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Election season: Neo-con attacks as usual. This time, Chad Christensen

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Rebuttal Letter to the editor to Preston Citizen: Rebuttal to Dad gets to tell the rest of the story,

Ah, another political season is clearly underway in Idaho where people try to define who they are, placating to their constituents while condemning others they don’t even know, at least well enough to be honest many times for their own gain while citing honor, integrity, transparency and “true conservatism.”

I have been politically active for more than 15 years and a regularly scheduled visitor in communities statewide so I do have a vested interest in exposing truth where I feel it is needed, at least to share a perspective to give readers both sides of an issue. I write because I love Idaho especially Eastern Idaho and have good friends across the state, even in Preston.

As I read the letter the beautifully written by Rebecca Davis that was dated April 29,2020, about the love of her father I was touched as I am sure many of you were, at least until I read that love for her father turn into a political assault on Chad Christensen when the letter had nothing to do with him. As I finished the letter, I was left asking: “What did what she learn as a kid and what her dad told her about the story in Meridian have to do with why her dad was a better choice than Chad Christensen?

As I said, I have been extremely active, I know the political games, I know the landscape and I am very aware of the language people use to acutely identify one’s worldview perspective most likely before they even know I know. It is not a special gift, it is just something you acquire over time. I felt if I shared what I know about Idaho politics without assaulting one’s character, it would be better received so here it goes:

There is a war in this country and in this state, a war of ideas and a war between internal and external factions. I am sure you see it like I do but few ask or know why this is happening and I do.

In Idaho we are republican controlled and have been for some time. Those that have the control have been in office for some time now and those of us that know Idaho politics, know the goal is to maintain republican control, but what does that mean for us?

We here all about who is the “true conservative,” and “Proudly republican,’ we hear “love of God and country,’ and we “pray at every meeting,” right? Those issues when looking at them at a distance look like true Americanism right? Maybe on the outside, because in politics there is more likely than not an outer appearance and an inside agenda.

So from the outside, the words are great but if we look closer, what and who is behind those words? If we had to, how one would define “true conservatism, “Proud republican, “right wing extremist, or “Fringe right?” To prove my case, ask anyone that uses the terms and they would not be able to define them because they are not definable. This is just one more ploy to divide some people against other people and I find it detestable considering this country was founded on individualism, not collectivism and people don’t even realizing that classifying yourself in a group is not only contrary to the Founders of our country but aligned more with communal living or majority or mob rule! And what about the power of “OTTERPAC?” Has anyone ever thought that the self-imposed purpose of this group is to keep their candidates in office that robs the individual of their individual vote? Does supporting the republicans support collectivism if this is true?

Furthermore, how can one claim to be a proud republican when republicans get angry when challenged when they fail to adhere to their platform? Isn’t the problem with this country the elected officials failed adherence to the constitution? And better yet, why do those republicans that claim to be more American than others also get angry when they label people attempting to hold government officials to the constitution, radical extreme right “constitutionalists?” Is anyone following me here?

Truth be told the creation of both parties has a sordid history, only few know but what others also don’t know is that because America was built on individualism, the Founding Fathers didn’t intend on having parties because they became collective factions and did more to divide a country than unify it so what was the unification mechanism? It wasn’t republicanism, it was the Constitution.

Another part of history people are unaware of is the infiltration of the Republican Party by self-proclaimed Neoconservatives. You see, people say they are conservative but no one bothers to ask what kind of conservative and that is also a part of our demise. The republicans say they are conservatives but hate socialism but during republican control we have exponentially increased socialist programs, how can this be? It is so because the republican’s deviation or lack of holding people to the platform has allowed it to be infiltrated by Neo-cons or as the self-avowed creators say “Trotskyite style Marxists.” This is not an attack on the republicans and I am not even a democrat, I am a truthocrat.

So, if anything I said it true and it is, when the republicans also called “Establishment republicans” attempt to control the narrative on what true conservatism is, why are people so quick to buy it without seeing what they do? Have we truly become a country that can no longer see the difference between Constitutionalism and Marxism? Sadly, I believe this to be true.

So, my good friends in Preston, I write not to harm or belittle anyone, only to share a perspective I believe worth considering as we see our nation and our state slide to the left as other states have and to ask each of you to be honest with yourselves. Would you rather support a candidate that disparages its opponent maintaining their narrative as superficial lip service without understanding the terms they use or would you as Watchmen on the wall of our once great republic, watch what a man does?

Think about this for a minute, if the republicans hate “Constitutionalists” (their collective term not mine) more than democrats and we are becoming more socialist under republican control, is anyone truly thinking critically about our country anymore?

Summarily, Ms. Davis supports her dad, who can blame her but is she supporting her dad because he is a viable candidate or because it is personal? If people would prefer to continue to treat our elections during such a volatile time as American Idol on based on who they “like” rather than what they know, is it any wonder we are in the trouble we are in?

So, Preston, you have two choices and although I don’t endorse candidates, you can. You can listen to the fluff, the emotion and vote from a superficial understanding or you can dig deeper and learn more about what your candidates truly support.

If I remember right, The Bible says you will be mocked and reviled for my name sake. If this is true, wouldn’t it be of interest to consider the candidate that is being mocked and hated that is so much so that the republican’s would put someone up against every candidate that is?

As for what happened in Kliener Park, how is it possible that someone from Arizona can claim to know the truth more than someone that was there? As it turns out, I am friends with the people on both sides of that incident!

I will never tell someone not to do what they feel in their heart to do, especially when freedom is eroding and especially when people would point fingers at other people before they look at themselves first.

As a recall, the Founders rebelled against a tyrant king. Am I left to believe that people like Ms. Davis and other republicans would have preferred to stand with the tyrant king? If so, how then can they really proclaim to be “true Americans?” Have we also forgotten the Declaration of Independence? Seems as though we have.

Tom Munds

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