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Did Region 7 Idaho Republicans and Sheriff Ozzie call Bircher's enemy combatants?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I apologize for the length of this post but I felt it is important. As you should know JBS is not a political organization and members take those positions, not JBS so it may be difficult to state the following while not appearing to take sides politically. What I am attempting to do is to point out the dangers of an event I was made aware of and whether it be republican or democrat, I would have done so should they have attacked my fellow members and any fellow Idahoans that is contrary to who they are. With all of the emotion and division going around, I am not surprised that the GOP's actions are inconsistent with its words and this is a perfect example.

I am not sure how many of you know this but there was a recent event that was put on by Region 7 republicans that invited Sheriff Ozzie from Spokane County to speak. It was allegedly an event called "Law and Order" and was to be an event honoring law enforcement but was it and did it?

I was first alerted to the event with an audio interview by Sheriff Ozzie himself regarding right-wing extremism and was told he was the keynote speaker coming to Idaho Falls for the Region 7 Lincoln Day event! I had to do some research. Here is Ozzie's interview:

Doing as much research as I could I did what I could to alert people about who he was and what he was preaching. This is what I found out from trusted sources in the area. First, As it turns out anyone that is a constitutionalist knows we have been labeled by not only the democrats but the establishment Republicans as a threat and I realized why this is so is because there is less difference between the democrats and republicans than there are differences between constitutionalists and republicans.

Secondly, Most involved with Idaho politics for even a short time recognize their desire to make sure none of us get into office and will do whatever necessary to make sure that doesn't happen all while asking for donations to fund their strength. I have seen it over and over and I am sure you have too.

Thirdly, today, I believe they see us as more of a threat to the republicans than democrats and that they will do anything to maintain control. The question in my mind is if they really truly see us this way or is this just their way of maintaining control? I mean, I know tons of republicans that I like and respect and I think they even like me too so what if this division is only because of what we don't know?

What if the Republicans really think we are anti-American and what if we think the same of them? Who then is right? Is anyone? What is most concerning is the apparent unwillingness for establishment republicans to talk to us about why they feel this way and at least try to understand one another. Are they afraid they will realize they misjudged us? Why are well-financed very influential republicans taking such extreme leftist positions and why are they claiming to be republicans? Is it just to maintain control? I hear one of the event coordinators was a democrat turned republican, what if he didn’t turn? Would these powerful people now “Pied-Pipe” the establishment to the left? How could they not when no one even adheres to the platform?

The event came and went. I heard several legislators, congressmen, and Governor and Lt. Governor were there as well as 9 county sheriffs and others in law enforcement. Can you imagine what Ozzie's rhetoric did to further divide the good people of Idaho?

Here is Ozzie's presentation in Idaho Falls:

I was so disturbed that any republican would invite such a man with such a message and be any part of proud to have done it? I did some digging although I cannot 100% confirm, Ann Rydalch was the event planner and names like Greg Graf and Frank Vandersloot came up as allegedly supporting such an event. In an effort to find out the truth, I contacted Ann myself and she said she had no idea what Ozzie’s message would be and certainly would not and did not condone such a message! Sadly, I found out the opposite to be true traveling through Idaho Falls last week only to find out she alleged detests anyone that counters the GOP establishments narrative which by the way is ironically consistent with the state control of the party and their disgust for Birchers or anyone from any liberty organization. Why couldn’t she just have been as honest as we are with anyone else?

When I introduced myself to Ann on the phone, she said she had no idea who I was and I knew that was true because when I asked to meet with her, she agreed so we set up an appointment. Not to my surprise, however, not more than 30 minutes goes by and I saw her calling me back. I knew she made a few calls and found out that she shouldn’t meet with me and named off a few reasons why. I told her I understood but were her reasons legit? Perhaps but more than likely not because it is consistent with their behavior as well as the general behavior of the Idaho Establishment republicans.

Knowing and hoping in my mind that the event couldn't have been well endorsed, I contacted Raul, the ID GOP chair, and he said that because there was no story on it, it was best for me to probably let it go. I told him that although it would be difficult, I would unless a story came out in which case the “gloves would be off.” I took to social media, did articles and videos regarding this issue and even emailed Sheriff Ozzie myself. Here is the article from Post Register and I am awaiting response from Sheriff Ozzie:…/article_48c76f2a-12c3-5e65-9… .

Last Friday I spoke with Tyler, the Executive Director for ID GOP, a very concerned sounding young man and told him my issue with the event and he politely told me that he had heard about it and will talk to Raul about what they plan to do about it if anything. I am pleased to tell you this morning that ID GOP will be issuing a statement this week regarding the event. This morning I did finally get a chance to write a rebuttal to the Post Register's article so you can let me know if they published it if you see it in their paper.

JBS members are used to the smears, we are also used to 60 years of the JBS being on the correct side of an issue, every issue! This is why I believe so many people maintain their memberships! When the truth is hard to find, you tend to grip it when you find it and not let go and this story is why it is so important to have members as active as possible to grow in numbers and expand our influence so people know who they are, they don’t just think they do.

Click here to open my rebuttal to Post Register:…/…/Rebuttal_to_Post_Register.docx

Click here to open my letter to sheriff Ozzie:…/fabc4bc…/Ozzie_Letter_Final.docx

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