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America falls while many are still asleep


I know some of you would say America is no longer sleeping. Although there is indeed a mass awakening, is it enough and would it even matter anyway?

Since the subject matter that I will be talking about is extremely sensitive to some, I want to make sure to explain up front that what is written below is not to offer disrespect for anyone making sacrifices for liberty, it is merely to go deeper and to ask if we really know if our actions rather than our hearts are really making that sacrifice for liberty that we think or something else?

Early on in my activism career, I used to hear really cool trendy sayings. Although they are phrases of camaraderie, in my view they are as empty as most American sayings like "Support Our Troops" or "We Will Never Forget, "You can pry it from my cold dead hands" and "it only took 3% to win over tyranny." I have become so accustomed to hearing words and not seeing correlating action that they are no longer warm. These words no longer give me hope for any camaraderie and it also tells me quite a bit about those using these sayings which is why I now believe such sayings are empty.

You may say that I should never condemn my own and you would be right, I don't and am not. If you are left thinking I am, I have failed in articulating my point clearly so please blame my poor articulation skills rather than what it sounds like you understood. What I am attempting to do no matter how successful is to help others see things from a different perspective, hoping as many writers do, that their perspective will open people's eyes as we all hope for eventual unification before it is too late. Also if we are more interested in soothsaying's maybe we should admit we are more like "the left" that we care to admit. I call this conundrum "Arrogant Ignorance." Where the Pride truly comes before the fall.

I have seen a tremendous awakening over the last several years which is quite unusual because during the time of a Republican President, people usually go back to sleep, which with Obama at least people were too petrified to go back to sleep, so that was a good thing. The problem now is that we are struggling between going back to sleep, being scared to death where fewer want to be active because they are overwhelmed, others that are scared to death to be active for fear they will be targeted and then of course there are those still asleep that either don't or won't wake up and of course still those we have yet to approach reaching beyond our Circle Of Influence that would wake up if we just focused on a more strategic outreach program.


"Arrogant Ignorance" is what I call foolish pride. It is best characterized by a man that stands with his firearm held high in the air upon a heap of rubble, yelling "you can pry it from my cold dead hands!"


What I mean by this characterization is that it is often stated by Patriots that "the Second Amendment protects the first" or "The Second Amendment protects all others." A bold statement for sure but in my view completely empty. Why? Because that man standing on the heap or the rubble of a once free nation although he still has his firearm has nothing else. So how did this one man's understanding of the Second Amendment protect anything when the freedom of speech is lost, all peace and prosperity is lost and the foundations of a once free society are destroyed? It didn't.

In this case the Second Amendment didn't protect anything because if it did, we could ironically argue that forks make people fat or that guns kill people and those that proclaim such sayings don't realize the hypocrisy of those sayings and how such sayings are more consistent with "the left."

"We Support our Troops!" Is a popular saying because if you challenge it, you are considered un-American, kind of like challenging a mask ordinance... you are shamed. But no one really asks what this means. To some it is the brazen arrogance of Americans beating their chests as their nation is incrementally being destroyed from within while our men and women are used as globalist political pawns on foreign soil for political means. Our Military isn't even used for its intended purpose anymore and they do things they were never supposed to do and if we were not so arrogantly ignorant, we would know it. Supporting our troops to me would be not placing them in harms way for anything other than what is constitutionally allowed and at the very least holding those that control our troops accountable for how we allow them to use our men and women but as like everything else, we are too ignorant and foolish to know better. Today the government creates an enemy, uses the media to make people believe they are and off to some globalist police action without so much as a Declaration of War.

We are still under the grand illusion that we "fight for Democracy" for other countries and if we knew better, we wouldn't fight for democracy at all! When it comes down to it, we should be ashamed of ourselves for advocating for a form of government that American's should never want for themselves or for any other country because "democracies are short lived and violent in their deaths" and always lead to oligarchical control.

All this to say, in my heart I do support the patriotic ideals in the minds of our men and women but not so much the actions if inconsistent with their oath. I support what they think they are doing in their own minds and what the Founders had designed them to be, not to be hired to overthrow foreign countries and protect the drug trade or undermine relations by shredding contracts made between foreign nations to maintain "the interests of the United States." I am also not a supporter of those entering the military to utilize the grant program, I argue is a misuse of the military and tax payer dollars. You must really think I am Un-American now?

"But America should make provisions to support those that make such sacrifices" right? To those that ask, I say " is true patriotism perpetuated when men step up for monetary benefits from our government rather than for love of country? I mean how many men and women would enlist had their been no benefits? Principally speaking, If certain people are special because of their "sacrifice," or accepting benefits is anyone else the government deems special now also entitled and what about those not considered special, is that not now a form of class warfare and offering Titles of Nobility? Where does it end and at what point is it Socialism?

As Americans, we should be asking critical several questions about what it really means to support our military: What "support" actually does to other nations, to ask how many of the issues other countries face are created because of our intervention, what other political globalist conspiracies have misdirected our focus narrowing our periphery while the government misleads the people with its propaganda campaigns?

"You can pry it from my cold dead hands" is a tough masculine saying. I think those that say it feel tougher for doing so but when it comes down to it, how many really would act on what they say? I have watched many at rally's and they are there in force for sure. Thousands carry their shiny firearms down Capitol boulevard carrying their "Don't Tread on me" flags but what I find most interesting is that many are no where to be seen when rally's are done. I don't see them during the legislative session unless its in defense of a gun bill. What are they doing the rest of the year?

The one thing I have pondered for years is why the individual right to bear arms is more precious than the formation of the militia to secure a free state? In my mind it wasn't guns that secured a free state, it was the armed militia so why is no one talking about this? I am left pondering how people that are arguably not as political active as they should be are more concerned with their induvial right to bear arms than they are in the collective exercise that would secure a free state? This example epitomizes the man standing on the rubble with his firearm I mentioned earlier. So, is the solution to our problem merely owning firearms or is it the collective use in defense of a free state? I would argue the latter than the former.

"We will never forget!" Are you serious? American's have the shortest attention spans ever compounded by being continually dumbed down and we have so much coming at us, who could possibly remember anything? When one brings up the extermination of Jews and Christians, for example, we are taught it was conspiracy theory. The Globalists prey on the fact we have short attention spans. What they don't want us to forget was that 9-11 was a terrorist attack by the Muslims (on one hand that ironically on the other we give incentives for them to come to our country,) intentionally causing confusion and strife. They don't want their narrative challenged or once again, you will be shamed. See the pattern? One could legitimately conclude we are always on the right track if we are being shamed by the majority.

In my view by maintaining this superficial phraseology and mindset, it is not only adolescent but intentionally designed to keep our minds and hearts focused on the narrative propagated by our government: We should think we are free but allow the government boundless control as long as they have a good excuse...(Like COVID) and because so many are uninformed they continue to get away with it.

"All it took was 3% to fight off tyranny from Great Britain." Are we to believe that all people think we need now is 3% to beat a global war against the tyranny of a global elitist system that the average person could not even identify that has arguably permeated every level of government? Are there even 3% that believe those elitists have the capability to track, monitor and manipulate 7 Billion people on the Earth in a massive global conspiracy?

I'm sorry to call for a reality check but in my view we would need a lot more than 3% but for the sake of argument, what if I am wrong? What if we only needed 3%? If that is the goal, and it was indeed achievable and we wanted to win, wouldn't there be a method to obtain such a goal in place now? Is there a plan or shall we as in Biblical days wait upon a king to save us without doing anything ourselves? I call this the "Rapture bus mentality" where what we say and feel matters more than what we do.

My point in all of this isn't ridicule or disrespect others, I am thankful for the sacrifices others made for my freedom but again, my point is to ask the question that it seems few think or even talk about. I guess what it all comes down to is: Will enough people worldwide will wake up soon enough to stop the tyranny before the number of awakened no longer matters?

In my view America is falling fast, tyranny is increasing rapidly and the only way I can see that America has a chance is if the amount of people needed to win are awakened before tyranny reaches a point to where numbers don't matter. In my mind, aside from education, this is priority one.

In an effort to create this awakening, we need to understand that this window exists and that time is ticking before that window closes forever. The other thing we need to do is realize that waiting upon a king or other idol like Trump for "the right" or Obama for "the left" has never been a successful plan. The only way to win is by our education, our actions and the aid of the King Of Kings.

Part of a successful plan is to realize that patriotic phrases won't save you. Realize that those phrases are empty and that such foolishness does more to keep people from doing what they should be doing than being any part of the plan. We need to realize and commit to "eternal vigilance" in education and action and realize the necessity and urgency while reaching out to the Lost, as Christ would have us do to share our faith and share our understanding of our awful situation and understanding the dangers that we face. We need to explain the consequences of doing nothing and how it will not only affect us and our future generations but how it will affect others around the globe for eternity. It can be done with love and hope.

Time is of the essence. The race against time depends on who wants to win more, whether a free people want to be free more than the globalists want to control humanity and right now, I would say that many more people should be awake than are and that can only be corrected by God and the efforts of good people awakening others reaching far beyond our Circle of Influence like our future depends on it.

From what I see, people still feel like getting involved is a choice they get to make like eating one cookie or an entire bag. What I feel like many don't realize is that unlike cookies making a wrong choice now will prevent them and others from freely making other choices in the future. To me, there is not really a choice "to-do or not-to-do" if there was, that time was also limited and has passed.

The pistol has been fired at the starting line long ago, The question hanging in the balance of the last free bastion of freedom in the world is...who will realize they are in a race and who cares enough to finish the race first?

If you don't believe what I am saying, perhaps it is better stated by a Serbian that went though it: Watch video here.

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