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Are Globalist Agendas real?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Activists are commonly called "Conspiracy theorists" not necessarily because they are but because they are on to something that others don't want others to know. Many people use the term because the government media launched a campaign to discredit those that challenge their narrative in search of the truth and if that isn't enough, almost everything labeled a "conspiracy theory" in my 15 years of being active have all come out to be true.

How have so many people all of a sudden begun to question the truth about what we are being told? I believe as God's Creation, we are endowed with certain abilities that are designed to challenge when things are not right. Some call it discernment and since the government wants to deny the real God and become a God unto itself, it attempts to suppress what it does not realize it can't. Truth is part of God's plan and even some non-believers have the ability to discern, they just maybe haven't connected the fact that it was from God, not government or some other entity.

Many don't know that the term "Conspiracy Theory" was brought to light by a CIA declassified document that was designed to distract "truthers" (people willing to find the truth) from learning the truth about the JFK assassination and it worked so brilliantly, it has been used to lambaste truthers that question anything in order to maintain their narrative from 9-11 to Boston to school shootings to false flags getting us into wars and even elections and COVID-19.

A big realization, especially for me as a proud and current John Birch Society member and also current area Coordinator, is that label was so well attached to "Birchers." I always wondered why until I became Coordinator and now I know. The reason "Birchers" are targeted is because JBS was so far ahead of the curve on to something the Insiders didn't want to become common knowledge. What's the old saying? "You catch the most flak when you are over the target!" Well, we have been for over 62 years!

The big joke by the Insiders was using ordinary Americans to attack our Agenda items that exposed their globalist plan for all of humanity. After all who would believe that a few old rich people could brilliantly orchestrate a plan to enslave all of humanity, right? How stupid is anyone that would believe it! JBS was attacked for our views on the threat of Communism, the globalist agenda regarding the rise of power of the United Nations and we were harassed in our attempts to expose the men and their organizations and associations that were part of the cabal.

JBS was also attacked for correcting the record about people and incidences that were lied about by the media like our relationship with China and of course the leftist all time favorite smear General MacArthur. We shattered people's paradigms by writing about America's favorite people like Eisenhower, Truman, FDR, Wilson, MLK and more. These articles and our organization were attacked not because we were wrong but because it not only challenged the media driven narrative, but also because the globalists intentionally wanted to redirect the focus should American's wake up to the realization they were duped and today, those people are waking up. It should be clear to see their tactics haven't changed- Have you been mask shamed yet?

JBS is still here. We are still telling the truth whether people believe it or not and because we believe people deserve it. The more interesting thing about it all is that the further America marches toward globalism the more people are considering joining JBS because they are remembering that what we were preaching decades ago was true!

Are globalist agendas real, absolutely! All one needs to do to see the truth is to know enough about Americanism, our Constitution and about the Conspiracy. Americanism is understanding our history, the mind of the Founders, the provisions in our Constitution and what and who they were created for and why and how our government differs from others.

Knowledge of the conspiracy is vital to understand how they operate and what their plans are on how they plan to implement them and of course who the globalist players are. We are not "conspiracy theorists," we are "Conspiracy factists!"

Have you ever heard of Adam Weishapt? The Bavarian Order of the Illuminati? Secret Societies? League of the Just or the League of Nations? The United Nations? "Free trade" agreements? Environmental regulations? Technocracy? Globalist organizations? The list goes on and on. I am sure you have read at least a little about The Bilderberg's, the Rothchild's, George Soros, Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger, Obama and even worms like Fauci, right?

What about the support for the UN, the undeclared wars, the expansion of the Military Industrial Complex, the lies in Congress, the endless spending, the call for a Constitutional Convention, and increased foreign entanglements? Did you know that all of these people and instances and organizations are in some way, to varying degrees are related to the globalist takeover of the entire globe? Did you know that the plan for global domination means the focused attempt on the absolute destruction of America which includes the destruction of its people? Like their desire to destroy God, they too wish to destroy the blessings of Liberty which was also a gift from our Creator and those that believe in them. There is even a Video from the Pentagon about how they wish to destroy what they believe to be the "God Gene" to increase their level of absolute compliance but, once again, I digress.

JBS was the only organization of its kind to expose it all and launch an Education and Action infrastructure to expose the enemies and restore liberty! Knowing this to be true, why would people still shy away from the message we preach if it is true and the consequences could be horrific if we don't? I think its because they are either not yet prepared for the truth or prefer living a lie. Almost everything I have ever learned about America has been a lie and I can tell you first hand that realizing this to be true will change a man forever. I sometimes wish I had never learned what I had. I lost friends, family and knowing what I know probably more down the road may also include loss of country.

The global conspiracy has been happening for hundreds of years and most of its implementation managed to be done without the people even knowing. The Insiders have admitted they want a Godless One World Government and will do whatever is necessary to bring it about. The Insiders when they pass on have made sure they have successors in their place to meet their goal. To also achieve that goal, they needed to work in every arena of influence and at all levels of government. They are working in education, environment, medical science, psychiatry, media and also foreign affairs, trade, economics, law, military, law enforcement and more. They managed to permeate every part of our culture to gain and maintain control and done so successfully.

If they could work to gain acceptance of what they were doing, there would be no resistance and then... they encountered alternative media and of course President Trump but I would say both should be viewed with caution. One because the creation of social media I argue has given rise to relativism, where the truth is often harder to find and because Trump although he gives the appearance of speaking for the people, still needs to be held accountable for his actions and the downfall is if we don't carefully dissect both, they could both be used to further the globalist agenda.

Without anyone knowing the truth or where to find it, people would eventually give up trying or spending most of their time being confused leading to frustration. Trump on the other hand could pass spending bills or trade agreements like the new COVID omnibus bill and his recent passage of the USMCA and of course his support of the vaccine through "Operation Warp Speed" empowering Big Pharma, that have idolistic unanimous support except of course from "Birchers" because we have learned enough about history, our constitution and the conspiracy to know better. What few see is what we see..."Everything in politics is in some way connected to the goal of removing God and the creation of a One World Government." This statement of course is familiar to old JBS critics that always say we believe "there is a communist behind every bush." Although we have never said that, I could ask you now: Do you yet see a conspiracy behind every political move?

If you are reading anything I am writing I am humbled and thankful. If not intrigued by my poor grammar or dysfunctional literary structure maybe what I am writing about? In full transparency, much of my education was from studying trusted sources recommended by well-read friends and amazingly all I had learned had incredible consistency to that of JBS. If you are still yet skeptical, jump in , unless you are afraid of the dark.

For more information on Americanism, our Constitution and of course, The Conspiracy, please visit

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