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Agenda 21, The Great Reset- The Globalist Agenda that few even realize.

Agenda 21 is the Globalists utopia and a free persons and free nations nightmare! Today also known as The Green Deal or to those that know and can connect the dots... The Great Reset." The Great isn't wonderful. It is the ginormity of the sinister nature of what is coming. Reset, although sold to unsuspecting souls as a great thing, is instead a massive re-blueprinting and re-formation of not just America but the entire globe where every thing and every person will be constantly measured, monitored and manipulated. EVERYTHING from where you travel, how you travel, what you eat, how much you eat, where you live, how you live and even what you use and even excrete.

The left love to make fun of "right wing conspiracy theorists" about how delusional they think we are for believing in such a grand plan. Sadly for them, they are supporting the globalist plan as "useful idiots" and their ignorance along with boundless trust in government will enslave us all if we don't do more to wake people up. Sad for us, few realize that the GOP supports this agenda as well and you can openly see it if you know what to look for. Sadly most don't have a clue. Interestingly and to make my point is that most people see COVID as a stand alone issue, they don't realize that COVID 19 is the perfect "excuse de-jure" to bring about the completion of such a sinister globalist plan to enslave all of humanity. If they have their way and it looks like they will, will have it by 2030 as they have repeatedly openly stated. Biden and Obama have even mentioned this date in desperation repeatedly and don't forget Bush talking about our support of The New World Order. it should be clear that both were talking about support for the same Agenda and its been this way since 1973 even through the idea of globalism has been around for hundreds of years.

As many know, the Globalists have been fighting hard for years against being fully exposed so the timeline will be and has been expedited. Even with the open change of the name from Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030, arguably so much so out in the open that people are waking up to the immediate, drastic and Draconian measures that seem to have come out of nowhere. It hasn't come out of nowhere, what people are finally realizing this has been a well orchestrated for decades, they just never saw it. If they saw pieces of it, they are just now seeing how it all comes together and they are now becoming fearfully catatonic. The fact that Klaus Schwab openly writes books about it and openly says on the media "You will own nothing and like it" and it doesn't raise the ire of anyone should tell us exactly how mind bent we truly are. Here is a globalist telling you openly that you will no longer own private property and fewer even realize that property includes the ability to think rather than be told what to think.

I remember years ago when I first heard about Agenda 21, I met two of Idaho's Experts in the areas of Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, Vicki Davis of Twin Falls and Karen Schumacher in Boise. I was so pleased to know that Idaho was lucky enough to have two women that understood this issue because, quite frankly, from all I had read, I needed someone to help me find a way to simplify what I felt like people needed to know. Sadly, and also not their fault, there was no easy way. I also remember still today their words to me..."if you really want to understand, you need to read the documents yourself." and after months of telling them I would, I finally did. Truth be told, I wanted to understand it so badly after the first time, I read through it 4 times and highlighted chapter and verse. Sadly, once finished reading it all, although I did understand it, I found I was still unable to articulate what Agenda 21 is in detail and it still frustrates me because of the complexity and complete invasiveness of such an Agenda.

The Creators of the Agenda were brilliant, and like all other globalist plans are orchestrated to a tee and without gaining attention from the people as the people themselves as mindless drones bicker amongst each other over trivialities.

As I write today, I am not even sure where to start and I am angry about it because every day that people go without understanding what this is, is another day they advance our enslavement. I even thought about doing short video clips on the topic but found out a long time ago when I was doing those on Facebook I didn't get the viewership I hoped for, ever. Maybe its me, the way I look or people's unfamiliarity of the subject matter or they found it too scary or conspiratorial.

Not knowing what else to do, I started a website to at least chronicle my thoughts even if no one read them. I figure if I die prematurely some day that people will have known I consistently did my best to promote the gravity of the situation and the truth as much as I could. If I ever ran for office, people would have had a place where if they didn't know me already would have a long reference of the positions I take and could even hold me accountable. Either way, whether I have readers or I don't, I know what I know to be true. I have seen and read and researched the evidence. It isn't a matter of random opinion, it is fact and sadly no one will know it until it happens, if they aren't paying attention thus far.

I think it is best at this point that due to the complexity of the issue, I at least mention it, wave red warning flags and provide locations for you to learn more about it. I do possess a large amount of data but I also find it best through experience not to bury people new to a topic. I will let the experts do that. If I find a way to easily break it down, you you have a way to do it, I need all the help I can get because I have the ability to speak on the issue, I just need to find ways to make it easier to digest even though it is not palatable for anyone that loves freedom.

I will offer you the same advice Vicky and Karen gave me, if you are interested in knowing what this is, read it yourself. If you aren't interested, I will just tell you I don't think you care enough about your country because what is in these documents are what your country and the globe are becoming. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your kids. be warned however, It will change you. It will change the way you see the world and I will tell you, the freedom you feel you have now, you most likely won't feel again after reading it but you either ant the truth or you don't.

It may be good for you to know Agenda 21 is global in nature but has already creeped into every local government entity without you knowing and now Our Governor Little supports it, Senator Risch, Crapo and Congressman Simpson support it. If you don't think we have problems, you aren't paying attention and if you don't think we can still do something about it, you either don't know or have forgotten what people that love freedom are capable of.

I would recommend reading the original source documents here:

The United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development yourself, click HERE

To read Agenda 2030 please click HERE

If you think you are ready to go down that rabbit hole that will provide more evidence than you can handle go here...

To learn more about Agenda 21/2030, please click HERE

To learn still more, visit and, and,,

It is my most sincere prayer that the globe awakens to its awful situation before the globalists complete their plan and there is still time to do something about it before it is too late but it isn't looking like it will happen, at least not yet.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 28, 2021

You are absolutely correct. Read the source. I reference agenda 2030 and receive blank stares as responses 😳so I relate it back to agenda 2021 and receive the same response, oh yeah yeah, I know about that. Keep writing, we all must keep reading and push to move past the 3-5 second "goldfish" attention spans.

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