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COVID, Agenda 21 and the Great Reset

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This topic or these connections I should say are the most exhaustive and most invasive out of just about any other topic I know. When multiple topics are compounded it only furthers the confusion and makes one issue that no one was interested in that much more less interesting and because of this, plans like these have managed to remain under the radar for decades even maybe a century or more as they roll ahead full steam. What is the goal of all of these plans? Humorously, if I told you, it would be the other leg that has advanced the cause because no one would believe it if you told them... The goal is global enslavement.

I have also found that Agenda 21 isn't as much of a conspiracy today as it was during this so called awakening. Those that have awakened have now heard of the terms and know them to be true but what I didn't realize until recently was that just because people say "Yeah, I heard of that..." doesn't mean they know about it because upon questioning them they know little about the details of one, much less the details of them all when they are compounded and this is one more reason why it is so dangerous.

As the title states: COVID, Agenda 21 and The Great reset it gives you the idea that these are all connected but the truth is no one has time to create a title that is as long as a book and if I did it you probably wouldn't read it anyway. The truth is that everything you deal with today is part of the global enslavement plan that includes law, war, poverty, famine, children, racism, mental illness, disease, family, governmental abuse including abuse by NGO's and private businesses to all non-elected bureaucratic agencies like Health and Welfare, CPS, hospitals, law enforcement, the courts, and legislatures, city councils, county commissioners and even school boards and . The drive is to quickly brainwash as many people to accept their plans as possible so they can meet their timeline. If and when people become wise to their plans, they merely either take the foot off the gas, implement new planned tactics (like Masks to global war) or change the name (Agenda 21, Build Back Better, The Great Reset), like Communists do to their plan and continue to implement their plans as if nothing ever got in their way. To date, nothing seems to be in their way and that is why I will be dedicating far more time trying to get people to pay attention. The issues that plague us today in this regard are that people are way too busy or they are way too pre-occupied or are just flat lazy. All of these things will allow the enemy's plans , as many say they are patriots and are fighting at home, to come to fruition and these so called patriots haven't done a thing to stop it.

According to the World Economic Forum they openly admit that COVID was used to help usher in the Great Reset but what few know is Agenda 21 (and Agenda 2030 and Build Back Better) are all wings of the same bird. I have concluded that the difference between Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is merely specifics and time. Agenda 21 suggested that sometime the infrastructure would be completed sometime in the 21st century and 2030 is a more detailed, more specific timeline that would finalize the infrastructure by the year 2030 and they are well on their way. As if this isn't bad enough the World Economic Forum is open about their plans as is Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and others. Hell, Biden even admitted he was going to starve you and people are not yet even concerned enough to ransack the stores? Mind control, that is what it is, dumbing people down to where they are so pre-occupied it is hard to know if they think or what they think.

So, If you asked me what Agenda 21 is I would reply confidently by saying it is a global blueprinting for all of mankind to measure, manage and manipulate and control you from everything you do to everything you feel, all will be managed by this blueprint that will command totalitarian controls under a supra-national governing entity like nothing we have ever seen and I argue or even read about.

If you asked me how I know it is real, my only reply would be because I have read enough to know. Not very believable right? I mean, all you would need to do is to think I am crazy and you could go on your merry way thinking you are not in any danger at all but would you be right and what if you weren't?

If you asked me how I could see it, if I bothered to try to explain it, I am not sure it would make any sense to you. I can visibly see it being implemented from what the talking heads say, to attending school boards, commissioners, planning and Zoning, Legislative hearings, movies, television and I can even see it in private businesses and with my own eyes traveling down the interstate. I have even read books about it learning about it from George Orwell, (Thought to be fiction) and even Bertram Russell and Zbignew Brizinsky, Klaus Schwab and more Can you see it? if you can't, you probably have not read the documents that would help you, those documents also publicly available for anyone to read, you would just need to know enough about it to know where to look. As a matter of fact, all of their plans for us are available online.

Most of us know that the enemy has never done anything in secret, they have always been out in the open. People just prefer to remain in a state of cognitive dissonance.

If I asked how it would affect you or what you could do about it, what would I recommend? I decided to look up my county's comprehensive plan and read it and highlight it. After doing so, I decided to do videos reviewing what I had read, then I posted them on social media asking people to share them. regardless of how effective I am I will continue to do it because I want it on record I tried and did my part while others didn't have time to pay attention.

The problem is that I already knew it would be unsexy not only did I know this from helping people understand un-sexy topics but because it wasn't about BSU or didn't have sex in it and this is a sad reality even in the patriot movement. I enjoy helping people understand topics like this one, even if they have no interest in it, things pertaining to the history of trade agreements and the never ending push for an Article 5 convention, all topics that will kill America just worse than what they see as they work to get so and so elected into office. (I am not saying getting good people into office isn't a good thing, I am merely placing them side-by-side as a comparison).

All of the above issues are not stand alone issues, they are all intricately connected. If you know that, you are ahead of most but knowing that they are connected isn't enough. it also isn't enough to have heard about these topics, one must know them and then speak about them.

So as I continue to do what I can to bring awareness to these import issues, I would only ask that readers continually check themselves for being lulled to sleep, from being bought into being and living ignorantly and being pre-occupied with things that don't matter and instead to focus on expanding the mind and increasing your tolerance for unsexy topics and also vowing to increase your attention span to see what is happening far beyond the Twittersphere.

America may need activists but it needs informed and critically thinking and intelligent one's more that just those that operate out of emotion looking for some quick fix. Regardless of what you may think and feel, the restoration if it be possible, will be by accomplished by increasing our education and acting intelligently not like attending dinners or rally's. I am not condemning dinners and rally's at all, I am just saying they are not a replacement for the work that needs to be done.

I would start by looking up and downloading your city/county comprehensive plan, read and highlight it and share it. Next, I would look up Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and read and highlight it. As you do, you will begin to see what I do and you should ant to do more to bring awareness to it. Next, compare and contrast what you read. Question your government and even those in bureaucratic positions and even companies like COMPASS.

You should not only be asking if people have heard of it, you should be asking what they know about it and if they say they know, ask what they are doing about it or if they are willing to join you in doing something.

The days of sitting on the sidelines are over, especially if you love your country and call yourself a patriot. Your money and your property will mean nothing. Will you wait until you own nothing and are personally affected before you fight? If you do, will it then be too late?

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Charlotte Rahn
Charlotte Rahn
Apr 06, 2022

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to helping us all see the Truth.

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