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Fear, Silence and having something to say

If you havent' heard, I have something to say. I guess I have for a long time now.

I remember being in school at a young age questioning those in "authority" asking why. They always said "stop asking why" and I never stopped. As a matter of fact, I had been doing it for so long that I finally found out, later in life, why I believe these people always hated when I asked. Is it because they didn't have the answers or did they just not want to answer because they felt they were in control and I was undermining that authority? LOL, funny how that looks today.

I believe that these people in "authority" believe that because they were in "authority" that no one would question them and I did and do. Today, that it seems that many people are asking and those in authority are using tactics of fear, manipulation while maintaiing the narrative and control. These tactics have stirred up the indignance inside of me since I was little and no wonder I find them as intolerable today as I did when I was a child.

I have watched this garbage happen all my life. I have seen parental abuse, governmenal abuse and of course the abuse between people of the same age in school, jobs, and daily life. I guess you could say I gave up being silent a long time ago. I realized, even from my own childhood experiences that I could either be an entitlement brat or prove to everyone I know, that I was worth something and like the abused, if they wouldn't stand for themselves, I would stand when I felt I should. Afterall, it is the right thing to do, right? I am pleased to say after all this time, nothing has changed much but I would never have guessed the way I grew up prepared me greatly for whom I have become today.

For the last few decades, I always wondered how I could be more effective. Looking back, I had spoken only to my small circle of influence. After repeating these opportunities, I questioned how many times I could speak to people that already know me and how long could do so thinking I am making a difference?

Most that know me know that I have never felt like I was a public speaker. Most also know I will speak when asked but I never went out of my way looking for opportunties. That has changed. To clarify, I would like to exhaust every opportunity I get to speak and I would like your help. It seems that too many have become to complacent to all that is happening and few even know why. I must look for opportunities to share because not only will this affect us all regardles of party, I think people have become so de-sentitized, so apathetic, so defeatist so narrowly focused on trivialties, people need a massive awakening and a re-alignment of their psychy.

I have learned that if people don't know you, you need to find opportunities to make connections, to do what needs to be done, say what needs to be said and to live life looking forward, as if every day is your last.


Can people can handle the truth? Can they handle what needs to be said? Should I care? Will I focus more on what needs to be said or on how not to drive people away and at what point is preaching such tolerance against the desire to speak the truth? Do I push harder or do I back off? Do I say what needs to be said risking the trust and willingness of the audience that attends? Will they see me and ask if I am intolerant or intolerant of what? Will they agree or will they have no idea what I am talking about? Will they sense my heart and the truth for what it is or will they walk away adhering to the govenrment narrative that anyone that speaks with passion and has a desire for truth is an extremist?


You would think that question would have been answered sometime in the last 20 years and perhaps it has, I am still just a little shaky about it and I guess it is time to take my own advice.

All in all, I see that all of the things I have tried to warn people about have or are coming true and although people may or not see it, they at least see that something is wrong and very few, it seems, know or are willing to help others understand what that is. My desire to those that trust me is to do my best every day to try to share what I know. . Whether people agree or not isn't important, it is the willingness to dialogue or even just listen. We need to start somewhere. If anyone thinks that a mission like this is easy, I would encourage anyone to try it. Many times we get one chance to make an impact, if we miss, we may have lost that opportunity forever. That one, in this case, is as important as the many. There is more on the line than people realize.

In the midst of all of our issues, people are digging in. They are, often times, adhering to what they think they know like their lives depend on it. Most I know doing this are hanging on to a lie, or untruths or hanging on to something they think they know as true and will only find out that ship is sinking as well. I am not saying I am the "be all, end all" of all things, not even close, but I do think I have enough of a finger on the pulse to share something worthwhile to those that will listen.

Fear is the best thing to keep one from doing anything so if we are less fearful of what people may think, that alone, could make us more successful.

When opening my mouth, it is important to know that I don't try to agitate people, I don't try to build opposition against me, as a matter of fact, I wish for the opposite. I wish for something unifying but you know like I do truth seems to breed contention for those that don't know it or don't want to hear it. If it isn't truth, it is hardly worth saying anyway is it? I always say that "The truth only hurts if it should" so by definition, how can unity be obtained if some live in truth and others don't and they occupy the same space?

Our country is in bad shape and it seems to me people are too busy to know why, whom and how. I believe if they don't know this, they will be unable to identify or fix problems and of course we need to know in our hearts that it is never too late to fight or to be free.

I have traveled multiple states in my territory and what few see is that the GOP is the same everywhere. Like Globalist issues that are in every country and every community around the globe, the GOP seems to be as concerted as the globalists and in many cases in every group, there are a few that don't seem to care or know about how close this country is to collapsing forever, they just want to control the GOP meetings by focusing on the only thing they seem to care about, bylaws, meeting policy, rules of order or their allegiance to person and party even if they sacrifice principle.

If concerted action exists, there must be orchestrators and there is also a narrative that orchestrators use and are intolerant of all others. This type of intolerance is easily seen when one group blames another without defining the argument or calmly willing to discuss it. It is time for all of us to realize this. It is time to identify it and call it out and it is time to ask who and why and never tire of asking.

It is time to stand and declare that this country is hanging by a thread and if you see or talk to someone that doesn't live and breathe everyday as if there is a war raging for the soul of humanity, it maybe their turn to be silenced by the truth as people wake up to it. Now we just need them to openly say it!

As it turns out, the Lord has blessed me (through good new friends) with several opportunities to speak to groups that I have tried to for decades and have never had the opportunity. I look forward to every opportunity I get and thank those that gave me those opportunities. May I never let you down.

Lawfully speaking, the only option for Americans to bring this country back are through education and action. If where you are doesn't educate you and others, and they don't ask you to help educate others but they still want you as part of their group, I would question not only what they know but what their focus is and whether they know how close this country is to failing and how the people in such groups can become a part of the solution. It isn't too late but whether it is or isn't, depends on you. The solution to our issues is not getting "good candidates" into office, it is to educate and activate the masses so they get good people ito office.

Most Americans feel like the war has been lost. In reality it may only be because there are not enough of them that know what they should and are willing to standing as they should.

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