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After one week, you went from being "free" to a "domestic terrorist?"

The title of this post is not a new topic for many of you, nor is it much of a surprise. During the Obama administration, we had a liar in chief and Marxist agitator in the White House, then we had a brief reprieve for four years with a President that seemed to like Americans and America and even freedom. Now that ride has ended and we are back from an executive that seemed to like us back to one that hates us, arguably worse than the one before. Did you ever think in this country that a President would have the power to make such a change especially in such a short time? How can your freedom and security change from the election of a President? How is it that the average God fearing hard working law abiding American can go from being "free" to being the enemy in a week much less ever without any change in thier behavior such as the commission of a crime? I only have one answer, he that declares the lawful the enemy himself must be the enemy.

If you haven't heard, the DHS just put out a Terrorism update that all but sounds like what we hear about in the history books relating to the Nazi rise to power in Germany. They have chosen and defined the enemy, they have politically isolated the enemy, they seem to be working on physical isolation and, if their plan works as it has in history, to exterminate the enemy. Your government that was instituted to protect your freedom is now turning against you and what's worse, they will use all of your resources to make it happen. You are now an enemy combatant simply for exercising your freedom to vote, speak and question your government and somehow we are to believe that the actions so plain to see in America that emulate the CCP mean that the CCP is not at all involved in America's demise when they have openly admitted so?

Although one could play the Devil's Advocate and deny the seriousness of such a bulletin because they cannot yet read between the lines, I would have to supply this video as ample evidence to help others see where we are going more clearly and more rapidly. In this video, the bulletin is explained and more evidence is brought forth stating that arrests for freedom of speech on social media have begun.

We could hash out and ask why this is happening and many of us know. We could proclaim that "we have rights and they are being violated" and that "they can't do that" and you would be right...and wrong. So what is important is to understand that such a bulletin exists and what their plans are and even more important to get your people together quickly because I believe what is coming is coming fast.

It is important to realize that we face this problem because we have allowed it and your parents and your grandparents allowed it and failed to not only understand the depth of the conspiracy but share the real danger of it and today, due to our lack of numbers, if we do not get it together, we will most assuredly lose if we haven't already.

As an activist myself, I really want to be careful when I say there is no hope and I don't think I would outwardly say that, what I do say, is that IF we do not act we very well could. IF is a word that to me in itself is evidence of an option. One can do something if he does X or something may happen if Y, so we all have a choice to make as free people and it is pretty simple.

The point of reflection shouldn't necessarily be what may happen to you, it should be placed on what will happen if you don't and what will happen to your kids and grand kids and for that matter the rest of the good people around the world? What will happen to the humanity on the globe if America dies? The globe will die and the one shot that God gave us to be free will be extinguished from the earth. So the question to me isn't, "should I engage" or for how long, the question should be where and how shall I engage and why. Now that you have read this, you can't even say you don't know who to talk to about becoming more active because you know what I do. What is important before you act however is to find your why. You see without the why, one's actions are meaningless.

In the midst of fear, intimidation, misinformation and uncertainty I would like to encourage you to become a memorable part of history. If you believe that God chose you for such a time as this, is this the time you want to ignore that call? Remember fear and faith cannot occupy the same space and for that matter neither can good or evil.

We all know the enemy is organized, we know they are well funded and we know they have infiltrated every influential space in our country. We also know they hate what is good and if we are good they will come for us if we let them. The really cool part is that even though they occupy in such a way, it is still easier for us because they need to expend an abundance of time, energy and money to maintain the lie and all we need to do is share the truth.

I believe with all I am if enough people rose and understood the urgency of the times we faced, humbled themselves and prayed, unified and shined the light of truth, darkness being exposed would have to flea but even though truth is easier than to cover up the lie, we still have lots of work to do. All we need are good people willing to stand. Will you stand?

You stood on the sidelines. You accused others of being Kooky conspiracy theorists, you called others stupid and found endless excuses not to engage. I know you did because I did it too. What I have learned from all this is to ask one basic question: "Do you hate the truth of what we tell you more than what the government is doing to you?" If you do, then your priorities are way "outta whack" unless you are a communist/globalist that hates America but still doesn't understand why or that still believes the lie.

We at JBS are still here. We believe in "less government, more responsibility and with God's help a better world." We also explain that "education is our total strategy and truth is our only weapon." If you are ready, we need you. For more information, go to

"America's dead and dying hand is at the threshold of the church... and if people would rather come out of the closet than clean it, that is the sign that judgement is gonna fall..." Carman

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