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Blame, accountability and judgement

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

It seems that everyone loves to blame others for everything wrong in the world. I guess it is nothing new. As I recall, it has been happening since the beginning of time. If we pay attention and are cognizant of these facts, they can be noticed at even the early stages of history and of life.

We loving human souls love to talk about how innocent babies are but few realize we are so consumed by our love for them and their cuteness we seem to overlook the fact that babies are born sinful and rebellious. Noting makes this point any more clear than when they have tantrums when they don't get their way, which really means that they blame you for them not getting what they want and yet as we grow up, this type of blame never really goes away. I argue that it only intensifies.

In everything we do we find ways to blame others...when we travel down the interstate, go to school or go to work, or attempt to build friendships, and even say we are trying to avoid conflict, or take positions on issues the blame is still there. Blame later in life and completely evident in politics seems to become less direct with the incessant use of the word "They." "They" make too much money, "They" always cut me off, "They" are stupid, "They abuse children," "They" are unconstitutional and all while the fingers are pointing at others, maybe even justly, few if any in the heat of the moment ever stop to consider the fingers pointing back at us. I think this is where Biblical Scripture talks about "He who is sinless cast the first stone."

In the pre and "Woke" era of the push for tolerance and diversity, to perhaps at face value, eliminate or reduce this problem, I think it was actually an intentional effort to exacerbate the problem and as the woke mentality advances, it is clear that it has indeed made the problem worse and has completely flipped from good holding those that do evil accountable, to the evil holding the good accountable and passing harsh judgement upon them, which as ironic as it all is, will, as it has in the past lead to persecution of the good rather than evil. So, if what I say is true, whose fault is this? Those that desire to do evil or those that are "good?" I guess maybe since we are here we should dare to ask if Christian persecution was the fault of the Christians to allow it or for evil to do what they do, that Christians already knew what they do?

Biblically speaking, in my view, there is judgement and there is accountability. Both have a place and both, to me, differ according to the mindset and the heart behind each action. I also believe that Christians, if they are in fact Christians putting God first, may not enjoy either but nonetheless should be open to both because it helps in the refining process...unless of course, the truth is exposed in that we are not interested in that refinement.

God's word says that we should love Him and love our neighbor as ourselves. In doing so it would be clear that God wants us to obey His commandments. When it comes to loving our neighbor, it doesn't just mean feeding him when he is hungry and clothing him when he is bare, it means that if we are in fact "our brothers keeper" we should do what we can to help them by holding them accountable as well as passing judgement so that they would remember to choose God rather than to do evil.

The world tells us not to judge but the world knows nothing of God's intent, when His word clearly states we are in fact to judge, so to assume the world's definition as Biblical is in itself heresy and the world should not be able to define Scripture or its meaning when they are apart from it.

Today, the Christian world has allowed it to happen. A once predominantly Christian world, created by God has allowed itself to become debased and Godless. Do you suppose this is true because we can no longer hold anyone accountable or that we now can no longer pass judgement? If we can no longer hold anyone accountable, how then can we encourage others to not make mistakes? If we cannot judge, how then can a nation maintain law and order, moral Principles or deal with crimes and punishment or even offer ways pre-emptively to prevent it?

Is this then not the fault of the church while "good" Christian conservatives blame anyone but themselves?

As this country runs from its Biblical foundations, I think it has forgotten the difference between accountability and judgement and in a strange way, I think if more nations understood this, they would actually be more tolerant than less and I think a great deal of the world's hatred for Christianity is not only because so many hate the truth but because they see us as judgmental in the wrong spirit, meaning we judge others about their choices without first judging ourselves first making us look like hypocrites. Those Non-Christians don't see us as regular people that fall short, they without even knowing it hold us to a higher standard and when we do not adhere to the very things we preach, I think they even sort of have that right to judge in a way and we should consider those words as we hope to become closer to God.

I also know Judgement to the mainstream 21st century Christian church is a word that they have tried to eliminate from the Biblical Christian vocabulary, just like they seem to want to remove the word Christ from the names of their churches and I believe it is because the church today has become "woke" as it becomes more of the world than it does to maintain "being not of this world" and that should concern Christians. When it comes to their belief that allowing people to sin by not holding them accountable "in the name of tolerance" and "who am I to judge" will offer a place in Heaven, or declaring that they have "free agency," I believe the opposite to be true where when reaching those "pearly gates" instead of hearing "well done good and faithful servant, we may instead hear "depart from me I never knew you."

Man has always tried to become God unto itself and this means that every time God or His word should be considered, the meanings and intent is always skewed or completely ignored.

Making mistakes, at least for me, makes me feel like I am my own worst enemy. If you are like me, when you make them, you know and guilt overwhelms you. As the world tries to make everyone feel better by teaching guilt is unnecessary, I believe this feeling, like Love or anger is part of God's spirit within us. It is what I call internal conviction and is there on purpose to drive us from repeating those mistakes that make us feel that way.

It could be said for those like us that we don't need judgement because we judge ourselves far more harshly than others could. Sadly, it doesn't and shouldn't change the fact that external accountability and judgement are Biblical and are there for a reason because although we may still have moral convictions, sin can and will try to hide which is why your peers and fellow brothers and sisters have the authority to hold you accountable and if you refuse, have the duty to judge.

So, you can see that blame, Judgement and accountability are all normal feelings and all have their place but we have simply misused and redefined each of those feelings as we attempt to become God unto ourselves.

I can blame politicians for the decisions they make. it isn't that blame is wrong, it could simply have just been misplaced. What I mean to say is that it may have been the decision of that politician or it may have been those that voted for him. I could blame Biden, or the Democrats, for example about the latest issue with Afghanistan but was it really Biden or the Democrats or could it have been the fact that you voted for him or voted for others that support his polices or could it be Bush or someone before him or could it even have been a DEEP STATE globalist plan implemented or controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations in an effort to transfer incremental power to an entity like the United Nations?

The more I think about this, I find that our problems that we blame others for actually started way back because of something we did or allowed to happen which should re-frame the entire argument and if we had understood this, our local and National issues may not even exist the way they do today.

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Good food for thought, Tom

Tom Munds
Tom Munds
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Lol thanks. I try.

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