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Are there limits to Freedom of speech or expression?

Are there limits to Free Speech or freedom of expression?

I hear lots of people lately talk about what freedom of speech is. For the most part, it doesn't take long before I realize many have read less than I have or have read things drastically different from things I have. The following is obviously from my perspective.

Some people will tell you that we should have the freedom to say anything to anyone at any time if we feel like it without any limitations. People tell me this is the "Libertarian View" and I see it more along the lines of those that say they are "true conservatives" seeing them both as undefined terms completely random, inconsistent and arbitrary. I guess their version of Libertarianism means people can do anything at any time as long as they don't violate the liberty of others but isn't that understanding in itself imposed limitations on what they say?

I see this as highly inconsistent as the common argument that people that not believe in a Creator still fight for their Rights without acknowledging a Creator that gave them these rights! Or what about a group that appeal to the government for rights that governments never had the authority to give?

I ask people that say they support boundless freedom of speech if they also support the same for freedom of expression?

Are they telling me that as long as they don't hurt anyone even though they vocally say they want to is a proper use of freedom of expression? How about open gay and pedo-sex on the streets of Massachusetts and Folsom, CA? Is that the Founding fathers vision of freedom of expression? I have spoken to "Libertarians" and others that think it is. I personally adamantly do not! Some may ask me why then I have been seen at protests and if I need to explain this, it would be worthy to do in an additional post.

Suffice it to say, My point to share is that Freedom and Liberty are two different things. Freedom is the ability to do anything one wants to do no doubt. It also means, however, that you will have that freedom to suffer from the consequences for exercising that freedom.

Evidence of this is simply seeing law in history. Unwritten laws like not yelling fire in a crowded building and even written ones like laws against slander, libel and contempt for violation of an oath. Sure you have the freedom to lie but is that freedom truly boundless? Certainly not! You can even beat a guy or another group on the streets to death but were you free to do it when you had to suffer the consequences for the freedom you think you exercised?

Free speech isn't just the ability to open ones mouth and speak as most think, it is the ability to speak intelligently, in truth based on a moral foundation that I believe does not include yelling profane language, spewing lies and sewing discord by agitating the republic that disturbs the peace and allowing people to endanger others threatening violence and destruction? I think most people realize this they just need to be reminded.

Liberty is like freedom but it places not only limits defined by what God would condemn but also empowering the civil authorities when in the violation of Gods' law as well as the violation of liberty of another. You see, freedom when properly exercised is an acknowledgement and an acceptance of limitations and therefore not boundless at all.

I have stated many times, personally, I don't need man's law, any of it. Why would I when the laws I follow not only supersede mans' law but require me to obey God's law that would prevent me from the need to adhere to man's law? As long as I adhere to God's law, love my neighbor as myself and are conscious not to violate the liberty of others, which of man's laws would I really need?

The simple answer is that laws are made to punish the lawless. This is why if we have an anti-God culture, there will be more need for laws, a continual growth in government, boundless spending and most certainly absolute despotism to follow. Maybe if the Godless realized this, as they demand freedom from government, they would also realize they are not only part of the problem but they would see the irony.

Where there is God, there is Liberty. This also means where God isn't, there simply isn't.

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