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Chaos, accountability and the government

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I see almost every issue that we face today as a lack of accountability. In the news the last few days we are hearing about Afghanistan. I wrote earlier that although Biden or whoever is controlling him appeared to make pulling out the way he did a bad choice, the lack of accountability comes at not knowing why it happened this way or even better yet, why the hell we were there anyway and who really made the decision to be there in the first place or why are we leaving now when you know as well as I do once the military occupies anywhere we NEVER leave! Is anyone asking questions here? Well, all this confusion stemming from the lack of accountability has done more to cause confusion and anger of the American people but why are they angry now? Were they driven by the media to respond? I'll bet they were.

So not only do we lack any accountability in our federal government, we lack it locally too but so many people have kicked the can down the road while so much of it has been normalized, few if anyone realizes it or even talks about it because now, if we do, we are castigated by ignorant public opinion without any understanding of the facts or the context or intent of why we ask such questions. How dare me ask bold questions of my government or fellow American right? How dare me even think for myself, right? Funny, you are shunned in a "free country" for free thought and attempting to hold others accountable while millions took oaths to defend such principles and instead they target you.

Ever been to a school board meeting? Few have and if they do, they don't go often enough to make a difference. If you did go, you would see just what happens as they decide things for themselves at your expense. Not only is there a lack of accountability in the tax payers attending school board meetings, there is also no accountability by those employed by the school district to defend either the parents or the children. I believe this is because of the benefits they receive, would rather receive than rock the boat. Did they even bother to think by not doing their due diligence as fellow citizens in the community that they would not reap what they sew? Teachers and school staff now are fighting for their lives and their jobs. They have allowed the government to fund them for so long and have become so reliant on things that are so far out of the scope of good government, now the tax payers are removing their kids from school and are fighting for ways to no longer have to fund them because of their ridiculous spending and their constant pleas for money without offering any accountability for where they get their money from or where it goes all while teachers are openly supporting teaching cultural Marxism in schools?

Ever been to city council or commissioner meeting? Highway departments, sheriff's offices, police departments, health agencies, or any other government agency? It is all the same way.

In every agency that employs the local tax payer, these employees at some point in their employment, lose sight of their duty as private citizens in holding government accountable. Instead they are soothed to sleep by the sounds of federal money, grants, government retirement systems, cushy insurance, descent pay (compared to private sector jobs), and tenure or just the busyness of the job. What is the result from going to sleep to the sound of the cradle to grave security mentality? What do you think? The result is a bastardization of good government and personal responsibility and accountability and what happens when we lose these abilities? It creates chaos and discord and anger among the people to where livelihoods of both are in jeopardy not to mention the further exponential spending, growth and abuse of government to attempt to maintain control.

Ironic isn't it that those in government, at least to public office swore an oath, under God in the name of "public trust" to honor that oath? What happens today? They don't even know what the oath is much less the reverence behind it!

Speaking of Irony, since it is a hot topic today, let's look at the military. These men and women, most of them because most graduated from government schools don't even know what form of government America was supposed to be. Furthermore most of them seem not to understand the limitations of the military while they espouse global elitist phrases like "A Global force for good," "We are fighting for freedom for other countries," or "we are fighting for democracy" all of which I argue are false as well as an abuse of the oath and the use of the military overall. So how can average American's be okay with all of this and furthermore how can those men and women be okay with it? The bigger question is what is the long term consequence or result for kicking the can down the road allowing no one to hold anyone accountable? The very essence of freedom is at stake, that it seems no one thinks that whether private or government employed Freedom should be priority one to maintain and defend our freedom! What are we defending today, our salary and retirements? LOL, our actions (or inactions) will abolish those as well. I just think many are still too sleepy or are enjoying the cushy life to realize they are enjoying false sense of security. Security cannot be maintained under such conditions.

Call me "Anti-American" or "unpatriotic" if you want to, if you operate under the the conditions outlined above and support them, I can see how you would come to that conclusion but your conclusion although it may be yours and you have the freedom to believe how you like, doesn't make it right.

I have friends and family in the military, I think we all do. In getting to know how most I know think, it is fair to say overwhelmingly, that they are more focused on their benefits and retirements and fishing and tax payer funded time off than they are interested in the fight that is coming to America and what is here already. They don't mind going to foreign lands but when it comes to saving their own country, where are they? Do they not see that our country is falling fast?

As sad as it is to say, it appears that most of them either don't know the oath, have forgotten it, think somehow it had some kind of expiration date or are so clueless and lulled to sleep by their financial security blankets they are not willing to join the fight, unless they are paid to go overseas to fight in unconstitutional wars or police actions. What is the long term result or consequence of being lulled to sleep? How about losing the ability to hold government accountable and by not doing so aiding in not only the destruction of this country but others as we continually intervene where we shouldn't? What if Korea wanted to come here and spread Communism?

If anyone in government realized there was a remote possibility they would lose their jobs, their income, retirement and savings, do you think they would pay attention then? Private citizens sure are! If the private citizens are paying attention and have concerns about their livelihoods, why aren't those in government, that ironically were there to protect our livelihoods? The fact of the matter is that government employees are no longer interested in defending liberty off the private citizens because they seem to be too focused on themselves.

What would happen to our country and our future if not only the private citizen's held government accountable but if the private citizens that became government employees also held their government accountable? Would they be or are they not government already? We would be a much more financially secure nation, and the people, enjoying the fruits of their labors wouldn't have to worry about the government taking from each of them to fund their "protected class de jure" which, in reality is any government agency that receives funding, a form of redistribution of wealth where the government takes from the private citizen and gives to whomever an whatever cause they have "in the name of security" or for the "common good." Today, government employees think violating rights of the private citizen is the lawful duty rather than defending them. Our local government even thinks that they have the power to mandate and take our freedom for any excuse they deem necessary and most citizens allow it.

So, as we look back over what government's have become and who is employed by them, and relate all this to the proper role of government, isn't it easy to see how those we "honor" as first responders, law enforcement, military, legislatively and otherwise are actually part of the problem? I guess better stated and to be more "PC," as not to point fingers at individuals, isn't it easy to see how such a system is destructive to freedom to everyone?

Look, I have no issue with anyone. I do respect the positions of all of these entities but I do so more with the respect for the proper role and the execution of that proper role than I do for the position itself. Additionally, my intention is not to point fingers at any one entity per se as an enemy, what I am instead attempting to do is ask the questions we should be asking to rebuild or restore what is crumbling so that we do not lose our country.

There are far too many people in this country that tell me "All I want to do is to go to work, come home safe and spend time with my family." Well, who doesn't want this? But if we are all looking inward and not concerned about our lack of desire to self-reflect and hold others accountable, is it that hard to see what consequences shall come of such decisions?

Freedom is not something that just exists, it is not something that remains on auto-pilot. Freedom requires continual sacrifice. It requires maintenance, it requires vigilance, knowledge and a passion and understanding to not only fight but understand the urgency when it is being jeopardized.

Governments job was to defend the rights of the people and to keep the peace. So is it lawful then when the government instead to define rights and create unrest, then blame it on the citizens targeting them as the enemy? Will we either public, private or both continue to allow this to continue? It appears we have and that too shall have consequences.

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