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Bienvenidos a Colombia and Debemos rechazar Agenda 2030!

I am not sure what other countries do but in America, the once land of the free, today seemingly mostly ignorant, the tendency is to think if we see something horrible happening somewhere else, we say "Well, that is over there, it could never happen here." It is arrogant, ignorant and, to me, the epitome of irony. To be honest, if our actions are seen by other countries although they suffer from their own issues, we have become the laughing stock of the world. How absolutely embarrasing! In our ignorance, we either don't notice or even care about ourselves or apparently others as we struggle with what they think has yet to come to their front door or won't.

The worst part is that most that live in the U.S. don't understand the importance of our fight for freedom here or anywhere else. If for no other reason, if they don't care about it here maybe they could care, as they say they do, for the people in other countries by offering them hope because once freedom is gone from America, freedom will be lost worldwide.

The U.S. sure has no problem with churches sending missionaries to preach the gospel in other countries but ironcially won't occupy the position as missionaries here at home, or they prefer saving souls overseas more than they desire to here? Isn't that telling. Maybe it isn't about doing missionary work at all. Maybe it is about feeling good themselves, or traveling abroad for the sake of travel or someting else. It really angers me to know American's are so narrow minded. I hope when foreigners see me, they don't think I am as many ignorant Americans are.

Ever wonder why missionaries only seem to come from churches? Ever wonder why there aren't missionaries that will travel abroad to teach the truth about our aweful situation regarding incremental globalist control and all of the tentacles of the agenda? Afterall, don't they know they wish to abolish God to become god?

Imagine what it would be like if people were educated enough on what is happening to preach it in foreign lands or at home? Do they somehow think that people in their own country should deal with their own issues when one motivation of globalism is to capture governments and countries one at a time? Maybe, you think that people in their own country should fight for what they believe? If this is true, what if they denounced the Gospel of Christ, would you, if called or led, not go and preach it anyway? Would you go if you gained no benefit from it? To me, it shows tremendous inconsistency on our part.

Should people be civically engaged where they live? Absolutely but wouldn't it help to know there were people in other countries fighting for what we are or should be fighting for or against in our own country?

I received a call one day from Colombia, someone, today I am happy to call a good friend. She somehow found me and we discussed similar areas of concern. Over time our conversations expanded and we got to know more about eachother and shared our perspectives on the magnitude and spiritual nature of the fight and what things we could do where we live to fight them. We discussed the obstacles of apathy and ignorance, things incredibly similar in Colombia as they are here. The topics in discussion were also similar. While many focus on the single issue itself, many don't realize the global coordinated effort of the agenda and although we see it for what it is, we were trying to figure out not only who would be best receiving our message but how they should receive it.

In an effort to try to do something, she suggested printing brochures in her language and I was so encouraged by her willingness and follow through to do it, I tried to be as encouraging as I could be. We thought to ourselves, the work we are each doing in our own countries separately are now connected. As she was having the brochures made, she had communicated with several contacts that she thought may be interested in the topic and so the brochures that were created would now have legs to be propagated. As you can also see by them shown in this post, they were designed to counter the propaganda offered to the children there. She also provided me both translations so that outreach may begin in my latino communities here locally.

By the end of the project creation, there are people willing to not only read the pamphlets, but distribute them, not only to adults and teachers but even to have them available for children. Now that the first part of the project is done, and we continue to communicate regularly, I look forward to the progress she and others will make and I hope that two friends in differing parts of the world will connect at an even greater level as we shine the light on the darkness and awaken people from such strong delusion.

I am not sure if my Spanish in this post is accurate or not but accurate or not, Agenda 21/2030 and the Great Reset have no place in the U.S or Colombia or anywhere else and needs to be rejected in all forms by the people that will, hopefully, at some point, realize this is a mechnism to solidify world government and usher in total human enslavement!

May the Lord bless those that stand in the gap, that acknowledge Him and His blessings and are willing to do the work of protecting the freedom of unsuspecting sheep from the globalist ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing hell bent on instilling an anti-God one world govenrment by any and all means possible.

I also believe in Hell and that only those that do evil to others should dwell there. May we with God's help, speak truth in light and either save them or seal their fate.

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Hi Tom, well said and to the point. I agree, every nation should absolutely care for their nation first then others. In the same way a man needs to take care of himself so he is fit to care for his family. Or parent for their children. Clean your yard first then offer to help your neighbor. This is biblical as well; remove the log from your own eye before offering to remove the splinter from someone else.

On a side note, I know some Christian friends from other countries, they tell me they observe the same thing, their countrymen want to do mission work abroad, but rather than in Africa or souther or central America they desire to mission…

Gefällt mir
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