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Fentanyl, a manufactured crisis?

Updated: Feb 1

The Idaho Freedom Caucus wants to deal with Fentanyl. (Photo: original photo used from their original email)

I think we should be extremely careful as we proceed and here is why and these are my comments in the article:

Since this has been opened up for discussion, I thought I would chime in if I may. Drugs are a symptom of our problem and not the problem so addressing the symptom will do nothing more than spend money and grow government, further erode our right to privacy and so on. Second, Fentanyl is a drug, although it does have its own characteristics it is still a drug and I assume if this issue will be in front of legislators, this would be a conversation about drugs, not just Fentanyl and I would assume if legislated would be subject to laws that govern or should I say regulate drugs (Will the feds be involved in this unconstitutional act as well?) .

Third of all, regardless of whose hands it is in, it is, as I understand, created by Big Pharma. Fourth, If Fentanyl is created by Big Pharma, and drugs are a problem in this country, and we believe in truly protecting our state then we should strip the immunities of big pharma (reducing the size and influence of the Medical industrial complex) as well. Perhaps including issues like not being arrested for being on meds but being busted for pot, for example? Fifth, we assume that the border is the biggest issue and although it may seem like it, at some point, it is going to become important to recognize the government while funding the war on drugs on one hand, also has its hand in the drug trade on the other. Sixth, dealing with the border issue, it is long past time for people to realize why the border is open and why there is no move to close it. It's not just about Biden or just about elections.

You see, if the borders are closed, they cannot merge Canada, The US and Mexico into the North American Union (See New Declaration of North America on the Whitehouse page, the USMCA, TPP, TTIP, and other trade agreements) with other agreements. Political and economic integration is key in this process and world government under the UN is the goal. Seventh, If I understand enough about history, governments create problems, then incite fear, then come up with "solutions" and we always lose our liberties. Additionally, drugs (and mind control) have been used to subdue a people, and one would need to look no further than the British East India Company and its sordid history.

Let us also not forget our two Columbia University Sociologists (and Socialists), friends Cloward and Piven that clearly describe (as the US is implementing their agenda) how to collapse this nation's economy, healthcare, employment, etc. Something additional to consider is the "Climate change" (properly known as United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development) component here as the plan of population reduction AND economic collapse "reducing Carbon Dioxide" or what they refer to as "carbon footprint" (that isn't dangerous like they say it is) also moving toward world government. They want to kill the free market and kill the ability to enjoy the fruits of ones labor.

Finally, it is also important to realize world government needs a peoples and nations to become dependent upon it. It also needs people dependent upon their local government and also remember, the plan for world government is to intentionally reduce the population of the planet while only America stands in the way as the last hope of freedom for mankind so this is why we are the primary target. So, as I digress, please understand and respetfully so, it isn't just about drugs, it's about everything relating to world government so the sooner people can say it, the sooner we can address the issue at the root, not the branch. World government, like it or not isn't coming, its already here and only you can do something about it and make no mistake about it...You can.

If you are interested in a loose video version of this topic consider my video called "Drugs and Other Excuses"

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