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Almost Everything you know about Rights is Wrong

Our country is in deep trouble but what is really weird is that although everyone sees issues and have their own opinions on what's wrong, it is increasingly difficult to know what peoples intentions are- those that want to openly destroy this nation admit it while others have their own version on how to save it. In all that confusion about who and what is right and who and what isn't does what's right even matter anymore? I guess that too would depend on the individual.

As for a trusted few whom I have known for years that have tried to see things for what they really are, we needed to do what few others have done, we needed to look back to look ahead to answer those questions.

Although there have been individuals before me focusing on this issue, I have recently been blessed with a renewed spirit with an invitation from a friend to work with friends as we attempt to bring awareness to what everyone is talking about at the same time no one is talking about it. What I mean to say is that while so many people are talking about issues, few if anyone realizes the real issue that connects them all... land.

If you have the passion of a patriot and the desire to save our country, you know the vital importance of education and action and you know the importance of sacrifice and the desire to support those in the fight, and the urgency of the times, I am asking you to learn and understand this issue and share this information and what you learn with others. Time is short. No defeatism allowed, just the battle ahead.

Commit with me to purchase a copy of the book, read it, study it, support the author and follow along on our video series.

Here is the website where you can buy a copy of the book:

And here is the book video series as an accompanyment to the book.

Please join us in our ongoing series where we discuss the book from beginning to end with the desire to not only help create an informed electorate but also create enough of an awareness so we can see the issues for what they are and find solutions.

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