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Do you say my property "value" is going up? I say Horse-Pucky!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

My property “value” went up? HORSE-PUCKY!

People tell me my home value went up! Wow! What do these people think I am, stupid? My value didn't go up, value is something worth what others will pay for what you own! If I am not selling, the value of my home didn't increase at all! and no one truly owns their home anymore anyway! If this is true, why aren't we sending repair bills to the state or county for partial or full reimbursement? The correct statement is that the government used arbitrary numbers in an arbitrary process to increasingly make it more difficult to live where I have chosen to live because it can't live within its means!

I don't have a mortgage and I never have and did this intentionally so there was no excuse for the bank or government to take it! We built here to live and die here and the government's job was to not only to protect my property but to protect my right to own property ownership not find ways to destroy it! This is of no value to anyone and instead, is DANGEROUS! Why?

Who will defend my property if my government won't? If I am all that's left to defend it, will I now be criminalized for preventing such confiscation and if so, who makes the law and what makes it lawful?!

To the average uninformed American they have no concept of my grievance or its subject matter but please know it doesn't mean what I am saying isn’t accurate and lawful!

I have been politically active around this state for 15 years and if you aren't paying attention now, something will draw you in and you will become just as I am. My mission has always been to alert people BEFORE they are personally affected not after!

Your choice Communist Manifesto or Declaration of Independence!

If you have your kids in MSD (Middleton communist school district) I can guarantee which one they would choose and you paid tor that too!

I had no idea that choosing to die here included the possibility of defending my property from my government. What a fool I was.

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