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All Hail the Military-Industrial complex

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

If I had to look at motto's of America and had to pick two, I would pick our country's motto that used to define who we were as a people, "In God We Trust." Today, I would choose the all popular "Support Our Troops!" If I had to compare and contrast the two, in doing so would clarify how much different we are today with the second quote than we were back during the time of the popularity of the first.

America had had a long history of wars, especially for the time America has been a nation. Some wars so bad the US had opportunities to give up its sovereignty and the first time with the creation of the League of Nations, America at that time, understood the dangers of giving up its sovereignty and declined to join. There were people that still desired to protect this country at that time while there were others working to undermine it. We dodged a bullet.

Fast forward years later, and wars later in 1945, the wars so bad, we again did not want another atrocity and emotion ran so high that the US entered into treaty with the United Nations either forgetting the dangers to national sovereignty or thinking somehow we could give up a little freedom for security, or even perhaps the conspiratorial elements were better placed this time that America couldn't have backed out even if it wanted to. So which is it? We took the bullet.

America has been in more wars since we joined the United Nations than we were without them. So how do Americans continually justify being in the UN when the entire point sold to Americans was that joining was to end all wars?

So, aside from being involved in more wars than ever around the globe, what implications has that had for America, its people, its future, its sovereignty, its troops, and its economy?

Since loving God is first and foremost in my life, the first issue with the US being involved with the UN is that the UN is Anti-God. Second, the UN council is full of globalist/socialist/communist dictators so Biblically speaking loving your neighbor as yourself is not even a consideration for them, controlling them is. So why would America, founded on the Biblical principles of Loving God and loving our neighbor as themselves entangle themselves in an organization thats beliefs are diametrically opposed? And no one questions any conspiratorial agenda?

Next, America was stated to be the "beacon of hope to all nations." We were, in fact, a sovereign nation unbeholden to any other. We were to be friendly with nations having entangling alliances with none was what the Founders wanted. Why is this? When alliances are made they can be changed, and because it is a contract, a pact, it jeopardizes our absolute sovereignty in hope that the other party to the contract will adhere to the terms and as human nature shows, one nation always tries to find ways to control others. How does it do this? One of the best ways, it's military. But what if the terms of the contract were to use your military for its desired end?

Enter in the United States Military-Industrial Complex, the world's police controlled by the global elites to fulfill its desired ends- Overthrowing foreign governments, replacing their dictators with ours, controlling drug trades, child trafficking, governments, natural resources, and their economies as well as militaries.

Support Our Troops? Whenever I comment on this topic I am called unpatriotic, Un-American, anti-government, and a domestic terrorist even just for begging the question but shouldn't the questions be asked before we blindly verbally openly state something so trendy?

Summarily, in my view, such statements and beliefs that are hailed by the government, I know enough to know is wrong. Undying support for Israel is another one but hat would be left for another blog post.

Suffice it to say, I do support troops as my fellow American men and women, neighbors, friends and relatives as people, but not so much the system they are a part of because of the work they do is in contradiction to Gods law as well as the constitution and the oath of each person in our military.

Today's military acts outside of the congressional declaration of war, it acts upon a declaration by the UN security council that circumvents our constitution and our sovereignty. It seems to search for enemies and when they have none, they are simply created. Today's military is used around the world to do the bidding on foreign soil making them an international military rather than a national one, seeks to make the world safe for democracy when they don't even know that America would never work toward democracy if it knew the position of our Founders that democracies are the antithesis of our republic, short-lived and violent in their deaths.

In my view, American Patriotism is first and foremost an understanding of who we are as a nation, our founding principles and our form of government and how it differs from other forms, to know the checks and balances of each branch and the limitations on that power as well as the powers expressly delegated including our military.

Waving a flag calling America a democracy outwardly proclaiming trendy quotes, pledging to the flag at a football game is not patriotism because it does nothing to preserve the nation we say we love. Patriotism is the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one's country which includes not only knowledge of the country and being devoted, it includes vigorous support, meaning education and action not just words.

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