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United Nations facing political attack

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

The United Nations, self-appointed itself as the "Parliament of Humanity" and the United States still gives unwavering support while it goes unnoticed by Americans and their local governments? Are things beginning to change?

The United Nations made its global debut in 1945 allegedly created to maintain world peace after the horrific tragedies of war have arguably been responsible for deaths due to conflicts between nations than at any time before its creation so why do they still have such global support?

Consider first of all the United Nations was the second attempt at the global collective as the first attempt, The League of Nations" was not supported by the United States because of the possible danger to US national sovereignty. If this was true, why would the US years later join in such a collective?

Secondly, consider the members of the UN. Most if not all are dictators, tyrants, communist/Socialist/Fascists and America "The last bastion of freedom" has some reason for joining? Why would America do such a thing unless its reasons are not what the public has been sold? I argue that nothing the Amerian people have been sold by their government is the truth and this includes our "contribution" to the UN.

The United Nations self-appointed itself as the "Parliament of Humanity" but does history show the U.N. is the most abusive collective on the planet?

Thirdly, Is anyone asking who the masterminds are behind its creation, what their motives are and what affiliations these people have? No.

In order to follow my thoughts, one would need to have enough of an open mind to realize that nothing is what is stated to be and that the "issue is never the issue." One must be willing to consider that all one has been taught is a lie and that the possibility of a global controlling mechanism that seeks to do harm not just to America and not to other nations but to all inhabitants of the globe in the name of helping them and that not only is the war on earth between good and evil, as nations struggle between freedom and security but those that desire to be free and those that desire to control.

If what I have stated above is true, just looking at America as an example, it would be enough for anyone with average intelligence to clearly see support for the UN is for evil and not for good. So I ask the question, are people today below-average intelligence or have they bought the lie? A few questions I would ask may be:

  • What nation would be willing to give up its sovereignty?

  • Why would any nation take any directive from an entity outside of itself?

  • Why would any nation join an entity that lacks a clear understanding of who created the entity and why?

  • What nation would not periodically ask from time to time if stated goals are consistent with their actions?

  • What nation would go to war using its own troops to fight in battles that are politically motivated?

  • What nation would authorize tax dollars to be spent without any accountability and without a stated length of time and desired goal?

  • Why would any nation support the "Perpetual war for perpetual peace" mantra especially when most taxpayers have no control over the spending of their governments?

  • Why would any nation not be willing to investigate possible conspiratorial elements within that entity?

Something to consider, since American involvement in the UN, have there been more deaths in the 20th century than in all of the time before its creation? The answer may surprise you. Is it finally time for the UN to be scrutinized and attacked for its atrocities or is that also a facade? Only time will tell.

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