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Fitting neatly into a box...

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

I don't believe I fit neatly in a box but I do believe there are people that try to put people into a box for what ever reason.

Like this morning, merely because I question geo-politics, if I don't support the narrative, I must support the enemy (whoever "they" decide the enemy may be) like George Bush's famous quote "You are either with us or you are with the terrorists." Well that keeps things in the box, doesn't it? It's like if I question anything related to any other foreign country no one says anything but if I question the government created narrative, like COVID, vaccines, Ukraine or Israel, I am the Devil or racist at the very least even when most people know the media is corrupt and the govenrment lies to us? This sounds more delusional than anything else. Oddly enough, in all of my comments never have I said anything derrogatory about anyone but yet I am racist? Sounds like towing the government narrative to me.

I have learned from experience that what the government says is a lie. Almost everything (maybe everything) is almost the exact opposite of what they say. Look at the food pyramid for example. All they needed to do after 40 years was to turn it over and that isn't a clue?

I may not know what is happening at any particular time regarding an issue so I will not outwardly say I do like others have and do but if I were a juror, all I would need is to show is reasonable doubt but I guess that only works in court and not outside of the courtroom. Meanwhle Christians and Americans salivate and chastise others that don't follow the narrative yet I am supposed to go to church that tows the govenrment narratives and yet, I am wrong but the US govenrment, Fauci, Israel, Ukraine and churches are speaking the truth?

Well the truth is few if anyone truly understands what is happening over seas or who the major players are or why they are doing what they do so the best we can do is suspect what we think may be happening. Last I checked asking questions wasn't a crime or taking a position other than stating there must be more to what we are told. As with anything else, time may tell and of course as the gap widens between the MSM and alternative media, the truth will become more easily known.

This deal with Israel is not as easy as most of us think, if they even think. Most don't understand how their own government works much less foreign governments, they are also TOTALLY unaware of the conspiratorial elements relating to most issues. If you offer opinions without being based on history, current events, the constitution and elements of conspiracy, you will never be accurate in what you think.

I was told this morning that I basically supported the Hamas side of the issue because I challenged the narrative? This is another tragedy because statements like these are designed to put you in a box... well if you don't support the narrative, you are with the enemy- the enemy in this case, being Hamas, ISIS that would be consistent with a CIA creation? Has the US never done this before? So how do I look now?

Also consider the interesting bibilical nature of the argument. America says we need to support Israel because God says that a nation will be blessed for supporting Israel? Is that it? Is no one wanting to look a bit deeper? If not, was Hitler, for example, right when he used Romans 13 to subjugate his people?

Yet, in America, we are still radically moving away from God's word, our families are crumbling, we are in unrecoverable debt, pornography floods our streets like open sewers as we mutilate all of God's creation including the unborn but we wish to be blessed? Do I understand that right?

Furthermore, as I recall in Scripture, Jacob's name was changed to Israel. So, is it racist to ask if God meant supporting the UN created nation of Israel or could he have meant Israel's descendants? I am just asking. I have read Scripture for some time and I also have learned the importance of words. In conversations with fellow "Christians" I have heard undying support for Israel, "The Jews" because God said to? From looking at my KJV, it doens't even say this. Many of these people also claiming to be constitutionalists are not realizing that alliances are not only unconstitutional but our Founders were arguably far more religious men than we are today so, if support for Israel was important, why did they not place an exemption in our founding documents? Furthermore, does the average Christian know their geneology? Are the words Hebrew, Jew and Israel now all synonomous? There is much to be learned on this topic and people really should learn it, at least to consider it and compare it to what most think they know today. Should we all desire the truth? Shouldn't we all go where the truth takes us? To me, maybe isn't even a consideration! I have also heard there are deliniations of Jew- The Sephardic, Khazars, Rabinnical, etc., would it be appropriate to ask these Christians to whom they are referring?

What would our Founders have thought about this? As I recall Washington said we should be friends with all nations but have no entangling alliances with them. Why? Because if any nation went rogue, we would have placed ourselves in the middle of two warring nations that would compromise our integrity and both the sovereignty of oour nation and theirs.

What about the UN? I read somewhere that the UN created the Israel state in 1947. Do people really think that the UN is no part of this issue? The UN is part of EVERY issue! I also found out about a few things no one is talking about, the Balfour Agreement, a letter arguably written to Walter Rothchild- you know the infamous insider family most of us are aware of? Why was the Sykes-Picoot treaty allegedly secret? All I want to do is to know the truth, I don't care where it leads.

Economically speaking, the US/IMF collusion wants to economically control the world. We all know by now that the US will war with anyone that challenges their narrative, including the BRICS nations as they seem to wish to be under a different system? What about the Suez canal, could this be a part of the war? I mean, who knows?

Regionally speaking, The UN is involved in everything, so is it wrong to consider MEFTA, the Middle Eastern Free Trade Agreement that works to undermine sovereignties of all nations to fall under one supra-national governing head... The UN?

All in all, Although I am just asking questions, I think I have, at least, provided reasonable doubt.

For those that feel like passing judgement because of what I said, please understand I don't hate anyone but If questioning the narrative puts me in the box, I will gladly fit in that one.

America was Divinely inspired. Its people to be and have been blessed more than the sands of the sea and scattered across the world, in the name of Chrisitan forbearance, are known to be the most giving nation in the world, then things started to change and I believe America is far less blessed now that it was when it was created. Is anyone asking why this is happening? We should be asking because every decision anyone makes comes with consequences and at times catastrophic and irreversible. It would be insane to think that a hypocritical nation can remain blessed for forgetting that which God commanded us not to forget.

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