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America's invasion of the CCP

I just wrote a book review recently because I felt it would help people understand that what is happening isn't new, it has only been revealed...again.

The American people had they only paid attention would have taken what was plain to see as a warning. I wonder if the American people are awake enough today to see the dangers regarding the release of the most recent Wikileaks regarding those in our own government that are friendly and in support of the Chinese Communist Party?

As I read, 23 state governors are on that list, including but to no surprise, Idaho's own Brad Little. What is revealing about him years ago was his support along with Governor at the time Butch Otter of the Chinese Foreign Trade Zone that included the CCP's purchase of 30k acres south of Boise that was concerning to so many Idahoans. Apparently this issue became so politically detrimental, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of the FTZ since that time and no real mention of the CCP since that time either until recently. The sad part about it all is that we American's have short attention spans and that if we don't hear anymore of an issue, we assume we won that battle and go on to the next one, not giving any though to the fact that the issue still may exists it just advances under the radar. Although we can see that there is not a CCP FTZ, south of Boise, we can see now that relations with the CCP never ceased and just popped up in another form. There was also concern about an established FTZ in Meridian which,, if it does exist, we can even thank the Mayors like Tammy De Weerd? Is anyone asking what the heck is going on in our state or our nation?

I was at a restaurant in Boise I think one day last year and saw several Chinese men having lunch. I had already assumed they were there to meet some of our legislators or perhaps the Governor so I went and spoke to them. Sure enough, they were there as trade representatives there to discuss trade with Idaho. Now forgive my ignorance but isn't the job of trade negotiations to be done by congress and not state governors? Well, that didn't bother many Idahoans and still doesn't because the Governor touts the project as "good for jobs."

Forgive me again but as I review the state constitution, I don't see any provision that specifies the governors duty to engage in trade negotiations or bring foreign businesses here to supply jobs for Idahoans.

Communist infiltration is well known in our country. JBS has written about it at great lengths, Trevor Louden wrote several volumes on it and we even possess in our libraries a list of books written by and about communists that openly share their playbook. All we would need to do is understand how to recognize those plays. The US government even has thousands of pages on the communist threat and infiltration into our government and the average American still believes the propagated lie that" "Communism is dead?"

American's are gullible, not only by ignorance but because of elements of that Christian Forbearance where we tend to trust people at what they say and not look much at what they do to find inconsistencies. The Communists know this and bank on it.

If most Idahoan's that think Idaho is "the most conservative state in the Union" why would Idahoans be active when they feel we have no issues?

I could have only imagined if what we had seen in our state was happening elsewhere and we now know it to be true. The only evidence we need to know this is to understand their playbook. Look at those 23 governors, look at their draconian policies like mandatory lockdown and incarcerations. Look at the fact that they are willingly doing the bidding for the CCP because they are in effect, Aiding and abetting the enemy since it has been proven that this virus came out of Wuhan, China funded by not only the US government but the population control Elitists like Bill Gates and globalists like Obama, and Soros.

America has been infiltrated by the CCP from top to bottom and state to state and it will only be a matter of time before we see it even more plainly than we already do. The sooner we understand their playbook the easier it will be to expose it and rid ourselves of it and those that support it. If we don't America will be lost forever.

I just received an email yesterday about an unconfirmed list of known media affiliates that are also on the CCP list which will be posted in a future post. We all know the media is in bed with them and we know who they are so I don't see how we would need much more confirmation. People that have trusted Fox News may have a problem when they realize they have also been duped but like I said, "the truth hurts only if it should."

I think we can all agree, communism is not dead and JBS has been right all along.

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