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Boise, Yes, Boise now has a Communist/Globalist mayor

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

In the last few years the growth of Idaho has been exponential since news sources declared Idaho as the number one best place to live. When I first heard this something inside me told me this was dark and political and as many that pay attention know, anytime the media runs with a story it usually is.

Boise has had its share of democrats and it certainly has had its share of republicans too and with the republican control we have experienced over the last few decades, constitutional conservatives have been so frustrated with what we call "establishment neocon republicans" many were considering voting democrat just to unseat the establishment, then risk it all though an election cycle and attempt to allow conservatives to take control back from those hungry to control others on both sides of the political spectrum. What is strange is that the democrats hate us because they are so compartmentalized they see people like myself as a republican first which shows collectivist generalities do more to divide than unify, especially when what people think means more than what the evidence may show otherwise.

Sadly those emotionally and or ignorantly drawn to local politics still like to put people in boxes as either one party or another without even realizing the sides as we know them are a divisive smoke-screen where there really isn't much of a difference between political party as one can easily see today as republican Governor Little fulfills the wish lists for the democrats while he supports his establishment cohorts openly in their hatred for people in the liberty community on one hand while proclaiming the need for unity of the republican party on the other. What hypocrites!

Why else would the establishment republicans hate us more than the democrats? Because the republicans and democrats are more ideologically similar than the the constitutionalists are with either of the parties and evil always fights with what is good and constitutionalism is and always has been good unless you are a collectivist.

It didn't take long for me to realize that Boise was on the radar for the Rocky Mountain Heist to flip Idaho from Red to blue but in my view why would the democrats do that exposing their hand when the republicans are doing fine filling the laundry list of desires of the democrats while more fools still claim "we are the most conservative state in the union?"

The Coronavirus scam fiasco has been the one crisis that apparently no person in government is allowing to go to waste and once Trump called for restrictions, it was almost a subliminal message to local governments to exercise their Carte Blanche dictatorial powers that almost like a light switch they began to exercise like a collective plan to "come out of the closet" or a "shock and awe" if you will to create mass confusion that worked by the way.

So, people finally relieved to get that waste of skin, Mayor Beiter out or office clanged the socialist mantra "anyone but..." that resonated with the ignorant "conservatives," and we got in my view just what we deserved, something way worse.

It didn't take but a day or so after Mayor McClean was elected for me to recognize a communist and I even loudly announced we had a communist as a mayor in Boise on the Kevin Miller show in the morning that was seemingly met with extreme doubt. It's ok, most things I say are met with doubt and although I may have been wrong or slightly inaccurate from time to time, there have also been times I was right on and this was one of those times.

So a few days ago, a "Final transition team report" was posted for the public to view and it didn't take long for people to realize what I had a few days after she was elected. That manifesto is a fulfillment of a communist-type manifesto combined with the UN Charter on Human rights an full implementation of the UN Agenda 21/2030 to communize and globalize Boise as so many other cities have and they realized the political climate was right so they pulled the trigger. You can read the manifesto yourself here.

Days later fortunately for Concerned Idahoans, there is a recall in the works for Boise Mayor regarding her "Manifesto'. Apparently the heat was so hot that she responded in only any communist would by saying that we are too stupid to know what she wrote and that it was

I am so sick of Idaho only making national news when pathetic losers in government show how stupid they are and in this case we even made Fox News? Conservatives are blasting the mayor of Boise, Idaho for a "socialist wish list" written by her transition team but the Democrat says it's being "taken out of context."

Yes, I know. We get the government we deserve right? Yes, it's true. When we have an ignorant electorate, they think "voting republican" will keep Idaho "red", or when they say "I am a conservative," or "I stand for Idaho values" or progressively speaking "it's time for a change" or"making Boise more equal or equitable" what the hell do those terms mean anyway and no one to date has been able to answer any of them. The questions for me I did know the answers to which is the point of this post.

Summarily, If the people of Idaho can't even define what they call themselves and condemn others that can, do we not have huge problems in the "most conservative state in the union?"

I learned a valuable childhood lesson and that is to never blindly trust a pretty face.

As of 6/1/20 Mayor is off to her second step in turning Boise into the next Portland. How Exactly? By choosing a 20 year law enforcement officer from where else...Portland.

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