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EPA, the Sackett's "victory" and a tepid response compared to the war that rages against us. Part 1

The Liberty headlines read "The Sackett's finally win!" The apparent reason is because the supreme court ruled the EPA overstepped its boundaries. Listen, I am all about victories anywhere we can get them but I find this article or the apparent understanding rather tepid when looking at the ginormity of the war that is raging not only against our country and others but compared to the ultimate war on humanity by globalist oligarchs that isn't coming...IT IS HERE.

I have said it once and I will say it again, as bad as things have become, if the words and actions we use are not with a complete vehement understanding that we should be alerting people about such war, we will never win and therefore knowing this, with everything we do and say, we should strongly consider the consequences for not only what we say but what we don't.

Passion for me doesn't come because I am paid. It doesn't come because I want to garner all the attention I can muster, I don't do it to be popular or to become unpopular and I also don't do it hoping I will be alienated like a plague speaking truth to people that don't want to hear it... I do it partly because few others are or will, I do it because it is good and right and I do it because of my love of all of humanity not just a party or other collectivist group that may allegedly think like I do. My allegiance is to God, my family, my country and the globe as a citizen (not a global citizen) that wishes to warn against this war! It is a war for the soul of man, a war against freedom, a war against sovereignty, children, education and God's Divine providence!

As much as I do appreciate what organizations like this do, I found this article weak on several counts and therefore in somewhat of a contradiction and a bit of a set back for a movement that hopefully desires to educate the electorate. Perhaps, groups like these posess basic knowledge or perhaps they assume people understand the underlaying principles they seem have avoided going ito in any detail. Maybe the article wasn't for that purpose or maybe it was sutied to do just what it did, either way, I found it a great opportunity to expand on a great topic so that people have a better understanidng of it, in case they didn't before. Therefore for thse reasons, I will state that this article in my opinion...

1. It would make people believe that the creation of the EPA is legitimate.

2. It would make people believe that congress should have clarified and outlined the power and authoirity of the EPA,

3. It would allow people to think that the supreme court can rule and therefore make law.

4. That states or the people have no power or control to not only rein in such abuse but abolish it and

5. A remedy or a victory is NEVER without the injured party being compensated...EVER and

6. articles like this competely miss or avoid the underlaying conspiratorial elements that are the biggest part of the war that rages against us that people still don't seem to want to admit exists or don't know it does.

Why do people avoid these conspiratorial elements anyway? Is it because they don't know them or because they don't think there readers are ready to accept them? Will they be considered "looney tunes" for even mentioning it? Will donors back away from the truth fearing funding would make the organization less effective? Believe me I understand all of these things and they are relevent to consider but, for how long will people worry about the trivial things when things are far bigger than most realize?

Since the point of this post isn't to condemn the writer or the organization, at all, , I should say that I only wish to use this article and the important topic to bring a greater understanding for people to know more and from another perspective. Furthermore, I think since the writer and the organization and I both have similar worldviews as far as constitutionalism, I thought it important for readers to know, we may agree in some areas or even all areas but a particular topic is far more beneficial to the reader if expanded even in the name of just stating it in the proper context.

I look forward to outlining and discussing each of my numbers mentioned above in the next post. As always, I welcome any comments I recieve and if you find I am in error in anything I write, I am not beyond reproach.

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