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Demonstrations break out all over the world... China, Venezuela, EU, America...

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

People have been targeted by their governments since the beginning of time. Should they just begin to accept it as a part of the human condition? If not, why not, and if not, what can be done about it and why hasn't anything been done or has anything been done?

In my experience, people rise up for several major reasons: when they are scared of something, act out of emotion, in ignorance or act because they are aware of the threats to their freedom and nothing else matters and/or of course they are hungry.


"The war is not as much between Nation's as it is between the Governments and the people they were to serve."


It is important to understand that the countries when they become oppressive enough for people to take to the streets, it is time to openly admit that they are in some degree part of a globalist, anti-God, anti-national sovereignty creation that seeks to destroy all national boundaries and traditions to merge comfortably with the Soviet ideology not only regionally but economically, politically, socially and governmentally.

Now that we have stated with brevity and clarity what they are up to, I can also say that although some nations tend to have issues that appear to be within their borders, there are elements of the agenda that connect them. For example, what happens in Venezuela may look like it is isolated to Venezuela but is most likely not the case.

Take Europe for example, what happens in Europe will most likely happen in America. Why? For one reason, I believe that the UK and America are relatives, and Ephriam and Manasseh if you will, the Crown and the Sceptre. For another, I believe that America's controlling entity has everything to do with the Crown and one more, that the overall conspiracy is to break down national sovereignties around the world to work toward that anti-God one-world government and hasten a socialist revolution.

Crazy you say? Perhaps, but consider enough fundamental history of nations and consider the importance of national sovereignty- the pride of one's country and those willing to sacrifice their lives to maintain it. Then consider another aspect of human nature, the desire for power- to conquer. In these two instances alone, is it that hard to imagine defending one's country and the desire to conquer other nations? Of course not!

Now consider a globalist power structure that had so much power, control, and influence that it can manipulate the minds of those it controls to do anything it wants to- Invade other lands, support unlawfully acquiring and controlling natural resources, overthrowing foreign governments, and even collapsing economies? Yes! All that is needed is to instill fear in the people you control and make them believe that nations are at war with one another by some fabricated means. World wars started this way.

Now, take the same controlling entity, give them the power over their once sovereign governments and use the same tactics to make the people believe they need to give up their rights, sovereignty, and traditions and a one-world government is in the making.

"Global economies," "Global communities," "Global education," "global environmental laws," "Trade agreements" and more. Today we have an increasingly empowered United Nations, a living and breathing global bureaucracy, commissions, world courts, world banks, no longer governments by created by the people for the people but a government by the oligarchs for the oligarchs that control their citizens.

I am a peaceful man but I must admit, watching the people awaken and arise to their awful situation and finally throw caution to the wind in the name of freedom is the essence of a free spirit no matter what country one is from. When people have nothing else to live for they have nothing to lose and sadly the governments around the world instead of realizing this will instead do whatever they can to maintain control. I just hope in the not too distant future we win because if we don't, freedom will be something that can only be remembered in the minds of men and never again exercised.

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