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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Are you tired of unlawfully being told what to do by your government, by corporations and fearful private businesses and private citizens that honestly believe they are going to die? Are you tired of the one being told "we enforce masks to cater to the sheep?" I am. Are you willing to join me and others across the state to make our message clear? Do you realize what will happen if you don't? Many of us strongly believe that if we do not act now, all actions in the future will fail and the control your government has over you, if not solidified over you yet will be. To make matters worse, the globalists will have advanced their agenda to the point where nothing we do will matter. With such an urgency, will you act or will you hide? Your country, your state and your community need you...NOW! Please follow instructions and contact me if you need any help!


1. We are looking for site locations with location addresses, sponsors, and their phone contact numbers. Organize within your local area to select locations and send that information to me for posting.

2. Have a burn barrel or bon fire to burn masks, and mandates. Check with your city or county if they have burn restrictions. If so, use a burn barrel with about 6” of water in the bottom and drop in pieces of dry ice to give the appearance of smoke.

3. Choose a gathering place located in a well-known visible area where people can mingle and talk about their grievances.

4. Video or photograph the event for posting on social media and distribute.

5. Let people know we are not going to cooperate with unconstitutional mandates, we want to return representative government back to the people not the Oligarchy that currently controls all outcomes.

6. We have a hashtag #FreeIdaho for more information. It will be up soon.

7. Send the “Free Idaho” flyer to your contact groups. Ask for site sponsors. Print the flyer either 8-1/2” x 11” or 11” x 17” attached and post them where people meet. (coffee clubs, post office, grocery stores, etc.) I will have the location printed on the burn barrel attached and post the locations on a statewide map.

8. Each location should have a 3’ x 5’ “Free Idaho” banner near the burn site (example attached). We ask that a sponsor pay for the banner $25. We need as many sites as possible. I will post statewide burn locations on Facebook and send an email to our Liberty Tree group of the locations so you can get people there. I need addresses so people can GPS locations and find them. We need to make a big splash and don’t have much time to get it done before the 6th of March. Long way to go, short time to get there. We will get the Banners to you either delivered by one of our group members or by expedited mail. Make sure I have an address to mail or deliver to. Reply to me at the return email address on this post, private message or text me.

9. Have a permanent marker pen for those who attend to sign the banner. They will be collected and sent to the Governor’s Office after the event.

10. Get local media to the burn sites. We hope to catch national attention so if you have leads follow up with them now so they can have cameras on location.

11. This is a grassroots uprising. There is no leader or organization from above for this campaign. It is all grassroots effort. Site sponsors should be able to articulate their grievances should media have questions. Notices in the paper, on the radio and all ways this message can be carried is important. Site sponsors will have to do this leg work with their local communities.

12. Please download and share these Links to the pdf and images are here:

This is the banner image. Instructions and smaller posters are below. Please copy and print to make the 3 x 5 banner and print the flyers and instructions below.

Instructions, 8 1/2" x 11" flyer, 11" x 17" flyer

Download PDF • 1.01MB
Download PDF • 1.31MB

This COVID crisis is one of the best crises the globalists' can use to continue the subjugate the people. It is the perfect excuse for mini tyrants to emerge, strip you of your God given rights and grant and revoke rights turned privileges at any time...over and over and over until there is no longer a way to lawfully fight back!

Will you help us and will you help yourself and will you help others remain free? Our freedom may very well depend on your actions today and tomorrow.

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