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Is "climate change" really up for debate anymore?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

"Global warming, Global cooling, Climate change..." It is heard from "the Left" and heard from "The Right." Although "Polar" opposites on whether it exists or not aren't both sides extremely dishonest?

I think it is pretty fair to say that there are clearly two sides to this issue, either climate change is a real threat or it isn't. For the Democrats, it appears to be their number one agenda aside from pushing "free stuff" for everyone or are these issues both related? Yes, they are related and the agenda is way worse than most realize. Then, there are the republicans some in support of the climate change agenda and some that call it a hoax so how do we know who is who and that the truth is? It may be as easy as understanding the terminology they use.

Climate is not the issue, it is a mechanism pushed by The United Nations called AGENDA 21/2030. The endgame is global enslavement.

We hear everyone talking about "climate change" but the phrase itself misleading and typical of all leftist rhetoric. They are brilliant once again in the use of their words to achieve their goals. By using the phrase, if you don't believe in climate change, you have been pidgeon-holed and easily disregarded but what if you clarified your position and understood their automatic inclusion of anthropogenic to the mix? You see, the Democrats have already included in their use of the word to include the understanding that climate change is due to anthropogenic man-made global warming, never mind that the Earth could have heating and cooling cycles.

They believe that climate change is solely due to the existence of man and nothing else not because the evidence proves it but because the Democrats and even Republicans are using it as a means to push their socialist agenda and if they can't do it by local policy, they can do it federally or better for them, globally and because so few people seem to take the time to understand conspiratorial elements, the agenda continues full-speed without the opposition it needs to be stopped.

We hear "conservative" talking heads talk about the fact that global warming is a hoax but why won't anyone call it what it is? Do they not know or do they know and really want the agenda to continue without anyone understanding what it is? In order to believe this one would need to understand two basic things: There is a global controlling entity and that the "two-party system" is a charade and that on major issues there is no difference between the two. Knowing this, it becomes easy to see how the "Left" and the "right" really are pushing the same direction.

This is why the use of words and the understanding of conspiratorial elements are crucial in exposing the agenda to the degree it needs to be exposed to kill the agenda because as long as we dance around the issue, it does nothing more than keep people fighting while the agenda reaches full implementation and from what I have learned about AGENDA 2030, we are almost there. Words mean things and we had better understand what they are. A few that you will learn as you research will be SMART GROWTH, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, RURAL INITIATIVES, WETLANDS/WILDLANDS PROJECTS, COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING< MASTERPLAN COMMUNITIES, etc.

"Global Warming" (AGENDA 21/2030) is the greatest global wealth distribution scheme on the planet that promises to measure, monitor, control and track every man, woman, and child along with every natural resource we use in the name of the environment.

If you understand the importance of your freedom but do not yet understand the dangers of what is coming, I encourage you to visit several websites:

If you find you want more information, I would encourage you to review more than 50 documents from the United Nations itself that admit the agenda is real. If you want the compilation, just email me.

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