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Cultural manipulation

During times of frustration, hostility and confusion, it is easy to generalize and point the blame at classes of people rather than blaming the person or entity that created that hostility. I think often times when this happens those that do are either told to or they just can't identify the entity or too frustrated to care. I know, I have done it too. In any case generalization is, in my opinion, usually inaccurate because not all within that generalization are the guilty party.

Take cops for example. It would be easy to blame cops right? They work for the government and follow orders and enforce the law and when we disagree with the law it is even easier to blame them. White people: blaming "white" people seems to be all the rage now where they are at fault for everything. Back in the 1960's is was the black people and in between it was the Irish, Portuguese, Chinese and the list goes on and on. Wars: Those darn Japanese, Germans, Soviets, Polish, British and don't forget the Mexicans and Muslims! It seems to me that history, not just that of America but the globe is plagued with one class hating another class and although I cannot speak for other countries, it seems that America has always made it through such division and I think I know why.

If there is something orchestrated, there is an orchestrator, like if something was created there was a Creator. If the orchestration is well planned and well organized and spans several cities, counties, states or nations, you can bet that the orchestrator has people and/or power in those areas to create such an event and most often times, they try to make it look like these events are random and grass roots when in reality they are not. They are intentional with an intentional desired outcome.

Ever wonder what led up to the idea of an idea being orchestrated? Ever wonder what the goals or outcomes were of the issues that were orchestrated? Do you ever wonder if during that time of unrest if the desired goals were fulfilled then all of a sudden wonder why the event just stopped? I don't know if I have ever heard anyone ever ask these questions because we just assume that people are people and people do what they do and when they get tired of doing what they do they stop. I guess that is sure part of human nature but I am not buying it here.

With everything I have learned about conspiracy, I believe what FDR said when he said: "If anything happens in politics you can bet it was planned that way."

We had a war, a plan was to create the League of Nations, America didn't buy into it so we had another war and from it came the United Nations and what got us into those wars was engineered as well so there is always a direct link between the orchestrated event and its desired outcome and they honestly believe the ends justify the means. Since and during that time we have had a war on Poverty, Equality, a War against Police, Terrorism, the environment, and even Trump. This list goes on and on as well but if we are told; "The issue is never the issue" what then is the real issue?

I watched a video by Yuri Besmenov that talked about the stages of soviet destabilization and how to collapse a country and what I heard I have witnessed with my own eyes and class warfare seems to be the most popular mechanism to keep us divided and some "American's" are so engaged in being "useful idiots" they are even working in favor of their own enslavement and don't even know it.

It's all about multiculturalism today, whites are the enemy in their own country. Few even understand that America was like other European countries, Anglo-Saxon Caucasian countries, founded by "White people" but yet the non-white cultures say that whites are racist? How can this possibly be if what I say is true when we have "allowed" other races to enjoy the freedoms that we have so enjoyed? What would this world be like if America had never existed?

In my view we are all super lucky to be where we are and we should embrace it rather than destroy it but there are those motivated to destroy the country and those orchestrating such division I argue may not even live here or have ways of escaping the chaos once it becomes unbearable, meanwhile those "dupes" that implement these plans actually live in the country they seek to destroy which to me is kind of like crapping in your own cereal. I often wonder why and how people could be misled enough to burn down their own home and not realize it?

I hate football! I hate it with a passion. What a waste of time and what's more, these "dupes" have been co-opted by the globalists and people still support them. They tout hatred for America and capitalism as they make millions and no one questions the hypocrisy? I am forced to watch it at the gym every morning as those babbling morons talk about games and stats and whose who and what's what as the black announcers are now the majority and so are the players all while still calling us racists?

These fools "take a knee" because America is racist as they were their BLM garbage? Yesterday I was floored, I saw a segment based on all of the social justice they support and they were sporting shirts that said they know their rights? Hilarious! Hilarious and sad really.

They know their rights? That is a laugh! These people are told they know their rights. They are told America is racist, they are told what to say, they are told how to play which if you think about it makes them slaves to the capitalists! Oh! The Irony of it all and they don't even see it!

I would argue that these social justice pawns weren't hired to just play football, they were hired to propagate an agenda. Sure, you had to play well but who is to say that was all there is because with what I know, I know that is never the case. They were hired being told they were good athletes but what they didn't know and apparently still don't is that they are slaves to their owners and slaves to a system that makes them millions living in a free country to say and do the stupid things that make them look like the dupes they are all while destroying the country they enjoy their lives in. The sad part is that only a small percentage of people see it for what it really is.

To my friends that don't know better regardless of color, your Rights come from a Creator, not government and not even by your owner. You don't need anyone to tell you what your rights are, as long as you don't violate the liberty of others, you are free to do as you please and even suffer the consequences of exercising them. Those consequences both good and bad fall on you and there is no one to praise or blame than you (and God) for what those consequences are. The white man didn't do it, you did it.

I have never had issues with people of "color" because people to me aren't people of color, they are people from different places on earth. White isn't white, it is Caucasian or Anglo-Saxon which is far more accurate and descriptive than using the word white which I argue walks you right into the racist entitlement social justice world we should all be trying to avoid.

In America we all have rights and the issue more people should be concerned about isn't "Whitey" taking those rights away, it is your government telling you what they are and who you think the enemy should be. Do you really think they are doing it just for the sake of doing it and there is nothing else? WRONG!

A word of caution to the "dupes: If the government has made me a target for example, it will find its "dupes" like perhaps maybe you, to fulfill its will and when it does it will take out those perhaps like you that were used to come after me.

This isn't a war of race or class or color, it is a war that was created by your government against us all.

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