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Fentanyl and the advancement of world government

This is my letter to law enforcement regarding their focus on fighting the war on Fentanyl. I argue here that Fentanyl is a steppingstone toward world government and that focusing on it advances global governance.

Regarding a conversation concerning Fentanyl, coupled with our shared and stated interested in understanding what we don’t clearly know, I thought I would offer something you may find interesting about immigration relating to the Fentanyl problem as I believe they are directly related to the border issue and advancing global governance. I have composed the following thoughts:

1. So, what if the reason we have a drug issue is because of something bigger. Let’s start by saying it is because we have no border control.

2. If the Feds are not defending the border as we should agree but have defined the “War on Drugs,” is there even a desire to control drugs when they won’t control the border?

3. Could it be that the feds are not protecting the border for another reason? If so, what could that reason be? Well, I believe I can substantiate that it isn’t about drugs and that drugs are only a means or a mechanism to something greater.

For example:

  1. I believe there will be no attempts to protect the border because the point is to abolish the border completely advancing what is called “regionalism” as a steppingstone toward Globalism. Historical evidence would be to understand the history of trade agreements and the formation of the European Union (EU). These agreements, like the Coal and Steel Community in 1951 began with an idea to advance political and economic integration. If what I say is true, this is a direct assault on state and national sovereignty, in this case advancing the formation of the North American Union, a North American version of the EU.

  2. Consider just a few of many of these. (Consider the common theme among them all)

    1. The Declaration of Interdependence (1974):

    2. The New Declaration for North America (2023):

    3. Transpacific Partnership (TPP):

    4. Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP):

    5. Trump’s USMCA:

    6. Agenda 21:

    7. Agenda 2030:

    8. IPCC report:

    9. Freedom from War document 7277-Incremetal disarmament

  1. If the move is to incrementally destroy state and national sovereignty, what governing entity will replace what we currently have (or are supposed to have?) I would like to direct you to the UN charter:. (Rights only authorized by the UN.)

  2. If we are moving away from our intended republican form of government in support of regionalism through Climate change, what mechanism are they using to advance this?

    1. They are not using the constitutional means to do it

    2. They are empowering corporations and NGO’s to make such changes and disavowing the use of Article 5 of our US constitution to do it.

    3. They are using NGO”s to either circumvent or direct government (like COMPASS)

  3. If what I say is true, what will that mean for law enforcement? If law enforcement is beholden to incremental federalization, let’s say, and the Feds support such changes, what protections do LE and the citizens have, especially when our own Governor supports this agenda through Climate Change?

  4. ****NOTICE paragraph 4 of the Declaration of Interdependence that states clearly the support of the NWO that is in direct conflict with the MIAC report and DHS Right Wing Extremist Lexicon as being a Conspiracy theory. Every evidence I have shown you proves the move toward a NWO.

  5. What happens when the Governor supports globalism through Climate Change and has, at his disposal command over the state government and law enforcement?

  6. If the Governor is supporting an agenda endangering the people he claims to protect, what lawful remedy to people have against it and what will that mean as people wake up and begin to resist the governments’ move away from a Constitutional system to a global one?

The reason for this post is to show that one single issue like drugs is only a small part of the whole and that if not considered, we will unknowingly suffer these consequences for future generations.

The bottom line is that everything is connected and as you can see, I can supply original source documentation to prove it, not just some radical conspiratorial opinions void of substance. By the way, I do feel confident I can help others connect the dots on seemingly unconnected issues like Water, Guns, population and trade and even LGBT to Climte Change and gun control.

You may be asking, “So, what should I do about it?” If asking, I can only suggest to consider the information I have provided and if not a concern now, know that I am here to help people understand what is happening if anyone is ever interested. I wish to promote peace and freedom in my country for us and our posterity and feel that people have a right to know but I did just think of one thing you may want to consider…

As I travel to awaken people to our awful situation, if they listen and awaken, it could increase resistance among the citizens that could become problematic for those keeping the peace. Just know, between you and I, I wish not to aggravate anyone just to tell the truth and will always be available to you or anyone at any time. Knowing all of this will also help you understand why people may becoming more agitated and that such agitation may be in self-defense against the abolition of sovereignty in support of globalism.

Thank you for your time.


If you are still sitting on the sidelines and want to know what to do, contact me. this is no time to be idle!

If you find this worth sharing, please, please please do so. If you disagree, please share your comments as long as they pertain to the subjectmatter. All comments that don't will be removed.

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