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Afghanistan and our ever-expansive Military Industrial Complex

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Afghanistan. Some in the Military that have been there call it a variety of other names but regardless of what you call it, it is a place others call home and like homes or nations, those that live there have the right to defend themselves, no matter where it is. They also have the right to defend it from and without foreign intervention.

Afghanistan, touted in the media to be another Viet Nam or another "failed" attempt to do God knows what, but when you get down to it, Viet Nam or Afghanistan or any other place we have ever been wasn't failed at all, at least in the true sense, the media just wants you be confused about not only if it was failed or not but to keep you so busy, you never ask the questions you should be asking about why we were there and what actually happened. Most American's have never been there and have made their decisions based on what they hear in the media. When the media says we need to go to war, or point out an enemy, by golly, American's buy what they say, hook, line and sinker and every time they do, they are misled. EVERY TIME!

American's are so busy judging others without judging themselves, they couldn't see the forest for the trees if they had to. The Democrats while touting being "the antiwar party" are liars, if they cared about facts they would see they are no less war than the Republicans so this should tell you this isn't a party issue. If it isn't a party issue, what is it and how many even bother to ask? Not enough.

Is this current issue regarding Afghanistan something that should be hung completely around Biden's neck? For people superficially active politically, agenda-driven or ignorant , I wouldn't expect them to see anything else, which actually makes them dangerous if they have power to make decisions. The Republicans look for any excuse to blame the Democrats, the Democrats do what they can to blame the Republicans and even today, as people are waking up, they buy into the divisive rhetoric and still believe this narrative. If you are one of these people, I argue that you are part of the problem, even though maybe you desire to be part of the solution.

Was America in Afghanistan before Biden? Yes. Should he be partly responsible if he made poor decisions? Yes. But if we are going to post blame or cast judgement upon anyone, may I ask a few questions first?

Who glorified our military to have us believe that they can do whatever they want to without any accountability and if we even question what is happening people like me are now "Unpatriotic?" This issue is a lot like other issues, they have become tabu whether its merely questioning the history of the Jews to questioning decisions Trump made that should be questioned, you are now "Un' whatever you questioned. This isn't patriotism, it is oppressive Majority rule and thought control! Furthermore this type of idolization is what I would say is a return to the "Divine Right of Kings" or "Titles of Nobility" where a certain class is above reproach. Who the hell are we kidding and all while we speak mindless mantras like "support our troops," "The land of the free and home of the brave," and "it can't happen here?" How arrogant and ignorant have we become? Dangerously so!

If Americans were truly patriotic (and we should also note that the Communist Chinese Military are also patriotic) isn't it time we ask how that word is defined? As I recall Patriotism is defined as: "the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one's country." Does this mean that American's can and should be or are patriotic when the country they say they vigorously support is doing the bidding of an enemy or rather in strict defense of its Supreme law of the land? We know what this means for the Communist Chinese.

Which does our military really support? I think in the minds of our men and women they think they are doing the right thing but so do our people in public education and in law enforcement, should we give all of these "special classes" a pass while they all won't even allow us to deviate an inch much less question who they are or their motives? Is what they think really true or a bastardization of truth? This post isn't meant to disrespect the people in our military, at all, it is to call in question the dangers and systemic problems with the military itself and the people that blindly and ignorantly support it without understanding the either the proper role of government or the conspiratorial elements that are in place to destroy this country.

Why are in Afghanistan? How did we get there? Was it a constitutional declaration of war or was it a United Nations "Police-action" or "Humanitarian mission" or is that just what we are told? Should we have been there as long as we have? Were we involved in overthrowing their government and did we install our desired government "in the best interests of the US?" Did we do it to do what was best for Afghanistan and even if we did, would it have been lawful to go there? Was it a DEEP STATE operation for natural resources? Was it to further advance China's desires? Did we create a refugee crisis there and if we did, how humanitarian is it? Did the American taxpayers support going and did they also support staying there and funding it or were those decisions that our illustrious Military Industrial complex did on their own as an out of control abusive bureaucracy? "How dare me even ask such disrespectful questions!" Right? The simple fact that American tax payers are not allowed to ask questions shows where this country is headed when we can no longer hold our own government accountable and by asking questions, they label us Domestic terrorists? Seriously?

I will admit I am relatively new to military history but I am not new to the conspiratorial issues of our military or those issues undermining American liberty or the sovereignty of other nations.

Anyone that has studied our history knows that our government has done more to intentionally undermine our country and other nations than it has to create peace and friendly relations with other nations. We have become bullies, offensive in nature and abusive not only to those we allegedly are helping but abusive to the American's it swears it desires to protect "In the name of Democracy" which is a joke in itself!

In my view, America has blood on its hands- both the blood of foreigners as well as the blood of our own. We are responsible, at least in part for overthrowing foreign governments, stealing foreign natural resources, protecting and furthering the drug trade (that it at home says it wants to abolish), we have given once free governments over to communist totalitarian rule and allowed the people around the world as well as at home to be lied to about all of their tax payer funded actions!

When I stated earlier that no war or action was "failed" I meant it, not in the name of patriotism like you may think but in disgust because the intent of the action ALWAYS advanced the globalist agenda. It was just too bad America has become so arrogant they couldn't see it and for that we will suffer the consequences that will lead to the fall of yet, another Empire.

Nothing is too big to fail. We have seen it with the banks, we have seen it with global agendas and we will see it in this country and it's about time we humbled ourselves to realize we reap what we sew because if we don't, we American's will face horrors that are most likely far more grotesque than what others have seen and read about in other countries, the only difference is, when we go down who is going to help a nation that has bullied all others into submission? No one. And if we go down, those that aided in allowing it can and should claim the absolute destruction of freedom around the globe. Now is a good time to do a bit of self reflection and consider what side you are on or what we see happening sure will.

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