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GOP Neocons continue to assault liberty- This time, Chuck Winder...

For those that don't know, the Idaho GOP are not friendly to Our Founding Fathers, our Constitution or freedom. Instead they are friendly to incremental Marxist control over citizens of both parties.

For years we have been verbally assaulted as the liberal media salivates and willingly publishes articles by Republican's clarifying their hatred for all we stand for, the problem is that most "Republican" people don't pay attention to what is actually happening. If they did, the IDAHO GOP would have lost control a long time ago or would have been infiltrated by freedom lovers already but due to the fact that most voters, even today are way too uninformed, the GOP stronghold remains. The good news is that "The Struggle" is intensifying as Property taxes increase and people openly see the radical slide to the left under Republican control. The Idaho GOP knows we are coming and all they have left in their ammo box is verbal smears against us that I believe will only aid in radically exposing who they are to more people and I think they fear that happening but the smears continue nonetheless.

This week we had several more verbal assaults on Constitutionalists by the Marxist Idaho GOP Neocons, one in an article in The Idaho Statesman by Senator and Senate Pro Tem, Chuck Winder.

I have always liked Chuck as a person from what I know of him. If we were in complete opposition on everything, I have heavy respect for a man that is willing to openly communicate. He takes my calls, answers my email and will meet in person if I ever want him to and has met me on several occasions. In an age where elected representatives don't communicate with their constituents, Senator Winder should be commended. This is the reason why I am having a difficult time writing this post because contrary to what people think, I would rather make and keep friends than create enemies but shouldn't that be the same with everyone? I am disappointed that I need to draw that line in the sand and perhaps wouldn't have had to if smear pieces weren't written about us especially as attack pieces rather than defensive one's. The GOP accuses us of attacks, but all I know that we do is write pieces defending our position AFTER the GOP launches their offensive.

When asked about Winder's article on the radio recently, I told Kevin that I felt that there must be an inherent difference between being a senator, one of many and the leader of the Senate. I think something happens to certain people where the "Power corrupts" quote applies where a person that was once willing to communicate, now in leadership no longer will and that the gavel, if you will, becomes too morally heavy for some to wield.

I would hate to think Winder is a man that is susceptible to such a change but one never knows how another will handle power once it is given to him, all we can do is pray that he acts as he should.

Besides the fact that the Idaho Statesman will no longer publish articles written by me or anyone that thinks like me, this should be a red flag for anyone concerned about freedom. The next red flag should be that anyone that attacks people allegedly in the same party rather than their stated Enemy (GOP declares Democrats their enemy) shows clearly who they believe to be the greater threat and in Idaho with their continual assaults on liberty people more than the democrats, it shows who they believe is the grater threat. The inconsistency, if that isn't enough, is that in order to gain momentum, the GOP every election year and only during election years verbally targets the Democrats and the Republicans alleged hatred for socialist programs that they vow never to allow in our state but in reality have done nothing to prevent because they actually support them! They are hypocrites and they are liars and they target us because we shine the light on who they are and what they do using examples when all they can launch against us are generalized inconsistent accusations.

A common attack on Liberty people is that we are somehow "The greatest threat to democracy." If I had a chance to reply, my response would be "You are damn right! America is not a democracy, we were created to be a Constitutional Republic! We had better be a threat to Democracy because our Founders detested Democracies and stated "they were short-lived and violent in their deaths!" The problem of course is that the GOP appeals to the ignorant and of course the Idaho Statesman propagates the disinformation...WHY? Because the GOP is aligned with maintaining the liberal Marxist narrative. As if that shouldn't be an eye-opener?

Then to further expose their political hand, Winder comes out and lambastes the Idaho Freedom Foundation, uses ambiguous terms like "Extreme right" which is all the same M.O. as the Marxists...because they are, in fact, Marxists Neocons. Truth be told, if we were to have an open debate on the details on the generalities for which they speak, they wouldn't have one leg to stand on. Why do I say such things? I say them because they are true. A classic example of what I mean is my mention correcting his accusation that we are a threat to Democracy!

Winder is stating openly he has no idea what his path is, what the Constitution means or the difference between a Democracy and a republic! What he is saying is that Party politics trumps the Constitution and he would rather attack people that want freedom than his desire to defend it as he was allegedly elected to do! In his defense, maybe he is truly ignorant of the basic principles of what he should know?

I have followed Idaho GOP leadership's assault on those that disagree with them. I know the lingo, I understand where it comes from and understand why but isn't it ironic that they accuse us of aggressively going after them because we "disagree with them" when in reality, their articles do more to attack us than defend themselves? I mean who is attacking whom? They are liars! They are hypocrites!

I have written extensively about the Idaho GOP establishment Neocons. I have expose why they are a greater danger to freedom than the Democrats and why they are liars and why they are hypocrites and why people should do all they can to engage and expose them rather than "Playing republican" that only leads to a loss of freedom for us and increases control of them over us.

I have openly stated that "Infiltration" and "Overthrow" are necessary. Also as stated before I mean politically and through education and political action but using the "aggressive" words I did to express absolute urgency because if my fellow Idahoan's can't get it right soon, we will have fallen like other states under such control.

The Idaho GOP needs increased and constant pressure applied to them- through every article that is written, email that is sent, call that is made as well as people committed to each other to attend each GOP meeting no matter how painful because Liberty depends on it and if they elect not to liberty will become only a memory, or we will be brainwashed as the Republican's use their control re-define what freedom is as they have so aptly demonstrated for years!.

I would also suggest readers to offer to openly debate them every chance they get because we should never tolerate arbitrary statements like the fact that "We don't support traditional conservative principles" unless of course they have redefined those words and...well...they have.

Idaho is on the precipice of repeating the same mistakes again- blindly voting republican thinking it is the only option and although voting Republican may be the only option, we can take it over to make it what we want it to be rather than having to continually accept it to be that THEY want it to be for us!

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