome but not mandatory.