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Again, May God Forgive US: America's betrayal of China

Funny isn't it when reading the title of this post considering what we know about China today? For those that don't know history, our interactions with China decades ago, to some degree were much different than today. And why is Stalin on the cover of the book and this post?

Did you know that China was once our ally? Did you know that America's role in China actually could have been considered to have handed them over to communist control? I know the minds of average American's, I was one of those minds that believed everything America did was honorable. I believed everything America did was based on American exceptionalism and based in the lofty ideals of Christian forbearance. It is with a heavy heart, I am here to tell you things were not always so and the more I read, I wonder if they ever were. Our interactions with China were not just a one time tragedy, as it turns out the US has done this many times many countries and consequently to our own people and we wonder why we are no longer on good terms with other nations or that the people haven't any faith in their own government?

In my mind the fact that I bring up such controversial topics is because I believe people deserve the truth. To others the fact that I bring it up would conjure up deep seated emotions about how Anti-American I must be. I know, I have heard it all before but it actually helps make my case. If people would rather believe a lie, then why look for the truth in media or politics or anything at all ever?

I have a saying that I heard a long time ago: "The truth hurts only if it should" and it is with such a saying I do and say what I do. I do not intend to hurt, necessarily, but rather to expose the truth for what it is and if it does hurt, it should and if it is the truth and we should face it and deal with it. After all, knowing the mistakes of history would help us in repeating them, would they not? It seems American's haven't learned that lesson yet. Wait! Is it safe to ask with what we know today if it was indeed a mistake or...maybe it was intentional? Maybe America isn't making mistakes at all, it has all been intentional! Looking back and looking forward dare I ask if you see a pattern? I also remember a quote by FDR: "If anything happens in politics you can bet it was planned that way" or the old quote from J. Edgar Hoover about the depths of a conspiracy present that no one could fathom?"

The book May God forgive US was written by Robert Welch as a letter to the American people in 1951. It appears from what we see today, it wasn't well read by American's and should have been. The sequel to the 1951 book is the title of my post and written in 1971 with an updated biography of Chiang Kai-Shek. This book is one of the best reads that explain in detail all of the machinations at a most crucial time in our history. The book being 181 pages would take me half of that if I had to write even an overview of the book because the details are so completely compelling. This is also the first time I have ever attempted to write a review and summary of a book but the book was so important to me, it was worth writing about.

In Robert Welch's book: Again, May God Forgive us, he begins with imagining China before we see it as we do now, where life was more like America than it was ruled by a dictator that killed over 70k of their own people, people were more free and without the help of the U.S government. It also exposes the lies and betrayals the US heaped upon the Chinese people, and if we hadn't, China may have still been more like America was than as China is today.

The Book begins with a background of why the book was written and goes on to lay a foundation regarding the communist threat in China and elsewhere. In the first communist attempt, Men like Earl Browder, Michael Borodin and others infiltrated into the Kuomintang as protégés of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and later his wife after his death. This set the stage to route out Chiang Kai-Shek that was unsuccessful. The second attempt was started by Josef Stalin, picking Mao as his stooge and his choosing of Chou En-Lai and Chu Teh as his top leaders.

This book clarifies in so much detail all that was going on during that time and who and what were behind the movement. From Eisenhower running for President as an anti-communist to supporting the communist movement wherever he could, to fighting General MacArthur as he tried to expose communism where it existed at every turn. How the United States was instrumental in abandoning its promise to Chiang that in turn supported Mao, to the involvement of Winston Churchill and the British. It includes the plans of Stalin and how he planned on using Hitler to advance his agenda. It explains about how although America could have stopped both Stalin and Hitler, they chose to support Stalin's plan and target Hitler that ultimately was in great part the strategy that brought China under a communist Dictatorship.

The Book also explains how Mao used the attack from the Japanese to give Chiang the illusion of "unity" to fight the enemy, when Mao used it to his advantage.

From Insider chosen Adlai Stevenson to run for office that showed Eisenhower in a much better light, to the shady actions of Richard Nixon, the close associations of pro-Communists of little known or remembered names like Christian Herter, Henry Cabot Lodge and of course Earl Warren. Alger Hiss and the creation of the Institute of Pacific Relations funded by Carnegie that was given the illusion of supporting international peace that wasn't, his cohorts F. Mortimer Graves, Len DeCaux, Donald Tewkesbury and more. Within this book are what I believe to be as many Insiders listed as possible without the book becoming an outright directory of people and explained how they were each involved. Most of the prominent Insiders are listed and are involved in some way, shape or form, just like they are today.

The book is heavy in explanation on Dean Acheson and his support and his aid to the Soviets to maintain control of Poland, his hatred for general MacArthur and leaves no guessing about how the smears that survive his death were placed at MacArthur's was, as it always is, to smear good people in an effort to advance the agenda.

Again, May God forgive us explains the steps of betrayal, identifies the players and their associations and who said and did what to whom while elevating and empowering and supporting communist subversion, it lists the sources that defend the position of the book, clearly exposes the premises and intentions of the Communists and finishes off with a detailed caricature of the life and mind and wishes of Chiang Kai-Shek that most of all wanted his people to be free under a constitutional republic like ours than to be run by a tyrant that killed arguably upwards of 75 million of his own people. Is it any wonder why the US supports China today? Nothing has changed.

This book furthermore is another example of the proof that American's fall for the same manipulation by being lied to by those they choose for office saying they are one thing and finding out they are quite another. The lies, the back-stabbing, the lust for evil are all part of what we have seen in global geo-politics for decades and the message these crafty insiders and their minions send to the people is the same over all that time that I am left with the fact that "evil does evil" and because the people couldn't or wouldn't recognize it, it happened again and again and is even happening still today. If people don't know their history, they are doomed to repeat it and those that are ignorant will remain as a child.

I recommend this book for those that not only want to understand America's betrayal of China, and other countries it is a great understanding of the details of that time that would help understand the similarities of today.

JBS has long been criticized about our position on many issues and people- McArthur being probably the most popular smear. But as you look at the political landscape today, are you not yet left with the realization that whatever the globalists/insiders/media condemn is most likely what you should support or at least consider as the truth, what they are peddling sure isn't.

For a copy of Again, May God Forgive US, please click HERE or visit

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