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About Tom


Reporting the truth to all who will listen.

Hello! My name is Tom and welcome to my website! Contained herein you will find what I consider a rare, unique and challenging political outlook that is backed by 15 years of grass-roots political activism, what I have read that correlates with the proper understanding of God, his natural law, our American founding, our constitution, current events and what few others include that is so vital to see things for what they are, the conspiratorial elements that undermine our freedoms and our future.

I created my website as a place to both challenge and be challenged but more so to use my platform to help my fellow Americans become more aware of the issues that affect us all so we may expose our enemies and restore our republic if it is possible.

It is also important to mention in such a politically volatile time in our country, my desire is not to get involved in the "right/left" paradigm missing the dangers of the issues, it is to show what I see from both sides as it relates to the issue. If iron sharpens iron, as you review my site, if you disagree, let's talk about it.

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