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Coronavirus, anyone waking up yet?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I originally posted on the Nextdoor app almost a month ago or more about my thoughts on this Coronavirus and that in an effort to help my community, I shared stories that the mainstream media was not sharing that I believed to be dishonest.

First, the media was rather silent about it, and said all we needed to do was to wash our hands, then the media changes and explodes with tremendous misinformation, then weeks later as I predicted people would, out of distrust, they would panic. What I hoped for from the beginning was that I could wake enough people up to know it was time to prepare before people did panic, then people responded that I was crazy, fear monger and all I wanted to do was to agitate people.

Well, in hindsight I guess I can now say part of that was true. I wanted to create was enough concern that it would wake people up but it was never to cause people to panic, there is a difference. And what would you have preferred instead- for me to have been right and to alert you and cause you to take action early or to be caught unprepared?

It's been a few weeks now since I have had any snide comments on the page so it must mean that people are either ignoring the page because they still don't want the truth or...they won't admit it, but now see I was right all along. You see, you people can choose to ignore warning signs but it doesn't mean that what's coming won't come if you choose not to believe it, it means that you will be the one left panicking when others heeded such warning.

My goal has never been to spread misinformation and anyone that knows me knows that. It is those that don't know me, that I am trying to reach out to hoping you now see what is before us.

Whether the virus is as bad as some say or it isn't, isn't really the problem right now, the problem is the fact that people are living in ignorance and denial of what the far-reaching circumstances of this are. Get super sick if its real, hospitals are full, get in a car wreck, or emergency issue comes up, sorry, hospitals are full. And if they aren't and the virus does exist and you go to get a procedure, are you now in quarantine? If you are the breadwinner, who will work? Who will take care of the kids? What about school? Are you ready to homeschool or be home for your kids? What does this mean for your employment? Many in our community live on welfare or paycheck to paycheck, have you thought about how long you can hold out? National guard and medical first responders? Think they will protect you? For how long if they are exposed? Where will the guard go once they have been deployed in an infected area? Where will they quarantine them? What about when they get sick? How will first responders take care of you if they become ill?

Say the virus isn't that bad, how much of what I have stated would be true regardless? The Dow plummeted 3k points today, hows that retirement income and your stock portfolio? Work closed, the school closed, travel bans may be imposed. How many of you have food storage and how much do you have? Are you prepared for what could happen and if you are, why is my message met with so much vitriol when what I am talking about was possibly one of those things you were preparing for anyway?

And what about one of the most important factors that almost no American thinks about anymore, what about your freedom? Would you prefer to give up all your freedom for temporary security and have you ever asked what the point of the virus is and its possible political and constitutional consequences? Would you support Martial law? I have no question to believe most of you would because you either were never taught about the Principles of Freedom or you have some reliance on the government which was the bain of a free people?

How much is political, how much is legitimate and how far-reaching are the consequences for what we are willing to do to allow the government to control every move we make? Only time will tell but it isn't looking good so far.

This post was not only to help expand the average person's periphery but to help them see those things to consider how best they should prepare.

For good measure, it may be a better priority to spend more time repenting for the sins of this nation than stocking up on toilet paper but then again, this nation has lost any concept of proper prioritization a long time ago.

May God help us.

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1 Comment

I honestly believe that while the covid virus MAY be a 'real' threat (at least from a variation of the flu), the whole global scamdemic was premeditated, years ago. If you've never seen this documentary, you may want to take the time to check it out. Thank you again Tom for doing and saying what your saying. It needs to be said even if only a few people hear the truth. Here's another great link, this one covers the risks of the new vaccine and so much more, all in only 19 minutes. Above all else Tom, keep yourself and those you care about safe, healthy and free always. God bless & best wishes always.

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