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Baby Cyrus, Honor, abuse and CPS

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

No! This title is not click-bait, the story is true and it seems to be growing more horrific than the day it happened and people need to know. You need to know because if this can happen to a family like this one, it could and may...eventually happen to you.

Sure, it is easy to say, "well, they must have done something wrong because the government would never do anything like this without good reason." If this is you, and you have no interest in knowing the truth, it is probably best to go somewhere else. If you are interested in knowing the truth, you may want to go to the source.

If you have never met the Chavoya family they are one of the finest families I have ever known and I know I am not alone in those feelings. If you question who they are, but don't question my thoughts, trust me on this. If you don't trust me, at least do your research by going as close to the source as you can. Find people that can testify to their character as you would hope people would do for you. The bottom line is that I would defend them like they would defend me and my statements but I am not writing just because they would defend me.

This is written simply because what is happening is not only a tragedy to this family but a tragedy to any family, especially if it could happen to you, your family or your neighbors! Just because you are not affected today, doesn't mean it couldn't affect you tomorrow and THIS is why I write! What will it take to get you active if you are not active already? I ask you to ponder this as you read.

As I continue to write, please understand that I don't want to re-hash details because I believe that re-hashing the details can blur the intent of accurately writing about such concerns, so I will offer my thoughts and link to the updates so that I have brought attention to this issue as accurately as possible.

Imagine if you will, having your first child. Things go well at first then all of a sudden there are issues. You aren't sure how serious it is so you go to the doctor. You go the the doctor and the doctor (That may not even be a doctor) gives an assessment of a situation, that may just be an opinion and that opinion, or just a phone call sets the stage for yet more division...people on one side that know the family support them and those, including the media that don't, contort the story to meet their narrative as usual as if this family is abusive. What I don't understand is the hypocrisy on so many levels and no one brings attention to any of it!

One one hand you have the government that defends a mothers "right" to kill their baby and on the other, the government retaining its right to snatch children by the random opinion one doctor that wasn't even a doctor. The interesting thread here is that the government really isn't interested in protecting life, it is interested in controlling it, they just use the narratives to plead to the ignorant and what's more, even after years of governmental abuse, people still fall for that narrative.

On another level you have law enforcement that defends its position as being honorable on one hand while arresting the alleged mother of the child that wasn't even the mother, then when she said she wasn't the mother, the officer tells her he will charge her for lying or obstructing an investigation? If I had an officer that told me I could be with my baby and lied or told me "just give me the child missy and go on your merry way," I swear a fight may have broken out but if it did, who would be honorable then? According to them and the government and media, they would always. People are no longer allowed to defend themselves. again, we are to entrust the government for that too. Are you seeing a common thread here?

This story to me isn't just about a baby being kidnapped, it is about lying, corruption, motive and of course calling to attention the grand power of not only the government but the un-elected abusive bureaucrats that think they have power to control parents and children while never seeing they are part of a grand scheme of abolishing the traditional family as they work to collapse America.

I promise you friends, there is far more to this story than meets the eye or what lies are being told to you in the media and you should be fearful if you like your freedom because if you are not active, you will lose that freedom.

Although Baby Cyrus if back at the time of this writing, Health and Welfare and CPS appear to have granted themselves authority to visit the Chavoya family home at any time. Forget about the fact that they were moving out of Idaho days before this even happened. So, now the government can tell you where to live or when you can move? I think if this is lawful, we should be able to visit the home of anyone in our government because they were to be held accountable to us, not the other way around.

There are also tons of legal expenses, court fees, and who knows what else that will come up. Isn't it interesting that when the government wants money, they can just harass a family and demand payment? Fortunately people have been asking to donate.

Thankfully, a GiveSendGo campaign for Baby Cyrus, Marissa, and Levi has been set up. If you are able to make any donation, it will be greatly appreciated by the family. If you want the story of what happened in their own words and supporting videos, you can also go HERE: Thank you again!

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