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US reaches deal with China

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Hooray! Does the US make a deal with the Communists? Do you think if we used words that were more truthful than politically correct that we would be making the same decisions?

Take the statement, "The US reaches deal with China." What if we spoke what was true, The US made a deal with the Communists? I guess it would depend on when you made the statement. It would seem back in the '60s when Communism was a viable threat to the United States if we stated it, either way, the average American was way more informed than we are today and any mention of China wouldn't need to include the word Communism, it was already understood. Today however in an age of global social justice American exceptionalism stating so is discouraged because it is unfair to other nations. Well, in-kind, any mention of China being Communist even though it is true, is offensive to the Communist Chinese.

Most people believe Communism died when the wall came down. Most that say so either are unformed or intentionally say so to prevent others from understanding the same techniques prominent here are the same as they are in Communist countries.

Sadly, few people realize that our Founders would never have done business with the Communists much less any nation that would treat people as slaves. Reading this statement in itself would conjur up hatred and emotion and doubt because America had slaves and is hated for it, but only America and not other countries. What about offending Americans?

What few understand is that although people may have had slaves, people had them and most Founders were not in favor of having slaves to beat and starve them and although some may have, it is little known that many that were were treated extremely well and once freed stayed with their owners so there is much to consider before simply thinking that slavery was bad, especially considering people today only think America had them. Furthermore, if owners did trat them badly, the owners individually did it, it was not driven and controlled by the government at least to the degree that the communists desire to oppress their entire populations.

Also, considering the support of communism, like those people that hate slavery condemn America and not China or anything else, it proves they are uninformed because there is no word of Chinese communist slave labor and the use of even child labor as slaves to make the products they buy. Do these people not see that while they ban Chick-Fil-A for taking a moral stand they do no such thing for other countries like China that abuse their children and people. How hypocritical!

Taking it one step further are many other issues, two other issues to consider would be the issue of Natural law and Constitutional law that making support or "deals" with the Chinese against both.

If our laws suggest aiding and abetting the enemy is against the law, why is it okay economically to do so and why is the law not consistent in commerce as it would be against another person? Worse yet, is it more acceptable for a government to oppress the multitudes than it is for a free man to oppress another man? When we consider the issues on a larger scale, say a nation of free people supporting a nation that oppresses its people, would we not be as guilty as they are as we perpetuate the problem?

Finally, as for the US making deals, it is humorous in a serious way that the US would proclaim to make a "deal" with a country that basically owns this country. Does anyone realize that the borrower is a slave to the lender? If what I am saying is true, if China does own our debt (and all of our ports) where to we get off in all of our arrogance to suggest we are even in the position to make deals unless the Amerian people are so ignorant they don't understand the issues?

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