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Divide and Conquer or separating wheat from the tares

The liberty movement for as long a I have been politically active has been fragmented and everyone knows it. Although the desire from the hearts of all of us has been to unify, most attempts have been futile. We all ask what will it take to bring us all together to become successful and I think even if we knew, I'm not sure we could make it happen. The more I ponder our situation the more I realize it may not be intentional, its inherent and maybe isn't fragmentation at all, its the difference between individualism and collectivism.

For the last 12 years, I have watched people. The closest I think we have ever been is when we all attended the Tea Party. Since that time however, as things get worse politically, I have noticed people's attitudes, mannerisms, and language change and along with that increased fear and anger at the perceived issue where anger is aroused now at those we once stood with so rather than finally unifying, we seem to be further fragmented. This further fragmentation causes more confusion among the general constitutionalist movement because in many cases some people are not aware of the intentions of others and Further complicated as some try to caution others and are condemned.

Case in Point, Ammon Bundy. A name synonymous with our country today and more specifically to Idaho. Known by law enforcement as public enemy #1 and to those in the movement, a hero. How can one man be seem so differently by two different kinds of people?

On one hand he is the great "Unifier" in the name of liberty, fighting corruption wherever it may be and the next, he chooses to align with Black Lives Matter funded by the Communists. Could his unification efforts have changed direction or is that merely a perception by those that don't know better? In addition, what will such actions do to an already fractured movement? What message does that send not only to those that don't know him but for those that think they do?

I have learned that perception is reality to a great many people and what they see they believe is theirs. Since we no longer take the time to understand what we don't know, it is much easier to assume. So let's assume Ammon's desire is to unify all people, which I believe wholeheartedly it is but is his desire for the sake of liberty to prove in some way the Communist BLM are useful idiots without telling them so? I would say it is a noble act and if he believes it is possible, why not do it? right? This country sure would be better for it.

On the other hand, consider who he is as a national or global figure and that people follow every move he makes. What if what his intentions are, are not understood and how will public opinion and media run with this? Some say, who cares. What if this good hearted guy doesn't know things he needs to know before he acts?

My thoughts are these: People trust what they know. They instinctively have a distrust for those with inconsistent worldviews, where their words differ from their actions, we all know that and I believe in order to build such trust one needs to be consistent to build that trust. I am also someone that believes in making friends not enemies and attempting to share the truth and allow that truth, not my actions, to be the dividing factor. I also believe as Sun Tsu said that we need to not only understand our enemies but ourselves and we need to, before we act. Although we may be driven by the heart we must search and consider the unintended consequences.

Understanding ourselves is important as regular people and as Americans. Understanding the enemy not only means the ability to identify who they are but their actions and their history.

Ultimately, the choices we make are ours and so are those consequences but as public figures with followers shall we not be more cautious when those that follow may be lead astray by our actions? Has this happened before and gone unnoticed?

So, who is the enemy, the Police? Seriously? Well then I guess the Deep State isn't, Big Pharma isn't, The environmental NGO's aren't, the United Nations isn't, the corrupt multi-national corporations aren't, the communist congress isn't, the corrupt mayors and city councils, local school boards and local HOA's aren't and certainly the global elite aren't either? How convenient that a free people would align with the radical left on an agenda item that the Communists have used for decades pointing to the police as the enemy! Sadly in the mix of pointing fingers, those doing the pointing make no mention of the three fingers pointing back at themselves?

As I recall, it was Benjamin Franklin that stated to Mrs. Powell: "we have a republic if you can keep it..." To me, it means that a government created by and for the people was a people's constitutional republic and that the people were the guardian's in maintaining our freedom not being derelict for four decades then come back only to inappropriately label the enemy that just so happens to align with the agenda of the true enemy?

The facts are that the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA and other Communist Revolutionary groups aren't here to talk, they are here to fulfill their agenda. They are paid, they are brainwashed, they have been demoralized, they are here to destabilize. They are anti-God, Anti-American, Anti-Christian, and Anti-white and desire all things free people oppose. All of these things we would understand if we read the manual written by the enemy to understand the enemy. Wouldn't it have been an easier and more productive experiment to reach out to the Neocon Idaho GOP instead since they hate us but are closer in ideology to us than the radical Marxists? I mean should what is considered low hanging fruit have been a priority?

All in all, I guess, I am not saying one can't have tremendous success doing anything. All I am saying is that it is important to guard ones heart and pray ones actions not be futile. To understand oneself and ones enemy, to strategically consider all plausible scenarios as well as unintended consequences. But in doing all of this, we need to remember to try not to attack others if they don't want to follow. it just may be (or may not be) that those that stand in opposition or at a distance may be aware of things you aren't or perhaps maybe they didn't fully understand or they just didn't want to.

Ultimately, The enemy has waged war against a free people, the axis of evil against that which is good and I believe we need to take necessary steps to guard the flock as jealous guardians from being further divided by attempts to reach out to those that desire to do harm to the flock. In the most simple terms no one has ever placed a good apple in a bushel of bad ones and made them all good and to think otherwise is just not thinking.

To do good is honorable but to align with the enemy is folly.

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