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All it takes is for good men to do nothing...Are you a good man?

This "COVID PANDEMIC" is a fraud, plain and simple. Some people that believe the virus is real get angry with me for saying such a thing but it proves that they don't understand words, let me explain. No one is saying the virus isn't real, where the accusation of fraud comes into play is the use of the virus and motivations and of course the political end game.

I have collected links to articles on this issue since January and since that time, I have wanted to not only collect the talking points by those touting the fear porn narrative but to include with each talking point, the counter arguments to each talking point. It is my belief that if this can be done, it will help level the playing field and give us a better understanding of the issues rather than just buying into the fear and the "trust government" or "trust the healthcare industry" which throughout history has never bode well for the people. (Consider Operation Paperclip as an example.)

There are so many levels that this is wrong that the issues need to be separated along with separating emotion and personal conjecture to see what is real. Think of this...How is it that professionals in one field can have so differing views? An engine either does what it does and a transmission does what it does but to suppose that one can at any time act as the other or that the issue can even be argued is preposterous! I believe it is because there are facts and there are adherences to beliefs and of course ego's and way more including the grand political scheme.

When I first became politically active, quotes by famous people were stated all the time and aside from "you can pry it from my cold dead hands" there was: "all it takes for Evil to Triumph is for good men to do nothing."

I wrote in my post yesterday an overview of the abuse and the political agenda and a few of the ways that health districts are dangerous, today I am writing about what we will inevitably have to face seemingly sooner than later.

Will you draw a line and where do you draw the line and what happens if we don't and are we willing to accept the consequences for not doing so or backing off what we know we should do? I also wrote in the previous post about my opinion on the legality of what they are doing and believe I stand on more solid ground than they do to make any legitimate legal argument but what peaceful good does it make when "The government has become corrupts to these ends" and continually subjects the people to the same abuses the King imposed on the Founders before they left Great Britain and how can that not matter?

Well, it does and doesn't matter really. If history doesn't matter to those that don't know it and it also doesn't matter if people see the abuses that are repeating themselves and do nothing to fix them how can we fix anything? In my view when we have dropped this far, the only thing that does matter is that there are enough educated people that are willing to take a stand and as I recall it seems to take just one to start that ball rolling. Are you willing to be that one?

As I seriously contemplate that question and sum up the pros and cons and consequences of doing so, I can only hope there are more of you contemplating the same thing and my hope is that we come together at the same time ready to make that stand. Everyone is different and everyone is not only in a different place educationally but the concept of drawing the line is difficult enough without having to stand firm and standing on the line that was drawn.

Hearing about all of the mask mandates around our "free state" of Idaho it is forcing me to really think this through. I live in Canyon County, a place that has a few of its own issues that come along with some major disagreements here and there but I decided to talk to friends to better understand more than just my perspective.

I do need to say that I am very proud of my friends in law enforcement. I am also very thankful for their trust and their desire to get to know me as I hoped to reciprocate. I credit these people for helping me see things differently than I once did and I wanted to get a feeling of where they are on this issue. If any of you are reading my post today, I am humbled and appreciate your friendship like I do all my friendships.

After receiving emails and calls and texts back from them, it was clear to me that no one is interested in enforcing a mandate. The information I got not only mirrored most if not all of our concerns almost completely but it was made clear to me that the SWDH and the governor are doing more to divide our community and create strife and getting us to fight with one another than bring us together so, will the Counties capitulate to the pressure? I suspect political pressure is a pretty heavy motivation. No one likes their name slammed including me but truth has to mean more than that. The supporters of the COVID health tyranny use pressure and if it doesn't work at the local level, they will escalate it like the National media did, like WA. Governor Inslee did and of course the national media specifically targeting Idaho saying we are not playing by the rules? OF COURSE WE AREN'T, we are smart free people that understand what I do, its a fraud! But, Will our county and city cave? I think that may depend on what kind of support they get from their citizens which is why I encourage you to reach out to them and share the dialogue because if you think they are going to stand without that support, you may need to look again.

So, as of today, I personally feel like I have drawn a line, I guess a chalk line so far. As I continue to contemplate this even as I write, I will share with you what that looks like.

I have called friends in law enforcement to get their thoughts on the issue, I have contacted the county prosecutor to find out his position on the issue and I have asked them to provide scenarios in which one would stand and what would happen if someone did. Some say in doing this I have asked permission but I see this a bit differently. I have learned in activism that perception is huge and the more people that are informed about one's motivations, the better it will be understood. I also have friends and relationships that have been carefully cultivated for years that include people in high places. How would my actions affect them and their perception of me? In an age of dis/misinformation I feel it is crucial to educate and speak on an issue ad nauseum if necessary until the case and perspective has been clearly made and above all, I pray that those carefully crafted relationships have the power to do what is right when they need to.

As I lay in wait for its Excellency, the SWDH to lay down its edicts today and in the future, I plan on whether, where and how to stand all while hoping to continue to inform as many people as I can about why before that time of trial is upon me.

I have even contacted my friends in law enforcement to ask that if and when that time comes that I must be detained, may it be one of them that arrests me promising no retaliation, secret agenda, no attempts to undermine who they are or even visit their family, it is merely to face someone that knows me to know I have no reason not to go quietly because this isn't about them, its about Principle.

May God bless our efforts and give us the strength to know when to stand and the strength to do so while placing a blanket of peace and protection around our family.

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