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CO2 not killing the planet, Governments do that...

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I wish I had a news site that I could post all of the articles I felt like were important but knowing you all get notifications regarding what I post, I need to be careful about what I send. We already somehow end up with full inboxes everyday and the last thing we need is one more email. I know, every day I get the same thing. I am however thankful that you choose to continue to get my notifications and I hope I never let you down.

The message below is by a good and intelligent friend of mine and I am sure many of you know him and receive his emails as well. The reason I am posting his piece is that Globalist by Environmentalism or what the United Nation's calls Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 still seems to be advancing at "break-Neck Speed" and there still doesn't seem to be the awakening that is required to fight it successfully so any opportunity I have to help others understand Agenda 21, I am all in. Adrian in this case is a crucial piece of the puzzle aiding in that awakening because he not only has a full understanding of conspiracy but is also a plant scientist that understands the garbage propaganda they are shoving down our throats because it isn't "trusted science' at all, it is believed propaganda. Please read a few words by a friend that understands what he is saying.

According to the radical environmentalists, Carbon Dioxide created by man's use of fossil fuels in the form of coal, petroleum and natural gas will cause the destruction and kill the planet in only a few years. They have been making that claim for several decades, but the dooms day scenario has not come to pass and will not because it is based on lies and false science. It is a United Nation's Agenda 21, 2030 plan to control all human activity. Remember, Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, but used by plants to produce food and oxygen. Please let me know you will work to get the US out of the tyrannical United Nations by passing H.R. 204. Also, expose the man-caused global warming HOAX. The following is excellent information.


Morano says that the Green New Deal is using the unfounded man-caused global warming scare as an excuse for more government central planning to control all human activity on the planet. No matter the the environmental scare since the 1960's, the solution is always the same, less individual liberty and freedom, more regulations, less sovereignty and higher costs. Global warming is being used to redistribute wealth and central planning.

The “Green New Deal” has very little to do with the environment or climate. It is all about Socialist/Marxist power and control! It is a raw deal for America that is paving the way for a massive expansion of government and United Nation's global governance. It is already crushing the US domestic energy and the American prosperity in favor of austerity and economic destruction.

In the foreword to the book, Mark Steyn commented, “Take a look around, liberal politicians and activists who are destroying their states, counties, towns and schools claim to be able to save the planet.” The wacky claims of the Green New Deal are numerous, from “farting” cows to destroying existing buildings only to rebuilt to “green” standards to eliminating plane travel in favor of high-speed ground transit.

Government regulations cannot “save” the planet or control the climate or weather.

The climate fraud is being “torqued up” according to Al Gore to lobby government officials to impose climate policies with little or no debate. It is said that by the climate activists that “the science is settled.” They openly are using climate scare tactics to achieve their ends. It has been a very successful strategy. They have even bullied many Republicans into submission.

Key Climate Facts include the following: Global temperature have been virtually flat for about 20 years according to satellite data. Now peer-reviewed literature is scaling back predictions of future warming; Despite claims of snow being a called “a thing of the past,” record cold and snowfalls keep occurring; Sea level rising rates have been steady for over a century, with no recent acceleration; Drought, tornadoes, hurricane, and floods are neither historically unusual nor caused by mankind. In many cases they are declining on climate timescales.

In addition, The New American Magazine for April 22'nd , 2019 published an article titled, “Climate Change it's not that complicated.” The article refutes eight beliefs (myths) of the climate change alarmists.

These are:

Myth 1: Most scientist agree that humans are causing catastrophic global warming. We hear all the time that 97% of scientists believe that man is causing global warming. This is based on a small number of only 77 climate alarmist scientists. Actually, there are over 31,000 scientists & engineers who have signed a petition to Congress against man-caused global warming;

Myth 2: The earth is getting warmer at a dangerous rate that is accelerating out of control. The earth has been much warmer than it is now. During the Roman Optimum 2000 years ago and the Medieval Warm period 1000 years ago, the earth's temperature was much warmer (5

degrees) than today with no lasting detrimental effects

Myth 3: Rising sea levels are threatening destruction of coastlines.

Subduction causes land to rise in certain places and fall in others giving the appearance of sea level change. For the past 500 years the average sea level rise has been seven inches per 100 years;

Myth 4: A small of warming will cause the polar caps to melt, flooding much of the planet. The North Pole is sea ice and when it melts, it does not change the level at all. The South Pole is mostly land ice, but the highest recorded temperature is 18 degrees F. Hugh chunks of ice breaking off is called calving because the ice gets so thick, it can not support its own weight;

Myth 5: Polar bears are dangerously close to extinction because of melting Arctic Ice. Actually, polar bears numbers could exceed 40,000 from 10,000 in the 1960's. This was when over hunting, not global warming was the culprit;

Myth 6: Scientists agree the sun has no effect on global warming. The sun has a great effect on our planet's temperature. Real climate scientists have found a link between global temperature and sunspots (solar activity). The sun goes through regular cycles of solar activity;

Myth 7: Forecasts predict a major increase in global temperatures by the year 2100. All 73 of the United Nation's UNIPCC have proven to be false.

Climate modelers in 2017 admitted in Nature Geoscience that, “We Were Wrong” Even NASA now admits we are in a global cooling period;

Myth 8: Large human inputs of CO2 are causing climate change. 98% of the

CO2 is in the oceans. Temperature partially controls the level of CO2.

Carbon dioxide does not control temperature. CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas. In a 100,000 seat football stadium representing the earth's atmosphere, CO2 at 410 ppm would only occupy 41 seats.

The Green New Deal agenda has never been about climate, energy or the environment. It is about a takeover of our economy by using the climate scare. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Chief of Staff admitted that the Green New Deal was not about climate change. “It wasn't originally a climate thing at all,” Saikat Chakrabarti revealed.

“Because we really think of it as how do you change the entire economy.”

(Change to a Marxist/Socialist economy)

Our school children are being taught this climate change propaganda and indoctrination from kindergarten through college on how mankind has caused a climate “crisis.” All of this control is for naught for zero gain in the climate. Even climate czar, John Kerry (who travels in a huge carbon footprint private jet) admitted that even if the US went to zero carbon emissions, it would make no difference because of the ever increasing carbon output of China and India.

The Green New Deal is a threat to US national security as it serves to shrink US energy production, thus, making us dependent on energy from foreign nations including dependence on Middle East oil. If we actually did face a man-caused climate crisis and we had to rely on the US Congress or the United Nations to save us we would be doomed. None of the strategies that have been offered by the EPA, US government or by anybody else has the remotest chance of altering climate if in fact climate is controlled by CO2 which it does not.

CONCLUSION: We need to expose and stop the Green New Deal climate alarmists from the continued exploiting the ignorance of uniformed citizens. Man-caused global warming promoted by the United Nation's Agenda 21, 2030 is the largest HOAX in world history. It is designed to control all human activity on the planet. We must get out of the anti-American United Nations by passing H.R. 204.

A concerned citizen, Adrian Arp, Ph.D.

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You are as wise and well-informed as ever Tom! Enjoy your rocketbook and here's a short documentary just in case I wasn't very clear on how to use your new cool tool. The artist I was telling you about (Deuter) is an amazing artist who has created some truly phenomenal music and here's the song I was recommending to you: It was very nice talking to you and I hope the creator always guides, blesses and protects you!


Tom this is very important information. Thanks... PS I dont like eating bugs nearly as much as a cow farting ribeye.

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