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Forest for the Trees

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

I remember a saying from way back when. I always thought it was a peculiar saying because most sayings seem to make sense me and this one didn't but it stuck anyway. I mean I can see the forest in the trees or see the forest because of the trees but for the trees was an interesting saying for me and still is.

Of course if you are familiar with the phrase, you know what it means whether it may make sense to you or not but I realized that just because one may be familiar with the phrases and sayings doesn't necessarily mean they understand or apply the wisdom inherent in them.

Case in point, the dangers we are facing in America and around the globe today as governments continue to gain more power over the people and more and more people feel completely helpless in stopping it while others even at this late stage in the game don't even realize anything is wrong and if they do, they have no idea what exactly is wrong so they naturally go to what they understand or go with what makes them comfortable.

I was on the radio again this morning and Kevin and I were talking about vaccines and side effects we heard from all sides. The more conservative side is more likely to oppose the vaccines while doctors and leftists are more in support. To me vaccines are a very highly charged political issue and healthcare issues should never be political because when they become that way we lose sight of the intent of healthcare which is what I see today and I'll bet my subscribers see it like I do. You are not wrong.

Healthcare isn't about healthcare anymore its about money, control and politics, motive, special interest and dark agendas and this is why it is more dangerous than ever. This isn't to say everyone in the profession is dark and evil, they aren't, the problem is that since we have been brainwashed to "trust the experts" without question, we lose accountability and things happen when we lose sight of that in every area of our lives.

I am admittedly someone that adamantly opposes masks. I am also someone that vehemently opposes vaccines but I am also one that adamantly opposes any area in my life where the government intends to unlawfully intrude on my liberties and the liberties of others. If you are going to call me anti-mask, or anti-vaccine, you could also call me anti-government. In this light of lunacy, you could call our Constitution anti-government! If we maintain consistency in our argument, can we also and should we not also call government and those support its totalitarian abuse anti-life and anti-freedom? In the name of fairness, let's at least be consistent.

Mark, a relatively new caller that apparently enjoys chastising me for my comments was talking about how the side effects are minimal to nil compared to those getting vaccinated. I could tell his worldview is moderately left of center when he generalized that the GOP opposed vaccines. To me, it proved that he believes, without realizing it, that the issue is political like I do. In my mind, the sad part is that he and others like him from both sides of the political spectrum are focusing on the wrong issue or issues- those of a highly trivial nature rather than widening their periphery and seeing the forest for the trees.

I began my call this morning saying that as long as I had been on the radio, I have never lied to anyone. Then...admittedly opened myself up for ridicule when I regurgitated random data on the connection with autism and vaccines that I through out there, not for the data itself per se, but to expose the fact that the increased numbers of Autism are far more than decades ago linking Autism to vaccines. I was disheartened as I usually am to know that many of the people listening either don't have ears to hear or minds to think critically, they cannot understand the bigger picture...The conspiratorial underpinnings of Agenda like COVID or vaccines or The Great Reset. To give credit where credit is due, I respect people that are data driven and even appreciate people holding me accountable. These people are needed in the and I admire anyone that pays attention to that kind of detail but my question is would they get lost not seeing the forest through the trees?

In looking back, I should have clarified I am not a data driven individual as much as I am one that sees things that apparently few others can see which are those elements of conspiracy and should have said that. If it not evident, I should also tell you I am a poor grammarian and have poor writing skills but it should discredit what I am trying to say. Since it is radio however and time is limited, there is no time for disclosure statements and disclaimers.

My point in all this and all I do is to point out that we are being brainwashed, controlled, manipulated, chastised and labeled the enemy for challenging the status quo, in a free country. If that isn't enough to make my case, Our media is lying, the government is lying, they are both colluding with one another and now openly censoring free speech as dangerous and the people are so focused on trivialities propagated by the indoctrination centers they don't even see what is happening to them. To make matters way worse not only are the government and media colluding, today Big Pharma and the healthcare industry are also in the mix and I am seeing the churches fall into it too. All of this happening "in your face" and those still focus on masks and whether they work or not?

I listen to people that are more interested in the accuracy of random data to consider anything greater and that is what I have dedicated my life to... helping people understand the bigger picture but since I have no college degree in this particular subject matter, no matter how much I know or how much I read, I will never be able to compete with government endorsed experts and as difficult as it is for me, I understand that.

The conspiratorial elements in front of us all are indeed dark and sinister. The global elitists want to destroy the family structure, they wish to destroy or control the church, they have infiltrated your government, your information centers, your healthcare and now they are coming for you and your freedom. Everything these elites do is to attempt to abolish God and create an all knowing, all controlling, all encompassing One World Government.

You can focus on vaccine side effects or whether masks work, that you think I am a radical conspiracy theorist or any other trivial talking points the Communist media will place in your mind, but just know, while you do, there is something to much bigger going on that is effecting you and your family personally and you will lose everything because you lost site of the forest focusing on the trees.

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14. Apr. 2021

Keep up the good work tom, it won't be long and Kevin will be saying, wow Tom right was right all along.

Gefällt mir
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