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Chaos Everywhere! Why?

Chaos everywhere and Americans still act as if is normal. We have endured World Wars, lies from the government, covert them declassified operations of government atrocities, absolute and open faced daily corruption, collusion, the bastardization of our constitution and republican form of government, the incremental destruction of the traditional family, the destruction of American traditions and landmarks, the slaughter of millions of unborn, a skyrocketing suicide rate, exponential increase in drug use, porn and gay sex on television, profane language replacing love of others and America today walks in what I call absolute stupification that doesn't even flinch and Americans even today are clueless that we have been infiltrated by the enemy. This has been going on for so long and people couldn't seem to care less. Those that have infiltrated are now a permanent part of our current system. So, people ask me, what are options left after enemy infiltration? Well nothing rosy I assure you. They are:

1. Mass awakening, vigilance and education

2. Mass collective resistance

3. Violence

These choices are both for us and choices of our government. Make no mistake we have been heavily infiltrated. The minds of the young have been corrupted by a Marxist anti-God government education system. Those children grow to become Marxist adults that have Marxist children that equate to a Marxist Government. It is the abandonment of The Biblical teachings at home or the fight between one hour Biblical teaching per week vs 40 hours of Marxist teaching while disengaged Christians that have their kids in Marxist public school defend the system and vote for annual school bonds as if what I say is not true when they have to know it is. They are living in denial which only proves we have passed the stage of demoralization and these teachers as well intended as some are, are not even educated or active enough to understand or choose to remain disengaged as if it is merely an option. Perhaps it is about their precious retirement? As an American that loves God and says they love children and wants to do His will, there is no option! We are commanded to fight Evil and elevate that which is Good.

I hear often that we should Trust in God. I do not disagree but shouldn't we be doing that anyway? Or is what they really meant that we should sit back and do nothing while waiting at the Rapture bus station as we would await a city bus? To me, Education AND Action are part of the awakening. The sad part is that the churches are not awake enough to understand that they are part of God's solution if they act as God commands.

What they seem to fail to understand is that God not only called for people to remember His sacrifice (which seems like all anyone remembers besides God is Love) but what he did for his people when he led them out of captivity. He also said KEEP my commandments and as The Great Commission makes it quite clear, these are all actions. These to me are not about self as much as about doing what we can to save the collective. I don't see this so much today.

I see a self-centered church focused on false doctrine and what I also see is a church that has been neutered politically-speaking I think because it is ignorant not only of the importance of that role in our republic but why they need to understand current events and the dangers ahead which is why he gave us history and the ability to remember it!

Have they forgotten that the world is of Evil that desires to turn every living soul against God? Do they not understand the Global government wants to not only crush Christianity but to punish those that are Christians? Do we not remember history? Did not God say where God is so is Liberty? Does this mean then that where God isn't, neither shall there be liberty?

History is repeating itself in almost every way possible and it seems that Americans are clueless not only about their form of government and why it is a blessing from God but the power we have in restoring it that will aid in the continual propagation of the Gospel. I also question if they understand the consequences of not doing so and that once evil gains absolute control, they are coming for you.

If history repeats itself, and there is no revival, there are three choices before America fails to exist if it still even exists today... Mass awakening, vigilance, and education, mass collective resistance and then violence.The last step is when it is all put on the table, your final chance to fight for your country, your kids and future generations and do what God has commanded you. There is no praying before you act on this one. There is no tepid time for contemplation!

Christians are on borrowed time and if you are are a white American Christian today, you have even less. So in that time, you will need to ask yourself at what point you will engage or if you won't. Perhaps taking a look at the present condition of the slaughtering of White Christians in South Africa will bring that desperately needed dose of reality?

If you choose the latter than the former, would God have wanted you as a Warrior or would he have preferred you to remain in captivity because ultimately that is the choice you are making not Him. Perhaps that full armor God was talking about included the remote control on a Sunday and some BBQ tongs? Surely not! As I read the Scriptures God had His people destroy nations that were vile, then punished his own for their failure to destroy when he commanded them to. He even punished His people when they turned from Him so why in God's name do Spoiled apathetic ignorant Americans think they deserve to be saved after all we have done?

Abraham Lincoln said "The Philosophy in the school room in one generation will become the Philosophy of the government in the next" His quote if true, clearly implicates those that educate our little ones.

The Bible says "It is better to hang a millstone around your neck than to harm one of these little ones. Are we doing more to earn Gods favor or to insure that millstone is tightly about our neck?

Pray without ceasing, love always, and fight when necessary. This is the Bible I know.

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